Local Students Honor Veterans

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Fort Smith junior high students gathered Thursday (May 22) to remember veterans for the 26th year in a row in honor of Memorial Day weekend.

Over 100 Darby Junior High students were selected to place flags on the graves at the National Cemetery. “Just to recognize them and put a flag out every Memorial Day weekend,” said Dr. Darren Mckinney.

These students were chosen by their social studies teacher. Each based on their citizenship, grades, and overall standing in class. Students had to go through orientation in able to participate.

“It`s a part of their service project to give back to the community and let folks know that these people gave all for us and we want to do something for them,” said Mckinney.

This tradition was started by Waldo Fisher many years ago. Since his retirement, they have carried this tradition on.



  • Elaphas

    Meanwhile, Barack Obama is mad as he!! because he just found out about the VA scandal. This is his M.O. for all the scandals he has caused. Claim ignorance, get mad, then do nothing. What a travesty for our veterans to have this lying scumbag in the White House.

  • Getaclue

    Elephas–as a family member of a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice, I want to say thanks for keeping the focus on our fallen heroes, the sacrifices they made, and the families they left behind. I am so glad you are not making this a political platform, and that you are not trying to draw attention away from the true meaning of this holiday (not to mention the hard work that the Darby kids did to honor our war dead). Oh wait, nevermind. You did just the opposite. Go troll elsewhere.

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