Arkansas 2014 Primary Election Results

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Tuesday (May 20) is Primary Election Day in Arkansas, and voters all over the state have filled out ballots to let their voices be heard.

5NEWS has the election results live and up to the minute.

To see those results, click here. 


  • Registered Voter

    I read that Asa Hutchinson was initially turned back from voting because he didn’t bring a photo ID today.

    Isn’t he a supporter of photo IDs? Furthermore, did he drive to the polls illegally or is he a fat cat and was he driven to the polls?

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I forgot my wallet at home—it’s been several years. It just seems odd that the proponent of the rules end up running into them…

    • The Defender of the Poor

      I think Mr. Hutchinson has a driver. Surely he would not be driving without a license. Breaking the law it would be..

      My view of Mr. H is his impreachment proceedings against a serving Arkansas president for an illicit affair was an embarrassment and nothing came of it. Mr. H walked back and forth and yelled and asked rude questions in the well of the Senate for the nation to watch. Problem is, there is no law against affairs. Nothing but a kangaroo court along party lines. I know Jimmy Carter, Obama, and Bush 43 were faithful husbands but the rest are all up for speculation.

      Arkansas produced an educated and well liked President and Mr. H went after him. With Whitewater and all the other recriminations, no criminal activity was ever found. Mr. H sealed his fate in Arkansas. Bill Clinton was one of the most well liked Presidents and he cut welfare (that Republicans despised and Bush 43 reinstated).

      Vote Mike Ross for ALL the people not just for some of the people.
      He is just like Mike Beebe who has done a fine job as Governor in the State of Arkansas.

      Asa you were not nice to a sitting President from Arkansas and no one will forget it. It took Arkansas out of the backwater category until Ken Starr smelled scandal.

      • The Defender of the Truth

        Your ignorance is rampant. Clinton was not impeached for having an affair. He was impeached for lying UNDER OATH to a grand jury. That is a crime and most of us would be thrown in the slammer for such an offense. Please get your facts right.

      • Mad Ha

        Mr. Defender of the Truth: If you look at your history you will see there was a Democratic majority in the Senate. The House KNEW it was an act of futility. The House in no way cared. They spent time and money that was not necessary. They went after an sitting Arkansas President who was quite popular. Lots of good Arkansas folks will not forget.

        Lastly, another sitting President who was responsible for WMD and injuries & death to our precious soldiers should have been impeached or at least called on the carpet but you know the rest of that story.

        Men have been sleeping around and lying about it since the beginning of time, even under oath. Iraq War vs. Lying about sleep with a chick. Hmmm…

  • txkreddog

    Thank goodness common sense defeated ignorance and arrogance in the vote for a new Crawford County jail. Soon those scoffing at law enforcement and the local judicial system will have a real motive to attend court-ordered classes, pay their fines, or report for community service. A real deterrent, the new jail will give judges an option that has long been missing in Crawford County. Congratulations to supporters of the new jail, and a hearty welcome to it’s long overdue residents.

    • Bob Gnarly

      They’ll fill up the jail, maximize their profits, then have another vote for an expansion.
      Rinse, lather, repeat…………..

  • earlene

    So I’m not getting it. Did Mr. Holland lose or win? One time it shows him winning then next it shows Mr. Rice winning.

  • txkreddog

    Want to keep your butt out of jail? Don’t break the law, it’s not rocket science. When these low-life career petty criminals can break into storage units, cars, commit vandalism, DUI/DWI, speeding, etc. with impunity, and be back on the street before police have completed their paperwork, there’s a message, and a problem, somewhere in there. Part of that problem will soon be solved with the vote today.

  • Ted

    Biggest winners in this primary were the USPS for delivering all those postcards of smiling candidates and their perfect families and KFSM running nearly nonstop campaign ads.

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