Primary Election Draws Low Voter Turnout

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Election Day isn't over. However, election officials saw fewer voters during early voting compared to the previous non-presidential primary election in 2010.

Early voting in Benton County drew 6,422 voters, according to the election commission.

"We were probably at 20-25 percent fewer voters than we had in 2010," said Russel Anzalone, election commission secretary. "I believe we were a little over 8,000 then when we are are 6,400 now for early voting."

In Washington County, 2,935 voters cast their ballots early. In 2010, there were 3,092 voters, according to the county clerk's office.

By noon Tuesday (May 20) at the Downtown Activity Center in Bentonville, only 20 people had cast their ballots.

Mindy Baker, from Benton County, was one of them. She said she made an effort to vote.

"I think it's really important to vote for a number of reasons," Baker said. "I'm a teacher and I just taught my students about civic responsibility of voting and I thought well that's important that I do that as well."

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  • Ted

    The VAST majority of these candidates aren’t worth crossing the street for. Why would anyone be bothered to vote for them?

  • Citizen

    It’s hard to vote when the options are a turd or shite sandwich. Represent 3rd parties and maybe you’ll convince me my vote is worth something.

  • Mel SaMS

    We had a good turn out here in our part of Crawford County and the Poll Workers said it has been steady all day and expect a lot to Vote after Work.

  • Jasper

    It you don’t vote, you allow VERY small number of people to represent your voice. That is it. It’s your right and your options.

  • soonerfan

    Vote people. Vote how you want to but vote. That is your fight as a citizen. Never know when that right couldbe taken from you.

  • Tom

    Better turnout for the good guys (GOP) in the governor’s race than for America’s enemy (DemocRats).

    • Bob Gnarly

      Ever think that many voted in the GOP primary in order to eliminate candidates from the Nov. ballot?

      America’s biggest enemy is the group non-thinkers who who call those who disagree with them “Rats”.

      Care for some cheese, Tom?

    • Ted

      No, she’s a communist. Probably buys her groceries at some commune rather than Walmart like a normal person.

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