Five Swimming Areas Closed Due to E. Coli

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An E. coli threat has prompted the closing of five swimming areas in Arkansas.

According to the Arkansas Health Department, the following areas are shut down at this time:


  • Camp Joshua – Gentry
  • Beaverfork Lake – Conway
  • Spring Lake – Yell County
  • Storm Creek – Phillips County
  • Hurricane Lake Estates – Saline County


Read more at our Little Rock affiliate THV11.



  • Elphas

    E. coli can develop in lakes through the runoff of human and animal wastes from rainfall. Some of these lakes have been on the list before for this very same issue.

    If I were a government agency, I’d want to find out what is causing this exactly.

  • Classical_Liberal

    I’d rather have a private firm look into this. The government needs to slow it’s roll.

    • Ted

      Lol, in the instance of Camp Joshua it is a private Christian camp that is in the drainage of large poultry and beef operations, the Wild Wilderness Safari, several private septic systems, and even has traditional row crops upstream. Now what “private firm” were you going to get to go door-to-door and ask nicely to search for E. Coli…because if you were to come to my door without full government authority I’d not so nicely tell you to sod off.

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