Experts To Analyze Failed Shelter Door

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The storm shelter that failed in the recent Mayflower, Arkansas tornado and resulted in injury and a fatality has been sent to Texas Tech University for analysis.

Researchers will be preparing a scientific report on why the door failed, whether or not it was built to FEMA guidelines, & the magnitude of the winds and force which caused the failure. The report could be released as early as the end of this year.

Texas Tech and the National Wind Institute are the leading experts in disaster research. The insight from the their studies has been used to develop FEMA guidelines and in the development of the Enhanced Fujita Scale. They also provide tests within their facility to determine whether or not shelters are built to FEMA & National Storm Shelter Association requirements.


  • joesumone

    Just looking at the picture above, it looks to be a too thin piece of metal. I would guesstimate maybe 1/16 inch thickness.

  • Rick

    I would NEVER buy anything from Cockrum Welding and Fabrication, Inc. The same guy own it and secure shelters.

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