Family Of Slain Tontitown Woman Speaks Out

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The family of LeAnn Frazier, the woman Brock Atkins is accused of stabbing to death, said they want justice to come to everyone who witnessed their daughter's murder.

"I will never see my daughter again," her Mother Joyce Stout said, "And I hope they pay for it, and I know as I'm standing here that he is better off and safe where he's at."

Nineteen-year-old Atkins, of Tontitown, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center Wednesday night (May 21) and faces a capital murder charge, according to the Sheriff's Office Website.

"I don't think anybody deserves this, and I think everybody that is involved should have to suffer just like we are suffering today," Frazier's mother said.

The family said Frazier had been in trouble with the law before, but that she was trying to turn her life around. Her mother said she leaves behind five children ages 5 to 17.

"How do you explain to that baby where her mom is?" Stout said, "You can't because there's no explanation you can give...which I'm not saying my daughter is innocent because she wasn't, but I'm saying no one deserves this treatment."

Frazier's father Marvin Stout said she always had a smile on her face.

"I can't think of anything that would be bad that I could remotely say about her, other than she got caught up with the wrong crowd," her father said.

Police said the altercation between Atkins and Frazier was centered on drugs. Atkins ran the woman down and stabbed her in the throat until she was dead, according to court documents.

The documents state another man coaxed the murder suspect on and threatened to kill him if he did not kill the woman.

A preliminary report on Atkins’ arrest states the victim, Dawn Leeann Frazier, woke Atkins up at 4 a.m. at his home on Story Lane near Tontitown. Atkins told police Frazier and two males he knew had come to his home, and Frazier accused Atkins of stealing methamphetamine from her, the report states.

Atkins said he told Frazier and the two men he had no idea what she was talking about.

“He then stated one of the males which he believed to be Wes (last name unidentified) produced a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at his head and told him if he didn’t have the drugs, then Leann was lying and he better kill her or Wes would kill him and his family,” the preliminary report states.

The report does not mention Wes’ last name, but the victim’s family told 5NEWS they believe a man named Wesley Randall was involved in the incident. A man named Wesley Randall was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Wednesday night on suspicion of violating parole, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The report states Wes then handed Atkins a Gerber brand knife, and Atkins tried to cut Frazier’s throat. Atkins missed, though, and instead cut Frazier across the face. Wes told Atkins to shut Frazier up, and one of them picked up a large piece of wood and threw it at her. It missed and hit the woman in the chest, according to the preliminary report.

Authorities said Wes continued to encourage Atkins to kill Frazier. The preliminary report states, “Leann attempted to run from the residence, so (Atkins) ran her down, tackled her and stabbed her in the throat area until she stopped making any noises. He then dragged her body to a ravine located behind his residence.”

After disposing of Frazier’s body, Atkins cleaned off the knife and took a shower “in order to wash the blood off his body and hair,” the preliminary report states.

Washington County detectives responded to the home on Story Lane Wednesday morning to investigate the deadly stabbing. When authorities arrived on-scene, they found Frazier dead. Deputies shortly afterward placed Atkins into custody, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Frazier’s body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime lab to determine the official cause of death, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Frazier’s family told 5NEWS she was killed because she was a confidential informant for local law enforcement. Springdale police said that information is unconfirmed, adding they were not and are not actively investigating any drug cases involving the suspect or victim.

Court records show Atkins was awaiting trial in a drug case in Washington County. He was arrested March 26 on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia for meth or cocaine and had a trial date set for June 27, according to court documents.

He was released from jail on bond April 4. He also faced charges at the time of criminal mischief and domestic battery.

The Sheriff’s Office lists Atkins’ address as 579 Story Lane near Tontitown. A call to Atkins’ home went unanswered Wednesday afternoon.

Atkins is awaiting a bond hearing and has a court date set for Friday (May 23), according to the website.


  • someone

    Sounds like this screw ball was potty trained at gun point. At least this killing didn’t involve innocent children which this guy looks like he would do something like that as well.

  • mark

    just so sad. makes me think just how the male of our species is so undeveloped with respect to compassion, sexuality, & violence. sure, it crosses gender lines, but 90% are males. i surely don’t have any answers..we can spend our time arguing political orientation, religion & human rights, but.until the male of our species can reach a point of compassion in his spiritual development & respect of others ,there will always be suffering in humankind. whether the problem lies in society or just he way males are wired, who;s to say. heartfelt feelings for the victim’s family, can’t imagine how they must feel peace

  • Joey Stout

    Im glad the police can get their story straight. They are not investigating him on drugs yet he was arrested and had a court date on june 27. So glad the people incharge of protecting everyone knows what they are talking about.

    • b

      Well you know nothing about her or what she was going through so the best thing to do is keep your comments to yourself

      • b stands 4 B@TCH

        you are probably a nasty hepatitis infested tweeker.. or her long lost kissing cousin. maybe you should keep your comments like you do your sexuality… IN THE CLOSET.. nobody cares what you got to say go watch nascar or shake and bake some meth. rotten tooth hillbilly

  • mark

    the attention should really be put on the act of violence this man committed. . some of the comments suggest that she deserved it. she would have faced her own karma through her choices in life anyway…it is not our right to steal another’s life unless our own is in danger. i am really surprised just how angry and vindictive the public is at large at this point why not look at the suffering the incident has created to those close to the lady no matter how unacceptable her habits were…to suggest she deserved this attack is barbarian. may as well throw away the law and go back to the middle ages….let justice be served to the fullest extent. for the murderer.

    • RememberLeAnn

      I agree with you Mark on some of the things you said. This didn not need to happen! She was a great person who lived her children dearly, as her family said…she was caught up in a bad world of drugs. It’s difficult to escape that, for anyone. It doesn’t make her less of a person, daughter, mother, sister…she was still a human being and did not deserve this. All of you people pointing fingers need to take a look in the mirror…how perfect are you? We all have faults….and as far as the informant issue…the system needs to figure out what the hell they are doing, these ppl are desperate and will do about anything to cover their charges or support their own habit, and it seems those in charge take advantageof that. With that being said police need to protect these ppl that are helping them out, this shouldn’t be happening. So instead of saying all this negative stuff. Say a prayer for her family. Or voice your opinion on how things should be changed within our system!

  • :-(

    everyone should leave the kids out of it I can only imagine what their going through when they read this. their mother may have not been perfect but she was the mother of 5 kids.In my opinion people are only hurting those kids with her nasty before you post something please think of about those 5 kids

  • Evangilism

    You all are crazy. No matter what she was still a Mother to those kids. Even with drug activity, no one deserves to die. Think back to when you were 5 and how you would of felt if your mom died. This is disgusting.

  • Bret

    Everyone posting is upset about the symptoms..No one here has really touched on the actual problem..first of all I would bet everything i own on everyone in this story growing up in an abusive household…we all learn as children from those around us..our little brains are a clean slate and the parents or guardians of us while we are young are what sets the example for us..we as children have no choice but to learn by example ….thus poor parenting is obviously the base NO way is this an excuse for these peoples behavior… As adults we have the choice to recognize our failings and thru counseling or a 12 step program make changes in our lives..there will be those who deny what i have written..oh her or his mom were great folks who never did anything bad!!…however with a little honest digging you would soon discover the poor parenting…this terrible saga is endemic of our unwillingness to look the true issues in the face and make the hard choice to deal with them.

    • mark

      bret: guess what you say is true, but also reads like a counseling 101 phil guide to life. obviously poor parenting comes to play in something like this. but after a certain point we take what we have & move on in life the best we can & at the end of the day, it’s how we treat others that matters. what really disturbs me is how how hateful & vindictive some of the comments are in this discussion. we really should look at the suffering this has caused and that the man (men?) involved be brought to the fullest extent of the law. you have made a good point.though

    • history repeats itself

      Bret, you are right. His mother is in prison herself for drugs. He could have chosen a different route, but couldn’t escape the deep dark hole he came from.

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