Gay Marriage License Ban Remains On Books After Judge’s Ruling Suspended

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The Arkansas Supreme Court on Friday issued a stay suspending a circuit judge’s ruling from a day before that allowed county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, according to officials at the Supreme Court office in Little Rock.

The stay on the judge’s ruling means a law at least temporarily remains on the books banning Arkansas county clerks from issuing same sex marriage licenses.

Pulaski County Judge Chris Piazza issued a ruling last Friday (May 9) finding Arkansas’ law banning same sex marriage unconstitutional, but did not address a separate law prohibiting county clerks from issuing same sex marriage licenses.

Several county clerks then on Monday began issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Pulaski and Washington counties were the only two counties in the state that continued to issue same sex marriage licenses through Wednesday.

The Arkansas Supreme Court on Wednesday issued an opinion addressing Piazza’s original ruling. The high court found his ruling was incomplete, and the law banning same sex marriage licenses from being distributed remained on the books.

Piazza followed up the Supreme Court’s ruling with a follow-up ruling of his own Thursday, banning Arkansas’ law against same sex marriage licenses. The high court a day later suspended Piazza’s most recent ruling, keeping the same sex marriage license ban on the books.

Pulaski and Washington counties stopped distributing same sex marriage licenses Thursday, but continued Friday following Piazza’s most recent ruling.


  • fibromyalgia

    If Gays get married this will cause divorce to start and destroy every couple.
    Kids will have no parents.

    It will be the end of time. The Earth will fall into a black hole.

  • Robert

    Anyone with half a brain in Arkansas new this would eventually happen at the state level. No surprise here.

  • Take the game away from both sides

    Why not get rid of marriage licenses altogether. What is the purpose for them?

  • matt

    For crissakes let the pillow biters, and rug munchers get married already. Everyday there is a new headline about this. It’s getting old.

  • exhausted

    I agree Matt, this is old news. The more the media promotes this issue the worse it gets. The more the media reports on this issue the more it gives the homosexuals a platform to keep their agenda in the spotlight to give them credibility. Time to stop giving them the headlines and the judges that support this ungodly lifestyle. We need to start concentrating on more import issues as health care and the economy and bringing our troops home. If homos want to marry, so be it. They will have to answer for their actions to a higher being. Non pun intended but this is a minority group trying to ram their cause down everybody’s throat and make us except their perverted actions which they call equal rights. What about the rights of young child and the elderly that are being abused every minute in this country. GOD BLESS US BEFOREITIS TOO LATE!

    • Stacy

      Exhausted nobody is trying to push their agenda on you. It’s people like you trying to keep other people from having the same rights as you because your religion says it’s wrong. I guess everyone is supposed to believe exactly how you believe?

    • Mark Smith

      Having grown up in the san Francisco bay area I witnessed the drive behind the cause is fills a psychological need to be anti establishment just for the thrill. Much ado about feeling powerful. Pathetic really.

  • Zane

    I agree with taking the marriage license away from both sides. What’s the point? Christians want to talk about the sanctity of it and how it’s ordained by God, yet, churches are filled with divorced people. I always noticed when someone new started coming to church they were recently divorced and looking for someone new to date or get married to. GOD HELP US ALL BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!! LOL

  • Happy, happy, happy

    What I don’t understand is how an employer can fire someone for dating a divorced person. This happened to a friend of mine. Can this really happen in today’s society?

  • jim

    Its no wonder their is no positive post on here apposing the case here ive wrote three and they wont post them

  • matt

    As I stated before let the protected class or gays, fags, dykes,trans, or whatever else they identify with get married. I don’t give a F. Just waiting for the first divorce. Who will get the Subaru, and the adopted kid?

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