Local College OKs Using Racial Slur On Exam

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NorthWest Arkansas Community College has approved the use of the term “beaners” on an exam recently given at the school, an official said.

The term was used in a public-speaking final exam, according to an anonymous email sent to 5NEWS.

Steven Hinds, executive director of public relations and marketing, said the college reviewed the final exam material after being asked about it by 5NEWS.

“The question was entirely appropriate in that it was being used in an educational context and demonstrates an example of hate speech,” Hinds wrote, responding by email.

The exam question states, “In her speech against immigration, Helga used the term ‘beaners’ to refer to Mexican migrant workers. Which of the following guidelines for ethical speech did Helga violate?”

Five possible answers are then given, with the correct one being “avoid hate speech.”

The person who wrote the email to 5NEWS objected to the term being used in an exam.

“I’m pretty sure if another racial slur were used instead of the word ‘beaners’ this would not be OK,” the email states. “Come on NWACC!”


  • Pavel Ryevnikow

    Get over it. How do you exemplify hate speech without using derogatory terms? Context is everything, mi amigo.

  • oldyellar

    Who cares. There’s a good chance whoever it could possibly offend doesn’t speak English so they wouldn’t understand

    • Mark Smith

      Yeller you can drop the color and be left with what you are. Of course most of us are droping the amous in your real name and ignoring you.

  • Burr Edson

    I agree with the schools stance.

    I seriously couldn’t care what slur was chosen. The purpose for the entire exercise is to expand your knowledge, develop useful skill sets, and be mindful of others when communicating. NWACC is an institution of higher learning.

    Ok…. So an example racial slur was cited. Whoever is offended needs to stop wearing their feelings on their sleeve and realize that this isn’t grade school. These are adults studying and covering adult topics.

  • ps

    I think it’s sad that they have to teach that in college. You think they would’ve been taught how to tolerant of other races before college and I think they could’ve taught how not to use hate speech without using a racial slure. It’s hard enough for hispanics to break down racial barriers much less having to read racial slures on their tests.

  • WPS1985MSHS

    I have no idea what anybody could be upset about. It’s an educational institution. You must keep an open mind about everything. Hell, I was given permission for use of anything necessary to prove my point on a research paper as a high school junior. It was in an educational environment, and in such situations there should be no restrictions on what is used, as long as it is within context of education and justifiable.

  • Harry

    I would thing there are more important things to be concerened about them the use of one word most of use in private but not in public. If everyone is so sensative about it maybe we all should carry a book with us about words that may offend anyone.Perhaps crayola will quite useing such words an White, Black, Brown, Red and Yellow as I am sure someone is offended with such “hatefull” color slurs.

  • Arkajun

    The US Constitution guarantees the right of free speech.
    Liberals would have us believe that Political Correctness is part of the US Constitution…it isn’t.

  • Go figure

    That’s comforting to know Harry that you refer to Hispanics as “beaners”. You are free to hate and I’m sure you live a joyous life. There are a lot of hard working Americans who are of Hispanic descent. We are a loving and loyal people with a lot of culture. We were born in this country, we fought for this country, and we have died for this country along with other Americans. We also love this country. We are a blessed nation. Personally I am glad they are teaching against hate speech maybe you should take that class Harry. I was referenced many times as kid as a beaner and have heard it plenty of times over my life. It hurt as a kid but now I realize it’s just a word and I don’t allow what people think of me to determine the outcome of my life. I do feel they could’ve went about asking the question differently without using the racial slure.

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