Police: Fayetteville Woman Claims Stalker Tracks Her With Smartphone

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A Fayetteville woman who has been stalked by a former boyfriend multiple times claims that he tracks her with his smartphone, according to court documents.

Police were called to a flea market at 3080 Wedington Dr. in Fayetteville in reference to an incident involving the woman and her stalker identified as Terrence Jackson, 30, of Fayetteville, according to court documents.

The call initially reported that an “intoxicated” female had caused a disturbance at a business, but while officers were on their way, they were informed the “intoxicated” female was actually seeking safety inside the flea market.

Jackson is under a “no contact” order from Benton County signed by a judge.

Still, he met the victim at the flea market to exchange some of the victim’s old documents for a pair of his old glasses. The two were together for four years and had been separated for a year, according to court documents.

The victim said she didn’t originally call Jackson to arrange the meeting, but she received a blocked call and thought it was him, so, she called him and arranged the meeting to get her documents back.

She had a friend with her make the exchange, and when Jackson got his glasses, he said they were the wrong glasses and threw them to the ground.

He then gave the victim “that look” which she identified as him getting angry. She told police that he’d gotten that look several times in the past right before he’d gotten violent with her, court documents state.

Jackson does have previous charges of battery and assault with the victim, according to court documents.

The victim fled into the flea market to seek safety and locked herself into the manager’s office, confusing it with the bathroom. She refused to come out until she was told that Jackson had left, court documents state.

Officers arrived at the flea market and talked to witnesses that all stated they were fearful of Jackson’s actions saying he looked threatening, according to court documents.

The victim provided officers with a copy of the “no contact” order.

Court documents state that authorities have been called for multiple situations involving the two over the last few months.

No one is able to explain why Jackson keeps showing up where the victim is through several nights, and she said that he has a tracking device on his smartphone that he uses to find her, according to court documents.

Jackson’s phone was seized by officers, and he was arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. He faces charges of assault – third degree, stalking – second degree and violation of a no contact order.


  • D Jackson

    As Mr.Jackson’s fiance’ it saddens me that this is even being reported on at all. Even though Mark is prejudging without details he is correct in one aspect, she is a complete drama queen and she plays it well. The Fayetteville Police fall for her lies every time. Multiple times he has witnesses with him and nothing they say, even with video evidence is taken as proof that she is a LIAR! This woman continues to harass us, follow us, damage our cars, take his car, call him begging for him to talk to her or come see her, etc and no matter how many times we call the police to help they never do anything to her. Just the day before this incident the police had to deal with them twice when she snatched his glasses off his face, scratching him and it’s on video yet they do nothing to her. Since that didn’t get him arrested she damages his car sits down the street and watches for his reaction. He tosses fake glasses on the ground at a distance from her and he goes to jail! They are both listed on the no contact order and she calls all hours of the day and night, has him arrested and then wants to bail him out hoping that he will come back to her. She cannot accept that he is happy with someone else and we are in constant fear of what is coming next. This article has so many things in it that are not correct at all, but because this prostitute says it they do exactly what she threatens him with every time. One of the biggest things that isn’t factual is that the phone he had isn’t even his. It belongs to me and no one would have a need to track her when she lives at various low class hotels while taking calls she sets up on backpage. This was her last effort of what can I say or do now to make sure he goes to jail again. Court records may show he has been arrested many times for incidents involving this female, but they are all bogus charges and a waste of the court’s time and money. After several court dates, no evidence, and her admitting she lied, they will drop the charges. All she wants is to try and make him miserable because she’s not happy with the decisions she made and she’s miserable. They have known each other for 4 years, but have not been in a relationship for that amount of time. All of this drama started when he and I started dating and each incident she creates only makes us that much stronger in our relationship. He knows that he has a woman that loves him and will endure this psychotic behavior as long as it takes. We pray that eventually this woman will decide it isn’t fun anymore or a client will occupy her enough that we have a few days peace. I will love honor and cherish Terrence Jackson for better or worse for the rest of my life. With the truth and God on our side we will come out winners every time!

    • Been there done that

      As his fiance, I know you would try to cover his rear and all the while, he is going behind your back to do all this stuff. Been there, done that game. And now you are calling her names and saying this and that when you don’t really have a clue about her. She didn’t call the law in this case….the flea market management did because they thought she was drunk. So your statement of how she was trying to put him in jail is hog wash. I believe as the Fiance, your best bet would be to stay out of it and not run her down when you know so little. It will cause you to look like a total fool when you find out what all he has been doing behind your back…

      • D Jackson

        You have no idea what you are talking about because you aren’t living in our situation every day. Sorry that you had a troublesome time before and looked like a fool, but I have proof to back up everything that is stated here unlike 5 news or the Fayetteville Police. They have the word of a female that is constantly causing trouble for someone that just wants to get her out of his life. She doesn’t bother us when she is otherwise occupied with male companionship and doped out, but once she starts to come down all hell break s loose. Also this didn’t take place at a flea market and the management called police because she ran inside with her dramatics saying he was trying to kill her. Sad thing that she has to continue to do this to him to get attention from anyone. She has even gone so far as to claim to be pregnant knowing that she can’t even have children anymore and doesn’t have custody of the ones that she did give birth to. She’s been saying for months that she was getting them back and getting housing, etc. If that has any truth at all to it then she won’t be in housing long because they don’t like ppl that cause trouble and will not approve of what she does to make money. She needs to get a life and get out of ours!

    • Been There Done That

      Yeah just remember, it does take 2 to meet so do you mind explaining how they continue to keep meeting if he wants her out of his life wise one?

  • soonerfan

    Why did she call him and set up anything? No contact order should be for both parties. She is guilty of breaking that order also.

    • D Jackson

      She does this all the time and we have even had witness after witness she how she acts so bipolar and because a Hollywood scarlet as soon as the audience arrives. The night of his arrest I received 26 calls from her through out all hours of the night.


    @ D Jackson.. shes either a confidential informant or possibly has had sexual relations in the past with certain employees with f.p.d im scared to go into details as i fear reprisal but i had the similar experience in the past where a girl in fayetteville ALIAS koko recived a restraining order and then violated it numerous times.. Fayetteville Police did nothing. Thats just how it is in northwest arkansas

    • concerned citizen

      Are you trying to implicate the Fayetteville police in a conspiricy? Why don’t you file a sworn complaint with the FBI or Homeland Security? Are you trying to get a change of venue? Publish your full statement in the papers or on the KFSM news team instead of in the comments section of this site.

      Also remember, making a false statement is a felony, and libel can be taken to court.

      I am sure that you and your buddies are going to flame me, but you know what? I don’t give a rat’s behind.

      • love, peace, and hair grease

        sounds like a cops wife.. maybe you should learn the law and quit trying to make impotent threats to get the upper hand.. libelous comments are considered to be a civil matter. making a false police report is a misdemeanor. quit woofing on here because you aint runnin nothing. and you dont scare anyone either.. its comical to see people spouting their juvenile interpretations of the law.. you are obviously a huge “law and order” fan.. stick to what you know best..quilting, disperaging minorities, and watching nascar..

  • concerned citizen

    I am a male, I hate nascar, and nowhere did I mention minorities. Oh, and I can spell disparaging.

    You are correct, filing a false police report can be a misdemeeanor, or a felony.

    AR criminal code 5-54-122 (from my criminology class textbook)

    I also never said anything about libel not being a civil matter.

    And while we are at it, why does clicking on your name redirect to the welfare.com site?

  • fsmomma

    hahaha good job Concerned Citizen! I’m pretty sure the redirect says it all. Also, I agree with the other commenters on this one. He is probably still talking to her and giving her false hope. Either that or he is one of her customers. Either way, he is most certainly adding fuel to her seemingly misguided fire.

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