Power Line Company Meets with Affected Homeowners

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Homeowners will meet with officials from a power line company to talk about a planned construction project, which has some upset. If all goes as planned, the power line company would put high-voltage power lines on their land.

The company, Clean Line Energy, which is based out of Houston, is meeting with homeowners in a handful of cities this week, to talk about the project.

When built, the company says the 750-mile electric transmission line will deliver low-cost, renewable energy to approximately 160,000 homes.

However, the plan has some homeowners upset.

When the plan was first proposed, 5NEWS talked with concerned residents in Cedarville, who said the power line could affect their property negatively.

Larry and Janice Prater, who live in Cedarville, said that, in particular, they were concerned that power lines could harm their organic farm status.

“I’m afraid that people that are interested in buying organic meat and organic plants won’t want to buy something that (the power line) passes over or is near,” homeowner Janice Prater said in a previous interview with 5NEWS.

Officials from Clean Line Energy say they will be talking with homeowners in Van Buren Wednesday (May 21) at the Municipal Complex from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

They’ll head to Alma Thursday (May 22) to talk with residents there. Tomorrow’s session will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Merle’s Steakhouse on West Fork Street.






  • Robert

    Ask them why these power line will not give anyone in arkansas there “low cost “for 160,000 homes

  • Larry

    Ask this group if ANY POWER COMPANY in Arkansas has expressed interest in their “low Cost” electricity. It will not provide any to Arkansas residents if the Electric Companys will not buy into their scheme. And they have already said they will not. Even if it did, there is no plan for Crawford County to be anything more that their extension cord. NO POWER HERE! but let’s take your land and make it unuseable!

  • HousemanRN

    Also ask if the intend to use “Imminent Domain” if land owners don’t want this on their property.

  • Tom Sambo

    These lines WILL NOT benefit anyone in Arkansas and it will negatively impact the beauty and environment of our Ozark Mountains.

  • Elaphas

    Tell Mark Pryor to stop this insane support. He’s been advocating for this since 2011. If you don’t believe it, search for yourself.

  • DKG, Carroll County voter

    If this project goes through our area of organic farms/ranches, and pristine karst water system, it will ruin our health and livelihoods. Imagine thousands of gallons of herbicide in your drinking water, a constant electric loud hum, and unceasing strobe lights in an area that is founded on the cleanest, healthiest, water in the United States. It in no way will benefit the people whose land is being confiscated and destroyed, nor those of us in the entire region who rely upon our water, and land, remaining non-toxic.

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