Police: Bank Robbery Reported In Alma

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A bank robbery has been reported at Citizens Bank in Alma, according to the Alma Police Department.

Authorities confirmed the robbery was committed by a woman, and a possible getaway vehicle has been described as a white Toyota Corolla with a, "beat-up bumper."

No weapon was used in the robbery, only a note, authorities say.

The bank is located at 200 U.S. 71. 

Stay with 5NEWS for more information on this story as it becomes available.


  • J L Breeden

    It is hard to understand why any person would make the comment, “share the money and I will help you avoid the law dogs”. Crime is crime and if you want to aid or support those committing the crime you are just as guilty as the thief.
    Glad to hear no person was harmed in the robbery.

  • Beth

    I hope see gets away with it. If not, I bet Crawford County’s leading Judge, Peer, can find a place for her in the over crowded jail.

    • Bob

      You hope she gets away with it? Peer is the district court judge…. Robbing banks is a Felony. Crawford County Jail will just a temp holding place before she goes to Prison. If you think robbing banks is ok, then I guess you have never had a close family member working at a bank that was robbed.

  • atc8824

    If there isn’t enough room in the jail then why do they hold people for a small fight or mouthing somebody?I feel the whole overcrowding thing is a ploy to get our money.Put all the molesters,murderers and thieves all in the same pen because like I said many times jail isn’t the HILTON!!!!

  • J L Breeden

    For those commenting about the Crawford County Jail: Please call the CC Sheriff’s office or attend one of the many public presentations for details of why a new jail is needed. Couple of facts: Arkansas law will not allow a “tent city” in some remote location. Segregation is required for male and female. I don’t want to pay more taxes, it is a matter of safety for the public. I don’t want to share the road with drivers who are drunk or live anyplace where there is no incarceration for criminals. Voting is a right or power we have in this great country. Please obtain all the facts possible and comment with emotional intellegance.

    • Beth

      I have lived in Crawford Co. my whole life and the only reason anyone in this community would want a new jail, is because they believe the misleadings of a infrastructure that has been in power too long. The Sheriff’s dept. was probably promised a new jail because the Police dept. is getting one or the Judges are wanting more space close to the court house. But why don’t they build onto that jail? Build up or take over the whole block as some of the schools have in VB. I was here when that jail was built and it was suppose to last longer than this. No amount of meetings I attend would change my mind. Legalize Marijuana and the jail would not be full of pill poppers and meth heads.

  • atc8824

    I know its true that they keep people who get in fights that wasn’t even that big of deal.Why couldn’t they let people like this out and keep in real bad ones oh wait they couldn’t use dangerous criminals as an excuse.

  • Life!

    they need to have better cameras in the bank, Cant make out if its a male or female, other than what the teller said. Maybe then the community could identify the BAD person.

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