Asa Hutchinson Wins GOP Primary In Governor’s Race

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Asa Hutchinson, R-Ark, has defeated Curtis Coleman to win the Republican nomination for governor, according to affiliate station KTHV.

He served for over four years representing northwest Arkansas in Congress. He was the Republican gubernatorial nominee in 2006, but ultimately, he lost in the general election to Gov. Mike Beebe that fall, KTHV reported.

To read the full story on our affiliate station’s website KTHV – Channel 11, click here. 


  • No excuses

    Good I get to vote against him twice now. He was passed over twice to head home land security so he has no business running this state. The idiot wasn’t even smart enough to bring his ID with him to vote.

    • Mad Hatter

      Calling someone dumb because you do not agree with them is a bullying tactic.

      There is evidence that, when applied to persons who cannot speak, dumb has come to be considered offensive.

      Try sentences that have actual meaning rather than name calling.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Pretty sure that should read “homeland correctly” rather than “homeland right”. Perhaps you can get through to Rush Limpbaugh tomorrow and ask him for the correct terminology.

      Do you wear shoes that match that GOP brown lipstick?

    • No excuses

      You sir are an idiot that isn’t smart enough to say anything on here worth reading. You must be a dumb as spell check. You don’t know your rear from a hole in the ground. Not that it is any of your business but I am a Republican I just hate Asa and Tim both and wouldn’t vote for either one of them for dog catcher. You apparently are not a liberal but you are the type of liberal that makes the entire party look bad.

    • Trish B.

      If you are the type of supporter Asa Hutchinson has then I can confirm I would not want to have this man in office. You are rude, condescending, repetitive, and your comments have no substance other than name calling.

      Your support for Asa Hutchinson is an embarrassment to we who are genuine Republicans (not tea party).

  • Ted

    Hey Asa, remember that time you charged us $50,150 to tell us our dimwitted county judge wasn’t just dimwitted but also illiterate? Because I do.

  • Mad Hatter

    I didn’t vote for him today. I won’t vote for him in November.

    With his brother Tim dumping his wife when he should have been representing Arkansas in the House in DC, his nephews in Little Rock, I think we have had too many Hutchinson’s in politics. Get a real job like everyone else.

  • Harold

    Most all candidates are good people. We need not insult each other and support competition. Do you want to be a one party USA? I have noticed conservatives are first to insult? Why?

    • Elaphas

      You are living in a closet if you think conservatives are the first insult. It’s called fighting fire with fire. Liberals only have one method of winning since their ideas are failed – namecalling and bullying.

      • Registered Voter

        Elaphas, your trolling of others only serve to push readers left. What is with all of the hate? If you want to spew your radical right wing rhetoric, then by all means, drive people to the left.

        Even independents, like myself, have noticed how poisonous the right has shifted over the past few years. It’s to the point of alienating many of the conservative movements voters to independent.

        The goal of elections are to voice the will of THE PEOPLE through a democratic vote.

      • Mad Hatter

        Odd comment coming from someonw who is not stating reason or fact but employing name calling as their point of vew. You are the person name calling and bullying.
        Fudgepacking, so beneath this station’s comment captain to allow such vile language.

  • Elaphas

    Votes for Governor with 99% reporting: (GOP) – 175,973; (“Demwits”) – 153,950. Time to panic losers.

  • Registered Voter

    I’ve noticed that, as well, Harold. I’ve voted on both sides and consider myself an independent, but i feel that the Conservative party has been fractured severely by the tea party and moving too far to the right.

    Both parties have had their nut jobs, but the tea party is losing out this time. Simply put, the tea party captured a small foothold over the past couple of years, stopped anything from being passed, and eventually ended up shutting down our government. Additionally, conservatives voted against an equal pay act for women and openly despise minorities. Voters saw how radical the conservative movement was being steered and many left the party.

    That’s what happens, when women and minorities are treated as 2nd class citizens and you shut down the government. The failure by the Republican Party to recognize this ended in the president getting elected to a second term.

  • Great - another one

    So I heard on the radio this morning Asa couldn’t even remember to bring his ID to the polling place to be able to vote and then made a staffer go get it for him. At least we know up front he can’t follow the laws of the land and then counts on someone else to make it right.

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