Customers Report AMP Ticket Problems For Miranda Lambert Concert

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Some concert-goers are complaining that the AMP’s ticket system is failing again.

Tickets went on sale Friday for the upcoming Miranda Lambert concert, but at least several people have reported getting pushed to the back of the line.

Several potential customers went to the Arkansas Music Pavilion’s Facebook page Friday morning and afternoon to complain they were again getting bumped from the online queue while trying to get tickets to the Lambert concert.

At least dozens of customers who were in line on the AMP’s website for tickets last Friday also reported getting pushed back in the online queue several hundred places, with many saying they lost out on tickets to the AMP’s opening concert with Blake Shelton, scheduled for June 7. The Arkansas Music Pavilion uses an online queue to determine concert-goers place in line in order to distribute tickets in a first come-first go basis.

Walton Arts Center officials told customers they regretted the error last Friday and that they believed they had fixed the system by the end of the day. The Shelton concert sold out within a few hours.

Some prospective ticketholders said on the AMP’s Facebook page on Friday that they were again pushed back several hundred places and left the online system empty-handed. One woman reported falling back from 50th in the queue to 1,295th. Another woman said they kept pushing the “buy tickets” button for 45 minutes without any results.

Several others on the page reported problems, while many reported no problems with the online system in retrieving tickets. Those who called for tickets or retrieved them from the AMP box office also reported no problems.

Missy Barnes purchased tickets last Friday to the Shelton concert, but not before getting suddenly bumped to the back of the line. Her efforts recovered, though, and she did receive tickets.

Barnes told 5NEWS she also tried Friday for tickets to the Lambert concert, but she and her friends were unable to get the Walton Arts Center website to respond to their clicks. She eventually was able to buy tickets from a third-party website after a three-and-a-half hour wait, she said.

The Shelton concert will commemorate the opening of the AMP’s new location in Rogers. WAC officials chose earlier this year to move the venue from Fayetteville in an $11 million project.

The Lambert concert is scheduled for July 12.


  • joesumone

    “Walton Arts Center officials told customers they regretted the error last Friday and that they believed they had fixed the system by the end of the day” means they DGAF because the tickets will still sell out no matter what.

  • Chester Rockhard

    What? No response from the Walmart sponsored Arkansas Music Pavilion public relations team? KFSM, did you even try to get a response from them??? You giving a “pass”?

    This is a news website, right?

  • Burt Saxby

    This is a news website and this whole story should not even be “news”. I would like to see these dozens of people that are having issues. Were they buying before the time of sale at 9am? Another case of those not that familiar with ordering tickets to events not being familiar enough to know what they are doing. I order tickets from many venues including the AMP and have not had one issue and gotten great tickets. Then again, a little knowledge goes a long way instead of just jumping in. I do not think the AMP should give any response when just a few have a problem. I am sure problems like this happen for every venue at some point or another. Be proud the AMP is hosting these events and bringing talent to the area instead of raking them over the coals.

    • Chester Rockhard

      It is a news story. Consumers are trying to purchase seats, are following protocol, and getting sent back of the line. As a result, you miss out on getting section A tickets, while those behind you, did. This also happened under Blake Shelton, except to a more severe degree, you couldn’t get a ticket despite being first in line… The walmart AMP has a Facebook page and there numerous people posting there. The problem with that is that they deleted entire sections containing over 50+ posts from angry viewers because they own the page. In essence, they (Walmart sponsored Arkansas Music Pavilion owners) have removed consumer posts without fixing the reoccurring problem.

      That is why this is a news story. Burt, stick to reading the news.

      Who cares about bringing big name musical acts to the NWA area if you either can’t get tickets or you lose your spot and get lousy seats because the Walmartt sponsored AMP’s online ticket purchasing system is C.R.A.P. And they won’t fix it. If you check their Facebook page, this is an ongoing problem spanning several concert promotions.

  • Kevin Perry

    The main problem with the site is is you have money you can get you tickets before they go on sale. If you make a $500.00 or more donation you don’t have to wait until 9 am the day they are “supposed” to go on sale.
    I waited for says for my bans Boston’s tickets to go on sale. 8:58…8:59…9am bam I’m in!..
    I ask for the best they have available ( if you know me you know what the Band Boston means to me ) , I said I want the best and gues what??
    Yep I’m going and you have the first access section….you have vendors sponsors and then they let those of us that can’t afford to donate
    $$ the left overs.
    Very disappointed!.
    I was brought up if you want something you work for it. Get up early..get on the phone or website and do it like us regular folls

  • Arkajun

    Some concert-goers are complaining
    at least several people have reported
    Several potential customers
    At least dozens of customers
    many saying they lost out on tickets
    Some prospective ticketholders
    Several others on the page reported problems
    while many reported no problems

    I love factual reporting?

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