Suspect, Victim Identified In Deadly Stabbing Near Tontitown

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office has identified Brock Alan Commodore Atkins, 19, as the suspect in Wednesday morning's deadly stabbing near Tontitown. Dawn Leann Frazier, 32, was the victim killed in the incident, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Atkins is being held at the Washington County Detention Center on suspicion of first-degree murder. He was released from jail last month in a drug case, according to court documents.

Washington County detectives on Wednesday morning began investigating a fatal stabbing just outside of Tontitown (May 21), said Kelly Cantrell, spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office.

The stabbing happened around 6:15 a.m. on Story Lane, Cantrell said. When officers arrived on scene, they said they found the female victim dead. Authorities shortly afterward had the suspect in custody.

"When the officers arrived, we found a deceased female and took the suspect into custody. That's all we got right now," said Sgt. Oscar Henson on Wednesday morning. "CID (Criminal Investigation Division) is investigating now. We are just waiting for a search warrant to continue the investigation."

Frazier's body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime lab to determine the official cause of death, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Frazier's family told 5NEWS she was killed because she was a confidential informant for local law enforcement.

"She was working undercover to bust people around here, and we are pretty positive that this had something to do with it," said Joey Stout, Frazier's Brother. "She's got five kids that she's leaving behind and a lot of people who do love her. She's made mistakes, but everyone has. It's just sickening when you think about it."

Bonnie Brown has lived in the area for more than twenty years.

"It's a shock," Brown said. "You wouldn't have expected anything like this. This is such a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. You hardly ever hear a sound, maybe a dog once in a while. The only dogs I really hear though are mine."

Brown said an incident like this happening so close to home is shocking.

"It makes you think a little bit," she said.

Court records show Atkins was awaiting trial in a drug case in Washington County. He was arrested March 26 on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia for meth or cocaine and had a trial date set for June 27, according to court documents.

He was released from jail on bond April 4. He also faced charges at the time of criminal mischief and domestic battery.

The Sheriff's Office lists Atkins' address as 579 Story Lane near Tontitown. A call to Atkins' home went unanswered Wednesday afternoon.



  • joey stout

    They need to take him and all the other losers that was involved and hang them all by their neck in public for everyone to see.

    • 2SHORT

      All the other losers that were involved? Where’d it say that, because I’m pretty sure there wasn’t anyone involved besides you and your “FAMILY.” Wasn’t Wes out to get Le Ann too? Because, I’m sure they had problems.

  • Evangilism

    No one really knows what happened just yet, either way two families are devastated and many many friends of both involved.

    I’m praying for both families.

    This is devistating for everyone involved including those who worked the crime scene. Nothing good is in this for anyone. Everyone looses.

  • Sommer A.

    Guilty or not, he’s my moto family! And moto family always stick together, no matter what. Praying for Brock and The victims family. I’m sickened with the way you people are approaching this, if it was yo ut family member, your best friend, or just a friend in general, how would you like it? Innocent until proven guilty. All I know is we just lost a rad dude on the track to some stupid unforgivable stuff.

  • tim

    a rad dude? areyou serious? a low life drug pusher who has nothing better to do with his life than stab a 5 foot 2 woman in the neck….yah really rad alright. So to keep from going to jail for a couple years for drugs he would rather die b lethal injection and i assure you the FAMILY of the victim will push for the DEATH penalty and maybe, just maybe the moto FAMILY needs to be investigated also…

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