Man Kidnaps, Rapes Girl At Springdale School Playground, Police Say

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A Springdale man was arrested Sunday after police said he snatched a girl from a Springdale school playground and raped her behind a shed.

Isidro Vargas-Araujo, 21, was arrested on suspicion of rape, kidnapping and battery. He was released Monday from the Washington County Detention Center on $50,000 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

His arraignment is set for June 9.

Police received a call from a father Sunday who said his 13-year-old daughter had been kidnapped from the Jones Elementary School playground, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor's Office.

Three children at the scene told responding officers that they, along with the kidnapped girl, had been playing near the east side of the school when a Hispanic man approached and walked off with her, according to the preliminary report.

Police said the man pulled the girl behind a shed while she struggled. The kids then ran to get help.

Officers later saw Vargas-Araujo and the girl walking from an enclosed area on the school's south side, and when the girl saw the officers, she ran toward them while crying hysterically, the preliminary report states.

The victim allegedly told police the suspect hurt her. After she calmed down, she explained that he pulled her by the hair, slammed her against a wall and then raped her, police said.

She said Vargas-Araujo left his pants and underwear behind the storage shed where he raped her. Police checked the area and found a white pair of boxers and a pair of blue shorts on the ground. The victim said they belonged to Vargas-Araujo, the report states.

Vargas-Araujo admitted he and victim had sex, but he said it was consensual, according to the report.

Police said the victim had a bump on the left side of her head.

People in the neighborhood across the street said they had never had trouble like this before.

"I'm shocked, because I have a one-year-old daughter, and in front of my house there's a park," Blanca Hernandez said, "And I can't imagine what my reaction would be if that happened to my daughter."

Melissa Morphew said she is happy the police acted so quickly.

"It could happen anywhere," Morphew said, "My dad and my brother are cops, and they've made their living trying to keep people like this off the street."

Isidro Vargas Araujo


  • welfare baby

    another chester the MO-LESTER with a low bond.. if he had gotten caught with drugs his bond would have been higher.. Judge Reynolds is the one who set his bond

    • Aaron Phillips

      Agreed. Saw a news report in my town here in NC marijuana traffickers are locked up on a 500,000 bond….WHAT. Just type in 439 pounds of marijuana + fayetteville NC you will see…..welcome to america….

      • concerned citizen

        With 439 pounds, he can afford the 10% a bondsman will want to bond him out. Where did the weed come from? Mexican cartels?

  • Marie

    So when are you people going to demand that something be done to stop this abuse of our children by these animals. You just keep electing these Liberal, illegal loving, judges and politicians. Vote No Democrat in office. We have to start Somewhere!
    Remember Early Voting has Started…… Go Vote….

    • ch

      sooo…liberals are pro-sexual assault? you’ve got to be kidding me, right? please say you’re kidding. quite frankly, your comment is one of the most ignorant i’ve read in a looooong time

      • Arnold Fudpucker

        ch, what is meant is that the libs are likely to excuse or find reasons to blame something else rather that being forthright.

  • Sean

    How does a molester actually have time to finish the deed before help arrives?

    The school can expect a lawsuit for an EGREGIOUS failure to protect kids in their care.

    And I agree with the other posters…$50,000 bond? Meaning he can be set free of he can find someone to help him come up with $5,000? JEEZ-US. He’s treated like any other non-violent weed smoker or even better! How many cops were tied up with their serious marijuana investigations as this girl was raped?

    • ajm

      Schools are not in session on Sundays, therefore the school cannot be held responsible for what happened.

    • Amanda

      It was a Sunday. She wasn’t in the schools care. Just playing on their playground with no adult supervision!!!! :(

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Your “EGREGIOUS” failure to get the facts led to your error or was it the haze and fog of the weed?

  • lori

    He shouldnt even have a bond!!! The police should put dad and some uncles in the cell with the sick B******D!!

    • ch

      Conceptual? I think you mean consensual. HUGE difference considering that conceptual isn’t even a word.

  • Dick Peters

    Springdale was awarded “best city in Arkansas to raise a family” a couple of years ago….lol lol lol

    • cmntr

      yes, it is sad how NWA has gone downhill with crime in the past few years. That used to be a really nice area in ALL ways.

  • Suly

    LIb-tards and their agenda. Time to lay land mines on the border and dispatch the national guard in all three border states. The flow needs to be stopped and the rest need to be rounded up and sent packing. Just another failure by the feds to do their simplest task, defend our sovereignty.

    • Suly

      Correction, all FOUR border states… All though, California is pretty much already part of me-hi-co.

  • Jason Davis

    nice all these comments and all I see are Mexican,drug,and liberal goverment and not one about the teenage girls horrific incident.What if he was a white drug free conservative then what …get your priorities straight

  • cmntr

    and we just keep letting them across the border with no regard as to who they are or what they are, but we’re racist if we mention it. what a dumb country we live in these days.

  • krystle

    He was bailed out that night is what the police website says. That does not make me feel safe with my kids at all!

  • Marie

    Look at him, he does not care. He is walking freely on the streets right now. We as a society have lost our minds. This animal Admitted his guilt. He is allowed to be free. What does that tell our children about how safe they are? Don’t tell me about his ‘rights’. He forfeited his rights when he attacked a child.

  • concerned

    The article says jones school but in the video it showed george which school did it happen at

  • concerned

    You know i live not to far from jones school and about 4 days ago i had ask for extra patrol in the area and i have not seen the police over here except once since i ask and they assured me they would have extra.patrol over here for at least two weeks. Im not saying that if police would have made the extra effort to do what was promised that it would have prevented this but you never know.

  • Kelly Walker

    This little girls life is changed forever and this sick pervert needs his dick cut off

  • FedUp

    $50k bond?? This criminal should be in jail and the judge removed from the bench. Somebody get a rope….

  • Kuwnda

    We really don’t know what happened yet? The two might of known each other, regardless he had no right to be on school property.

    Let’s let the cops sort all the details out first. The media is so wrong so much. I don’t believe half of what they report.

  • SouthernVixen

    Black, white or brown what he did was horrific..poor girl and really her parents should be charged for not supervising her and the molester should have a huge bond..who the heck does this judge think he is letting him off easy?! ugghhh people may learn one day if theyre locked up for good and not given a slap on wrist!

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