Same-Sex Couples Make Changes to Birth Certificates

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Same-sex couples are working to make changes to their children’s birth certificates after a judge struck down Arkansas’ gay marriage ban, according to published reports. For the time being, the Arkansas Department of Health is allowing the changes to be made.

A spokesman for the department says two gay couples are already working to be listed as parents on their child’s state-issued birth certificates. The couples are required to fill out the same paperwork as if they were a heterosexual couple needing to add a second parent, according to officials.

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  • Marie

    How can you Change a Birth Certificate? I thought it was supposed to be an Actual Birth Record. Oh that’s right, since Obama became President you can Change Anything.

    • Joshua Paul

      When a child is adopted, the birth certificate is always changed. It is the official document used to identify a child’s parent. Mine was changed when I was adopted 17 years ago right here in Benton County.

  • mchitwood

    Actually, you can change a birth certificate. If a woman lists a man as the father of her child but realizes later that he isn’t the father – she can legally change the document. There are all sorts of reasons that are legally viable. It has absolutely nothing to do with who in currently in office.

  • Japser

    Isn’t the Birth Certificate for the record of “biological” parents? How can someone who is not the biological farther or biological mother of the child lists on the Certificate? What is the point of birth certificate anyway??? This is nothing to do with who are the PARENTS who raise the child. If the person is not biological related to this child should have nothing to do with the child nor to be listed on the Certificate in term of birth record.

  • soonerfan

    I feel sorry for the kids. How can they explain that their dad is a woman? Gonna be a hard road ahead for the kids.

  • Kathie Bentley Fisher

    Altering a birth certificate other than to correct an error is falsification of legal document and should not be allowed for any reason. Two women cannot phycically create a child nor can two men; falsifying a child’s birth record will never change that any more than it can make heterosexual adoptive parents the birth parents of a child. All it does is deprive the child of the knowledge of who they really are.

    • joshuapaull

      A Birth Certificate is used to get passports, register for school, etc. If a child is adopted, it is imperative to the concept of adoption that his/her biological parents are unknown, so the BC is changed. It still shows that the individual’s birth was officially recorded. In the United States, when an adoption is finalized, the government seals the original birth certificate and adopted individuals are not even granted access to their own original birth certificates upon request. This is nothing new.

  • Elaphas

    Liberal extremists, in this case radical homosexuals, will do ANYTING to prove a point, push an agenda, and rationalize their beliefs.

  • joshuapaull

    A birth certificate is used to identify a child’s legal parents. Every kid who is adopted has their birth certificate changes. I was adopted 17 years ago, right here in Benton County, and my birth certificate was updated. Educate yourselves before you pretend to be legal experts!

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