Paris High School Band Selected To Play In Washington D.C.

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The Paris High School Band has been selected to play in Washington D.C. at the end of May, according to Paris Principal Britt Bauer.

The band will leave on May 22 and return May 27. They’ll travel to Washington D.C. via bus and play at the United States Air Force Memorial and the World War II Memorial.

In total, 36 students, two faculty and 12 parents will travel to Washington D.C.

“It will be a huge experience for them,” said Bauer.

The band director Cory Mikel found out they were selected in Sept., 2013, after he sent in an audition CD during April, 2013 to a committee in charge of selecting bands to play in the nation’s capital.

He went before the school board to get permission to raise funds and travel. They were approved almost instantly, according to Bauer.

Funds were raised by businesses, members of the community, the school and parents.

A total of $40,000 was raised to go on the trip. Approximately 50% of that money was raised by the community and school, and the other half was raised by parents, according to Bauer.

“Our community stepped up and helped out,” Bauer said.

Bauer said that everyone is very excited about the trip to the nation’s capital.

“It will be a huge experience for them. They’ll have a whole new perspective on history,” he said.

Due to winter weather days missed, the school district had to extend their schedule into the summer, but teachers are working with band students so they can take their semester tests early, before the trip, according to Bauer.

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