Man Accused of Raping Girl At School Is Still Employed By School

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Bentonville School Superintendent Michael Poore said in a news conference Thursday that Ali Matar, accused of raping a five-year-old, is suspended with pay.

Police arrested 21-year-old Matar Wednesday for allegedly raping a kindergartener in the library.

(Click here to read the suspect's probable cause affidavit)

Poore said Matar worked with the before and after school program called Adventure Club.

He said Matar was alone with the girl, which is against the club's policies. He said two adults have to be with a child if that child is alone.

Poore said the school board will discuss Matar's termination at their monthly meeting. The meeting will take place at the Bentonville School Administration building at 5:30 p.m. on May 19.

Matar's court date is set for June 23.


  • someone

    Innocent until proven guilty is a joke. As soon as some one is accused of something they get fired. I’m surprised this school hasn’t done that…yet? but they will. Sounds like the guy is guilty? but you know everyone has already made up their mind since the first report of this.

    They need to drop the innocent until proven guilty quote, it just isn’t true because you have to get a lawyer and defend yourself because, as far as the system is concerned you are guilty.

  • sickofignorance

    Innocent until proven guilty does still exist. Maybe you should read the probable cause report and know all the facts to the case before you comment. The sick jerk admitted to police that he was “curious” and touched her under her clothes. If you still think that he is innocent you are just as sick as he is.

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