BLOG: The Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

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Memorial Day and Veterans Day bring forth patriotism and unite people. Many, though, often confuse the two days. Memorial Day is set aside to remember and honor those in the military who died in the service of their country.  While those who died are also remembered on Veterans Day, Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor ALL those who served honorably in the military – in wartime or peacetime.

Memorial Day Trivia

  • It was first known as Decoration Day.
  • It began with the Civil War, to honor the soldiers who died. In 1882, many people began calling it “Memorial Day”. After World Wars I and II, it became accepted as a day to remember all of our military men and women who died, not just those from the Civil War era. A Federal law was passed in 1987 officially acknowledging the name of the holiday as “Memorial Day”.
  • It is customary to fly the flag at half staff until noon.
  • In 2000, Congress established a National Moment of Remembrance, which asks Americans to pause for one minute at 3pm in an act of national unity.
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