Arkansas Alcohol Sales Amendment Closer to Ballot

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Supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize alcohol sales in all 75 counties, can start gathering signatures to put it on the ballot.

This, after Attorney General Dustin McDaniel approved the wording of the proposed measure on Monday (May 19).

The amendment would repeal the laws that allow counties to conduct wet-dry votes.

The measure needs 78,133 signatures to be on the ballot.

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  • Ted

    2014, the year Arkansas decides it’s no longer 1933. Though judging by many of the political ads this season many wish it still was. NO ONE ELSE HAS BEEN ABLE TO REPEAL OBAMACARE BUT I WILL BECAUSE I LOVE GUNS…AND JESUS!

  • Evangelism

    Alcohol only brings death and destruction. Dig up all those Mom’s and kids killed by drunk drivers and ask them what they would think about the devil’s drink?

    The whole state needs to go dry. Send a strong message to our kids. Let’s not forget the thousands of Arkansans who have been killed by alcohol.

    I removed in the 80’s it was a bad crash weekly on 71 near Winslow area.

    • Bob Gnarly

      While you’re diggin’, Evange, how bout diggin’ up all those Native Americans killed off by the immigrants from Europe who came here seeking “religious freedom” by committing genocide against their new neighbors?

      Perhaps you should launch a crusade to make all of the laws of this country comply with your interpretation of God’s Word. But then you’d hafta’ fight all the people who interpret it differently and then we wouldn’t have religious freedom and all that murderin’ would be for nothin’.

      P.S. Why would you call the subject of Jesus’ first recorded miracle the “devil’s drink”?

    • Ignorant Fools

      The Devil’s drink? So you think that banning alcohol in one county will stop someone from going to another county to buy it? Get real..

  • Joan

    Encourage people not to sign the petition. Some of us like local choices and this should remain a local choice.

  • Ignorant Fools

    You do have a local choice, you can choose to buy it and drink it, or not to buy it and not to drink it. Nobody will be shoving a funnel in your mouth while pouring gallons of alcohol down your throat. Quit trying to impose your will on others……

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