Police: Woman And Child Walk In On Burglar Who Stole Wedding Rings

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A Springdale man was arrested Thursday after police say he stole wedding rings and other jewelry before a woman and her junior high-aged child walked in on him.

Steven Pardue, 25, was arrested on suspicion of residential burglary and second-degree battery. He remained Friday night in the Washington County Detention Center on $25,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Pardue broke into a home on Woodridge Drive in Springdale and stole two wedding bands, a gold chain, a small gold crucifix, a gold chain and a Virgin Mary pendant.

Around the same time, he also attempted to burglarize another nearby house on Woodridge Drive, but a woman and her child walked in on him while he was in a back bedroom, police said. Pardue ran from the home, but was later arrested by police, who recovered the stolen jewelry off of Pardue, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

Pardue’s wife told police they have not been able to pay the rent recently because Pardue had been spending money on “dope,” the report states.

Pardue’s arraignment is set for June 9.


  • a volunteer

    the POS will get free rent and meals for a while now and we the taxpayers will pick up the tab.

  • Josh Jack

    So your solution would be to let him go? Going to jail does mean we have to feed him and give him a place to stay. Your perspective doesn’t jive with reality. I don’t understand what you want. You are griping because he is going to jail but then if the cops let him go free you would gripe as well. Conservative Tea Party people are a walking talking contradiction.

  • concerned citizen

    I would rather pay taxes to keep someone like this in jail than have to blow them away when I catch them in my house.

  • RC

    Sounds like his wife knew what he was doing, she is responsible , so what get a job, now we have to pay her stuff too,she will probably get welfare now that he is in jail,way to go people,losers thanks

  • T

    I know these people personally and the wife didn’t know what was going on!!! She just had her youngest child so working wasn’t an option at this time when it comes to drugs you have no idea what they might do!!!

  • Madison

    Actually that is far from true, I know them personally and I worked with his girlfriend, “fiancé” for a good while, she worked doubles almost every day at a restaurant so she definitely did work. They obviously just hit a rough patch so don’t judge, keep strong guys!

  • tr3a

    Yea, I’m a convicted felon. Yea, I sold dope. Yea, I lived on taxpayers money. Yea, I missed my daughters whole life off a decision from when I was 18…27 when I came home. Yea, this guy should do just as long. Subjective concerns don’t produce justice. Objective statues encompassing all citizens dictate punishment. Education, and isolation that changes people…it did me.

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