Fort Smith Man Helps Find 13,000-Year-Old-Skeleton

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A 13,000 year-old skeleton of a teenage girl has been found underwater. Experts said it's one of the oldest ever discovered.

It's the discovery of a lifetime, a 10 hour cave adventure that is 500 feet underwater in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Mike Young supplied the gear that was made in his Fort Smith shop.

“It was an entire skeleton of a young lady 14 to 15 years old,” Young said. “They also found other things like saber tooth cats' skeletons of other species that are now extinct.”

The teen is known as Naia. Experts said she grew up in the Ice Age.

With a dive so deep, the California divers needed the proper tools.

“They couldn`t do the dive on conventional SCUBA,” Young said. “It was a pretty deep dive, and they were having to do dives that were eight to 10 hours long.”

Young supplied four sets of what's known as a rebreather.

“With a rebreather, you`re recirculating the gas and only adding oxygen to it and so you can do really long dives,” Young said.

Young said the find changes history.

“This young lady has DNA that is found in most of the Native Americans today,” Young said. "It changes the migration path, and it predates when they thought the migration occurred.

“I was excited. It`s a good story,” Young said.

And the story of finding Naia, sunken treasure---Young said it's a tale to tell for many dives to come.

Young expects the skeletons will be donated to science.

A rebreather can costs up to $12,000.

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  • Jimmy Bob

    You mean the earth is older than what it says is in the Bible? Learn something new everyday.

  • mark

    geez & here i thought was an interesting & non partisan news story (not dirty laundry for a change!) whose comments would not involve opinions, religion, or politics….oh well, here we go again. i’m out on this one

  • Shannon

    Never ceases to amaze me how a mind can be so restricted as to think that it all just came to be! No way! Really, if those people spent as much time helping others as they do claiming there is no God, there would be less hurt, heartache, etc. why are people so offended by it that they have to make comments like above on any subject???

    • mark

      please shannon, enlighten us on how you see your perspective as it relates to the article above. i really do try to keep an open mind. please stick to the article rather than other comments. just trying to understand……;-)

    • rusty

      “Never ceases to amaze me how a mind can be so restricted as to think that it all just came to be!”…Wonder where the Christian God came from? Did he just, as you say “come to be”?

  • Jeff

    Shannon why are you yelling? If some of these Christians spent more time helping other people instead if judging them this world would be a better place. Unlike you I believe I have one life to live and plan on leaving this world a better place when I leave.

  • Belinda

    You all can disagree on many points off this, but you ALL have agree, this is an amazing find. I am a Christian and thankful I am one, but why argue?

  • Colleen D

    yeah- it all just came to be. That’s actually what people think the magic man in the sky did. Snap- it all just was. People who understand evolution or how old the universe really is- don’t think it just came to be. Its much more complicated than that and took billions of years. it didn’t just happen with the snap of some omni omni omni magic man that man made up thousands of years ago- copied from some other peoples beliefs that came before, who copied from someone else who came before and so on and so forth. All ya’ll have is a book half of it stories collected from Jewish myth and legends and the other half compiled by the catholic church- which has always been honest and incorruptible! Uh oh……

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