VIDEO: Cat Fights Off Attacking Dog To Save Kid

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Photo courtesy of YouTube user: Roger Triantafilo

This cat risked all nine of its lives in order to save a kid from an attacking dog pulling it away.

Watch in the video above as a kid playing in his yard on a bike is yanked off the bike and mauled by a roaming dog. Before the dog can do any more damage to the kid after yanking him off his bike, the family’s cat rushes in and fights off the dog.

The parents were just thankful that the attack didn’t turn out worse.

Video courtesy of YouTube user: Roger Triantafilo 


  • Sarah 1

    Our animal friends will sacrifice themselves to save our children. Amazing video. The cat deserves a special little throne.

  • yeah...

    If it were my child, I’d thank the cat, grab my shotgun, hunt the dog down, and blow his fockin’ head off until i ran out of shells. JAIL TIME BE DAMNED!

  • STEPcoach

    why were there three different camera angles of this attack? The cameras were set up ahead of time to capture it. The attack does look genuine, but it all seems scripted, practiced, and planned out. Granted, animals do things like this, but the three cameras and the bit of video showing the dog coming up to the area where the kid was playing are very suspicious. Could it have been stunt-protrayed? Even that seems far-fetched to train a cat to attack a dog, then chase it away (directly into the view of the second camera). >shrug<

    • koi v

      Wow, no. That’s several security cameras, hence different angles. Some people do that for security reasons.

    • stupidpeoplemakemyheadhurt

      Really? I believe in some conspiracies but this is just insane. Its a security system setup. normally people have more than one camera. Is the world really loosing it this much? please explain how you setup the cat attacking the dog?just… wow…

  • Brenden

    The dog had ran back around the front of the car and the mother had turned trying to keep the dog away.

  • Mandy

    Im glad the little boy is ok!
    “Vent” why do they keep calling it “the dog” why not specify whay kind of dog it is? I know why because it’s not a pit bulldog. Every story you hear of a bulldog attacking you hear “bulldog attacks”.I want to know what kind of dog it is and Melissa Reynolds is so right if it was a pit it would have been put down on the spot. This is what’s wrong with people and this is why pits have such a bad rep if it was a pit it would have been blasted all ofer social media “pit bull attacks little boy” so since this wasn’t a bulldog we will just say “dog attacks little boy”. Venting over!

  • Bwa Ha

    Security cameras folks. That’s why there’s angles and no sound. If it was me I’d hunt that dog down and destroy it! Where did this take place? Wherever it is it’s got painted concrete for a lawn.

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