Fayetteville’s Pitching Staff Helps Make Conference History

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Fayetteville High School is looking for another state title. But not only that, they're looking to make history.

After a double header sweep of Bentonville Friday the Bulldogs have become the only team in history to go undefeated in back-to-back seasons in the 7A West conference. But why is this team so good? Pitchers might have something to do with that.

"It's been pretty good,” Kyle Pate, senior said. “I have a .49 ERA. We've been getting a lot of wins and it's been good."

"My ERA is .12, and I'm 9-0 and I've been pitching good with a great defense behind me," Andy Pagnozzi, junior said.

Both Pagnozzi and Pate agree, their ERA's aren't impressive just because of work they do, but it takes everyone behind them out on the field to keep them winning.

“You can't go 26-3 with just one good pitcher, you have to have multiple great pitchers and great hitting as well," Pagnozzi said.

The Bulldogs are ranked 37th in the country as well. Head coach Vance Arnold says it was their winning record from last year and bringing seven of their starters back, including his pitchers, that has helped put them so high. But not only that, their work this year.

"We've played in Arizona, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. So, the kids have traveled and competed against the best," Arnold said.

Fayetteville is the number one seed going into the state tournament, and is the favorite to bring home another title.