NRA Grants $65K to Clarksville Schools for Security

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The National Rifle Association gave Clarksville Schools a $65,000 grant to be used for it's security measures, according to Superintendent David Hopkins.

This, after administrators at Clarksville Schools decided to equip more than a dozen teachers and staff with guns and badges to act as security guards in a controversial decision that made national headlines last fall.

Superintendent David Hopkins repeatedly defended the school's position, saying that arming the teachers and staff was the best way to protect students at school if a gunman ever entered the building.

"It has everything to do with perimeter security and enhancing video capabilities," said Hopkins. "And things like that for the district to pinpoint and identify possible threats and to be able to secure our buildings."

Asa Hutchinson, who is heading up the NRA's National School Sheild Plan, was at Clarksville Schools to present the grant to the district Friday morning (May 23). The ceremony took place at 11 a.m. at the Junior High.

Hutchinson said, "It gives me a lot of confidence that parents now can have more assurance that there children will be safe in schools."

Hutchinson, the Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, will face Democrat Mike Ross in the General Election.


  • X

    That money could be better spent on educating these young people than security for the school. What are they going to install metal detectors? I say just let the kids bring their own guns to school to protect themselves. It’s their constitutional right.

  • bobby

    Constitutional rights? a kid carrying a gun? The n.r.a is a private organization donating it’s own money. It’s like me donating money for cancer, and you saying the money should be used on aids. This is not tax money, that people can argue about. Tell the schools in nigeria they don’t need to have guns, their kids are safe.

  • factsmatter

    You are 50 times more likely to die playing high school football than be kill in a school shooting. 9 times more likely to die on a school bus than a school shooting. yet clarksville has no seat belts on it’s busses.

    • HL

      Well, I’m not likely going to have a flat tire, going to work, tomorrow. But I’m not going to leave my spare tire at home.

  • tothereal

    You are 10 times more likely to die in a car crash, than you are being a citizen of Baghdad. I’ll take my chances driving my toyota. I’m not jumping out of a plane, with the hope that my 25 year old parachute opens.

  • pigheaded

    Thanks to Clarksville Public Schools for being proactive in protecting my child while at school. I wouldnt want an armed threat in my house without a way to defend myself–the same goes for hundreds of childen locked inside a school with an intruder running the halls with the intent to harm. If I were a teacher, I would want a way to protect my students if (and I pray that it dont) this should ever happen. Again, I understand the apprehension of some, but ignoring the problem doesnt solve the problem. It would be like saying “I dont want install a tornado shelter because I dont want any tornadoes at my house”–whether you address the problem or not, the possibility is still there.

  • oldred

    nra im proud of you guys yall are thinking about the safety of are children wist the government would do the same

  • patriot

    I think we should ask, the President, what he thinks. His kids have armed guards 24/ hours a day. I do not ask what that costs. I know it’s millions weekly. 65k to help keep my kid alive is ok to me.

  • X

    Looks like the guy in the picture holding the gun needs an education on how to eat a healthier diet. The more religious you are the more likely you are to be obese. It’s nice to take that approach in life that god is in control and it’s all part of his great big plan instead of actually taking responsibilty for your life and your actions. No that would be to difficult lets just blame the liberals.

    • Elaphas

      Liberals are blamed because liberals are ALWAYS WRONG. And you have to be the dumbest person on the Internet.

  • Jessie

    I wonder how much money the big gun lobbyist are giving to Asa Hutchinson to promote their agenda? I guess guns are the answer to Americas problems since that is focal point for the Republican Party. Nobody is trying to take your guns away. Make these candidates focus on real issues in today’s society. While they want you to focus on gun rights their getting richer by protecting big corporations and the wealthy, including gun manufacturers. There is more millionaires in congress than anytime in history. I don’t know about you but something is wrong when we elect these people in office and they come out millionaires while I have less and less. What about healthcare, education, infrastructure, taxes, more jobs and better pay. Those are real issues. You can carry a gun around all day and wherever you want but is that going to pay your bills and set you up for retirement and make sure your kids are going to succeed in life? I’m sure those teachers in Clarksville wouldn’t have minded a raise from that money their getting from the NRA because they deserve it.

  • respect

    why are people mouthing politics. This is about our kids. A liberal democrat can also like kids safety.. Kids safety is what this story is about.

  • Mad Hatter

    Why would the NRA give Clarksville Schools sixty-five K? They don’t give away dollars for nothing in return. What is in it for them and who accepted the check?

    I am against weapons. Slaughters have taken place in restaurants, schools, movie theaters, military bases and guns didn’t stop any violence.

      • Mad Hatter

        The military base had lots of guns but that fact didn’t help. When the guy was shot five times by a civilian officer, he was apprehended. And as previously stated, “I am against weapons”.
        Turning our schools into militarized zones is rdiculous. Schools are institutions of learning lest you forget. You know, happy, carefree, and conducive to friendships, sports, art, lunch, and learning.
        Did you ever jump rope HL at recess seeing a pistol in your teacher’s hand?

      • HL

        Since you’re so uninformed, mad hatter, the general public isn’t allowed to carry wepons on base. And are really so stupid to think the teachers who will be carrying at school are literally going to be walking around carrying their gun in their hand? Why are you so adament that victims remain unarmed?

      • The Peace Maker

        School children are not ‘victims’, they are children. They become victims when weapons are discharged in their presence and they are shot. Or their friends are shot and someone has to explain why their best friend is never coming to school again. This station has several news accounts of guns going off accidentally and children dying.

        Schools are about learning, not teaching fear.

        The reasoning behind safety courses is to lessen fear. Young children need to learn about Dick and Jane and Spot, not arming teachers. What kind of society do you want to live in HL? What are you so afraid of? Who taught you to fear or are you an unreasonable teenager with a loaded weapon and a computer with no parental supervision? Maybe get a friend and go to a movie, have lunch out or invite friends over for sandwiches and soda?

        Your spelling is atrocious.

    • KW

      The commonality among the majority of active shooter events is the ABSENCE of guns. These are cowards that are not looking for a fight, but only to draw attention to themselves.
      Why Clarksville? Because they are one of very few districts across the nation that are willing to do whatever it takes to protect our children. There is a deliberate process to select, train and arm these teachers. Thank you CHS administration for putting this plan in action to protect my children.

    • Elaphas

      Your comment about guns on military installations reveals your true ignorance. Military weapons are secured in Arms Rooms and are not available to be “grabbed” on a moment’s notice. Fool.

      • A Mad Hatter

        Stop calling names. It reduces your comment to nothing.

        In a military base the MP’s do carry weapons. But ask yourself this, on a military base where our men and women are very highly trained for combat, WHY ARE THEY NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY GUNS?

        If you don’t know Elephas, people have accidents with weapons, they get very mad at each other, they are sometimes deranged, they feel at bivouc they were starved for two days, they aren’t allowed to smoke in training, one bayonet is lost and they rip up the field and equipment until that bayonet is found and they are hungry and mad, and that is just a few of the reasons even military soldiers are NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY WEAPONS. MP’s do carry them and if needed they use them but they don’t like all the paperwork involved in pulling a trigger so it is an extreme rarity.

        And none of these trained soldiers are afraid of anything.

  • Bob

    Why Clarksville? Do they have that many issues with students trying to pull off another Columbine? I don’t get it.

  • arkansas

    Stop locking your front doors. Live in a fantasy world. If people in that movie theater had guns….how many lives might have been saved. Columbine…Jonesboro…Virginia tech…. No one knows where it will happen. The best thing to do is send your kids out to the wolves and hope your kids stay safe. I know my son is safe when he is at school. You live with that when a doped up crazy person walks into your school. I love the comment about the President’s kids, or celebrity’s kids. Why are they more important than ours. Tom cruise has armed babysitters at the same time he says schools should not be armed… common sense is gone….

  • Razorback fan T1D

    Does anyone have commen sense anymore ? I’m not surprised about the comments . At least SOME of these people in the COMMENT SECTION have brains.

  • not surprised

    Guns in public school…on teachers??? NRA funding it all and giving grants?? Dumb rednecks defending it??? only in Arkansas….

    • mark

      “not surprised”: agree with you but not your calling them dumb rednecks. the nra has it’s own agenda for making this grant, namely political gain & public awareness furthering it’s own narrow “more guns to solve violence” agenda. armed security needs to be carried out by those trained as such…teachers are educators and do not need to be packing in the classroom. if clarksville is paranoid, let them spend more w/the law enforcement in that district. teachers packing iron sends the wrong message to everyone… there is just too much else that can go wrong just having the presence of weapons in the classroom such as someone grabbing the gun from the armed teacher….there’s just too much going on in a functioning classroom to to have the liability of an armed teacher. teachers get angry sometimes in the challenge of the classroom…not saying they will use the weapon, but an angry teacher packing sends the wrong message to everyone.

  • Bradley Elsken

    Oh yeah, let’s shoot teenagers when they get out of line. That’ll teach ’em

    My God, what kind of world is this where something like that is remotely okay?

      • Trish B.

        Blame the radical right REPUBLICANS for all the hate in the world.

        People like this person always blaming liberals no matter the cause and the people with all the guns are gun-toting Republicans. They want the wild west to come back and be in style. Then they can invent stand your ground laws and kill all the poor people and it will be their word against a dead person’s like Trayvon Martin’s. If that happens who is going to clean your house and shine your shoes and pick your cotton?

  • J

    There is the utopia where no one has guns. Sounds nice if you are worried about being shot. Then there is the real world where active killers with bombs, handguns, shot guns and rifles attack and kill as many as they can in a defenseless environment like a school. Like it or not that is what we have. The question then is what to do about it. Active killers have to learn that schools are prepared for them and they are not going to be successful. This takes many steps to achieve. The first is to train all people in a school how to deal with an active killer. The Criminal Justice Institute knows how to do that. Basically it is run away, or hide then run away or if all else fails, then fight for your life. If it is between you and the active killer then it needs to be you. What does it take to fight. It can be a fire extinguisher, a fist, rip their eyes out, hammer, textbook, doesn’t matter. Schools also need the real deterrent of firearms on campus. This can be a police officer, School Resource Officer, a specifically trained and pre approve administrator or other staff. Whatever it takes to makes school students NOT an easy target. The sooner active killers learn that schools are not easy targets the safer our kids will be.

  • Susan

    I think it has came to the point where either several security guards and the staff need to be armed and ready to protect our children. Everyday it seems there is a threat. I would feel better knowing my grandkids had a chance of being protected instead of sitting ducks. Its a shame its had to come to this but even locked doors can’t keep them out. It can happen outside the school or on a bus also. Protect our kids!

    • mark

      arming teachers will only add to the danger… if the district & NRA is so concerned, let them spend more funds on security working with local law enforcement . thinking that your student is now safe with an armed teacher is not only a false sense of security but adds to the danger. having a teacher make a split life & death decision is not the answer no matter how many professional development courses the district offers or their concealed weapon licenses. let those trained as such be security. if we arm teachers, why not just change public schools to a prison environment with occasional learning.

      • A Mad Hatter

        Asa Hutchinson is the director on the NRA. That is how Arkansas was gifted 65K.

        I don’t like our candidate for Governor beholden to the NRA for anything. Of course I am not voting for him and you can do as you please but specific lobbying interests putting cash into our school systems is a big mistake.

        Well let’s see, Hutchinson forgot his driver’s license to vote in the primary and now the accepts 65K from the NRA for a PUBLIC school.
        I am keeping score.

  • Tom Sambo

    Ah, America’s “best and brightest” debating gun control on the website of a liberal propaganda “news” affiliate. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is dismantling America as fast as he can while telling you all he’s “mad” and had no idea everytime one of his self-generated scandals hits the airwaves (which occurs weekly it seems). And the sad thing is – you people believe this crooked phony.

    • Tom Sambo

      And I almost forgot – for those likeminded American patriots on here -keep this quiet because I know you and I will be called “racists” for questioning the messiah. Shh.

      • A Mad Hatter

        You definitely lean racist and generally those people who are racist are the first to say “I am not racist”. Don Sterling e.g. They can’t see it themselves but it is in your wording.
        If you despise the current President, no problem, but generally people make comments on specific points which you do not.
        “dismantling, messiah, scandals, etc.” but no firm accusations about specific points? You are rambling because you know your comments are in error, you will be proven wrong, and you simply don’t like the guy.

        In this day and age I find it stunning that people are judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

      • mark

        tom: although i may not agree with your orientation, i respect a forum format for different views. please enlighten us on how your comments specifically relate to the article, rather than being a platform for your own political platitudes.

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