Arkansas Mom’s Push for Breastfeeding Law

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A push for a nationwide law which would protect nursing children in the middle of child custody cases is being made by one Northeast Arkansas mom.

It’s called “Landry’s Law” and Rachel Woolard-Weston is pushing for it to be signed into law, according to KAIT.

Woolard-Weston’s mission stems from her own child custody case. This week, a judge ruled that in three months her 7-month-old daughter Landry would have to go for overnight visits with her father.

Woolard-Weston is concerned the overnight stay her daughter wouldn’t eat because no matter how hard she’s tried, Landry won’t take anything but her mom.

There is an online petition that has more information.  So far the petition has gotten over 3,400 signatures.


  • atc8824

    Not to fair to the Dad.I understand the mother’s concern but is this a ploy to keep children from their father’s?What about working nursing mother’s?How do working,nursing mother’s get baby to eat all day?

    • rc

      She should pump her breast milk. Women do it all the time. Sounds like she don’t want her baby to go for over night visits. The dad deserves to have that bonding time. If it gets bad enough mom should go over for a quick feeding like she would do at home. Then she can leave. This is a stupid law.

    • Aka07

      I’m a working nursing mother. I have been back to work for 7 weeks now and my 15 week old son refuses to take a bottle. I pump every single day and try multiple times a day to feed him with a bottle and he chokes, cries and spits it up. All day he just goes hungry and cries until I get home. I NEED to work. That girl doesn’t NEED to see her neglectful father overnight. He can see her during the day and return her for the night until she has weaned.

  • Nicole Dowdell

    I pumped my breast milk for my baby so I could go to classes while others watched her. Of course my baby would not take the bottle when I tried to give it to her because, my soft breast was right there. But when her father or Aunt tried giving her the milk for the first time out of a bottle, she would refuse for a little bit hut eventually gave in. This law is just another tool to trap men from having right’s to their child (ren). When my baby doesn’t get to see her father as much because he gets stuck with extra work, she becomes unrully and cries a lot more. The father is the foundation of their family, the mother is the support. I Nanny for a living and have met one woman that has done an amazing job raising her two kids with the father barely being there for the kids. But the mother makes sure the father gets facetime with their kids almost everyday and even has pictures of their father thtoughtout her home plus she only says good things to the children about their father (the father is actually not a good man, but getting better with age). Most women I see raising kids and keeping the father away as much as possible, the kids are screwed up and unstable. I know a lot of father’s with primary custody of their kids, the kids are respectful and succed not only in being more independent, doing good in relationships, but also in school and work. If a woman applies for child support, it gets enforced right away but if a man applies for child support he has to dish outmoney to hire a lawyer to get child support enforced.

  • Richard S. Drake

    Some of the comments here are not only sexist, but lso highly insulting towards women.
    I don’t think we should we should feed into the myth that it is the father who teaches kids manners, respect and how to do well in school.
    There are so many single women who have raised kids who have turned out pretty well – and so many fathers who have “raised” kids who have messed them up for life.

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