Report: Officer Arrested After Holding Gun To 5 Year Old’s Head

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Fort Smith police officer was arrested and placed on administrative leave Tuesday after Sequoyah County deputies said he fired a gun inside his home and held a gun to a five-year-old child's head.

Officer Naaman Adcock was placed on administrative leave with pay while authorities conduct an internal investigation. Sequoyah County authorities said they took nine guns from Adcock's possession after he fired off several rounds into a wall inside his home after he got into a drunken dispute with his wife.

Adcock was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, reckless conduct with a firearm, felonious pointing a firearm and child endangerment, according to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office.

Adcock's wife Tabatha was also arrested. She faces charges of failure to protect a child, child endangerment, possession of a firearm while intoxicated and reckless conduct with a firearm.

Investigators said both of the suspects fired a gun inside the house with at least two children inside. They were booked into the Sequoyah County Jail following their arrests. Naaman Adcock's bond was set at $24,000, while Tabatha Adcock's bond is $14,000, according to the Sheriff's Office.

The incident happened just off of U.S. 64-B near the Long community around 2:30 a.m., according to Sequoyah County deputies.

One of the children inside the home ran to a neighbor's house for help immediately after hearing the gunshots, dispatchers said. Neighbors then called police, according to authorities.

While on the way to the Adcocks' home, deputies stopped a blue SUV traveling away from the residence. Driving the vehicle was Tabatha Adcock. When she was questioned about the gunshots, she said that she and her husband had been shooting tires in the yard, and that everything was fine, according to an incident report.

The report states Tabatha Adcock was observed to be visibly upset. She kept wringing her hands and stuttering. The report also states that another deputy questioned Adock's two children who were also in the car.

Both children stated Naaman Adcock put a gun to the head of Tabatha Adcock's son and threatened to shoot him, according to the report.

Deputies continued to Adcock's residence, and when they knocked on the door, Naaman Adcock answered with a gun drawn and pointed it at a deputy. The deputy drew a gun and pointed it at Adcock, ordering him to drop his weapon, the report states.

The report states Adcock asked, "What? Oh really, are you going to shoot me?"

He later gave his gun to the deputies and spoke with them on the porch. He said he and his wife got into an argument, and she left, so he began shooting holes in the walls of his trailer. He said no one was home at the time he started shooting. He did admit to heavy drinking, according to the report.

Deputies entered the home and noticed several bullet holes in the wall. After further questioning of Tabatha Adcock, they found her story changing often, and when the deputies said Naaman Adcock held a gun to the head of Tabatha Adcock's 5-year-old son, she said, "Yeah, but it wasn't loaded!" according to the report.

She said that she didn't want Adcock to lose his job. The children, being interviewed by another deputy, said that Adcock had thrown the 5-year-old son out of the front door before grabbing him by the shirt and pointing a gun to his head, the report states.

Tabatha Adcock and her children eventually were taken by her step-father, and under Sheriff Ron Lockhart's orders, Naaman Adcock's guns were seized until he sobered up.

Lockhart said that since Adcock was inside his own home, he was detained but not booked into jail on suspicion of firing off his gun or being intoxicated. He was later arrested and booked into jail following a criminal investigation Tuesday.

Lockhart added that the case is being sent to the county district attorney, who will decide whether to file any charges.

Sequoyah County authorities said they took Adcock's guns from his house because he was intoxicated and endangering the safety of others. Those guns have been turned over to Fort Smith police, according to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office.


  • jonathan buck

    Amazing. A normal person would be sitting in jail right now with aggravated assault and endangering welfare of a minor. What a great justice system we have. Paid leave of absence will be his punishment

  • Sarah 1

    This officer exhibits conduct not worthy of a police officer. Several of our local police stations or sheriff’s offices have came under scrutiny for lack of discipline or firing for this type of conduct.

    The recent shooting in Isla, CA gives a distinct example of misogyny. Men have to be stopped before someone is killed which includes innocent children. Police officers cannot pass naughty photos and tell dirty jokes any longer. Women are not your kicking post.

    This guy needs to be fired, no pension, no pay, no anything. I am also interested to know why it is not illegal to fire a weapon inside of one’s home? Couldn’t a round fly through the vinyl siding to hit the neighbor next door? Or through a glass to kill the sleeping neighbor safely tucked in her bed next door or across the street? Sheesh, if this was a Hispanic male doing this, bam, locked up, throw the key away. Officers should know better.

    • Judy fusinaz

      And what about the lady who just fired a shot at the wall inside of her house, she was arrested and jailed. Oh, yes, I forgot, she was a black lady I guess some effing people get a pass!!!

      • Gwen

        Or, the boy who has been sentenced to LIFE in prison for baking marajuana cookies when laws governing this are ambiguous to say the least. If not fired immediately, he should be kicked out on his butt with no pension, nothing!! The bad thing is that he is not the only BAD cop…there are many who should never have been hired for psychological or mental health reasons.

    • Ellen Levine

      Sarah, I believe that we are no longer safe in our homes and we are no longer safe in our neighborhoods due to gun toting thugs including the men who are paid to protect us. By endangering his children, this drunken “officer of the law,” should be immediately fired, jailed, and sent to federal prison. His children deserve to be safe from both him and their mother. She seems to be complicit with his behavior. This crime must be reported to Child Protective Services. Or…is this kind of madness the norm in Arkansas? For the sake of the children, I pray not.

      • DonFromFairfax

        He deserves to be in prison, but there is no federel law involved here. He needs to go to state prison, not federal.

      • rageandruin

        He is from sequoia county Oklahoma, not Arkansas, get it right. A lot of people who work in Fort Smith live in Oklahoma because, well somebody has to live there.

  • Sarah 1

    To add, the child had to run to a neighbor’s home and call police. Her father was the police is the irony. Police officers are the protector’s, aren’t they? What an embarrassment to the station.

  • JR Gibbs

    Can I get drunk and shoot off my guns in the house and not be arrested? Just wondering. I don’t even have a wife and kids here.

  • Bob Gnarly

    Authority minus accountability equals contempt.

    Everyone here, from the responding deputies up to, and including, Sheriff Lockhart, should face some sort of punishment, either discipline or prosecution.

    The offender does not deserve special treatment and should be in jail or posting bond now.

    Whomever made the choice not to arrest him should be subject to discipline as well.

    What if the wife or a neighbor killed him in self defense?

    When someone commits this type of crime with a borrowed weapon is it normal procedure to return it the weapon to its owner (brother-in-law, cousin, etc.)?

    Respect is earned.

  • kat

    Amazing but I guess that is part of the good ole boy system in Sequoyah County. A DR sits in jail right now bc he got into a fight with his gf, no children present, and shot her tire and locked himself in the house. After a standoff where no shots were fired, he was arrested. Guess it pays to be a cop. But if they argue and obviously he drinks, will he be arrested when he shoots someone? It is only a matter of time. And I agree the people involved with the non arrest should also be punished. I hope nothing happens to her but if it does, there is a huge lawsuit against Sequoyah county

  • Chester Rockhard

    Question for the experts: if two neighbors conduct a firefight (using guns) and are firing from their windowsills, woud the winner be charged under the “stand your ground” laws?

    Just wondering, considering that both are using deadly force and that there is a reason to believe that either party is in danger. There would likely be no way to prove who started the incident.

  • headscratcher

    ON SUSPICION??? seriously criminal, of all ‘authority’ involved.VOTE ‘EM out, citizens!

  • Rick

    Was not there but I am sure a supervisor was cantacted and the choice not to arrest was mad way higher than the Deputy. Being in law enforment my self he should have been arrested. I know in washington county one was arrested for chasing his soon to be ex-wife beacuse she was scared. Shooting a gun i am sure the wife and kids were scared. What ever suerpvisor that was called mad the wrong choice.

  • the truth hurts

    Im sure they will swept it under the table cause they dont want the general pulbic to really know what the outcome of this will be.

  • Jessica

    If he could do that to his wife and children, imagine what he would have been capable of doing to a total stranger. He is dangerous, and should be treated as such

    • Gwen

      AMEN! It pains me to think of all the bad law enforcement officers who make it so difficult for the genuine officers to do their jobs and be respected for that. Across the board now, forces should make more stringent requirements to screen out those miscreants who have no business serving anywhere in such a capacity. I’ve actually been told by an officer that some men join forces to be able to do their wicked deeds and abuse under cover of the law. Punishment should include everyone who had any involvement from the bottom all the way up!!

  • Realist!!

    Actually if you live in the county as this guy did, firing a gun inside, or outside his home is not illegal.He did however endanger his wife and kids lives by being careless and we will see some charges.

    • Suzanne Michael

      Excuse me but didn’t they say they lived in a trailer? Trailer park houses are so close together someone next door could of easily been killed. Ofcourse nothing bad will come of the officers arrest, if anything the mothers charges will get her more time then him. You know these cops cover for each other and make excuses for each other. I’ve never wanted a gun in my house but there are so many fools out there armed to the teeth that I will be buying me a pump shotgun very soon. Besides my two large dogs if that doesn’t keep them out I bet when they hear that shot gun click they’ll think twice about entering my house. And the first time a cop shoots my dog I will go to jail because I’ll cut him in half with my gun! I have lost all respect for our Amerikan Taliban, they scare me more then terrorist! This guy is an accident waiting to happen!

    • No excuses

      Duh They have updated the article now and it says she was charged. You were correct. Anyone that allows this is as guilty as the person that did it.

  • No excuses

    No wonder we can’t get the Fort Smith Police to do anything about the abusive man we have on our street. they are just as bad!!!!!

  • Jarrett Kaufman

    Thank you for all the concern you’ve posted.

    I’m the father of the two children in this story. Their BIRTH father, and legal joint-custodian, NOT the man involved in the altercation. Their mother and I are divorced, and I live half a country away and learned about this this morning via this news article.

    Today has been one of the worst I can ever remember, but the only thing that’s keeping me sane is knowing that the two of them are physically safe right now. While I can understand all the fear and upset in this comment thread about what actions may or may not have been taken, I’ve personally been in contact with the authorities (from 1500 miles away) and am actively tracking all available details while coordinating with local family to ensure their continued safety and well-being. I have to trust in the efforts they’re making to conduct this investigation and keep my kids safe because anything else would destroy the tiny shred of sanity I’m holding onto right now.

    If you’d ever met either of my two kids, you’d know what deeply special children they are. Brilliant, polite, respectful, kind, generous, and perfect. It hurts me deeply that they’re stuck in the middle of this, but they ARE safe, and they have many people fighting to ensure they remain that way.

    I’m looking forward to this nightmare being over. They deserve the moon, the stars, and more. I’ll be working hard to make sure they get it from here.

    • Lucy

      Please for the love of God fight for custody. Any judge worth his salt would not deny you that right now. Praying for their safety and your sanity and well being Jarrett.

      • Dana Lawhon

        Yea now all we got to do is find a judge worth his grain of salt in Arkansas if they are anything like the judges in Oklahoma it won’t be an easy task to do that is a pretty tall order around here.

    • Sasha

      Jarrett, your so concerned about your kids safety your posting your opinions on some news site, instead of getting your behind to OK and getting them out of foster care where worse damage can be done to them. All that needs to be said!

      I am praying for those babies as I always have.

      • Sasha

        Jarrett, I wish I would have kept my mouth shut. I have no business standing in judgement of you.

      • Jarrett Kaufman

        Thank you for your apology. As I’m sure you realized, you can’t know what I’m doing on my side to take care of my kids, what limitations I’m dealing with legally and financially, what restrictions have been placed on them, and more. What I am doing here, and on other forums, is connecting with my community. With people providing me support. Reading good, kind people who are concerned about my kids and feeling that. I’m arranging with people to send them gifts from all over the country since my son’s birthday is just a few days away. I’m arranging my own trip to come see the kids. I’m coordinating with every authority there is. And I’m trying to cope the only ways I can find. Some may seem strange to people like you initially, but talking to people, ANYONE, about my wonderful kids is how I do that. I appreciate you taking a moment to step back and realize some of that, and more importantly, I appreciate you caring about my kids. Truly.

    • Dale Pondysh

      I take it the Courts decided your X was the better parent. Wonderful choice. This should be an excellent opportunity for you to get full custody of your kids and provide for them the life they deserve if you are genuinely concerned about them.

  • Sarah 1

    The part where the guy puts a gun to a five year olds head sent this over the cliff. Apparently the Mrs. will lie for her man. This guy needs locked up for a very long time.
    This says it all “Deputies entered the home and noticed several bullet holes in the wall. After further questioning Mrs. Adcock, they found her story changing often, and when the deputies said Mr. Adcock held a gun to the head of Mrs. Adcock’s 5-year-old son, she said, “Yeah, but it wasn’t loaded!”

      • Sarah 1

        Maybe you should reread. The wife said he was shooting at tires outside. She lied. The guns were fired. The holes in the inside of the trailer prove that fact. READ then official report.

  • Soonerfan

    Pointing a Gun at a Child is wrong. Loaded or not. The Child didn’t know and the mom is just as guilty. Any one else would be arrested for it. But a Cop, the one that is suppose to protect the Child is not arrested because he was in his own home, that is BS and the Sheriff knows that. He fired shots while Children were inthe house and not arrested. Something is wrong. Sheriff Lockhart you know that is wrong. Do your JOB and put his sorry A$$ in jail. Fort Smith FIRE him. Then throw him in jail.

  • Marie Smith

    What a fool. Anyone who spends more on his guns than the place he lives is an idiot. You point a gun at Any one let alone a 5 year old Child, you should be Under the Jail not in it. You people in Law Enforcement should Demand better. It reflects on All of You.

  • ch

    Puts a gun to a child’s head and doesn’t get charged with endangering the safety of a minor. wow.

  • nick

    It’s funny how if someone says “I’m going to punch you” and the cops were to get called you would go to jail on the spot but a cop can put a game to his families head threaten people and get paid to not work? All of Fort Smith cops are like this its so sad

  • Doc

    If a citizen pointed a weapon at a deputy under normal circumstances, the “the deadly force” rule would have resolved the entire issue. Methinks responding deputies knew they were encountering a fellow officer and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Let Joe Sixpack try something like that and he winds up buried on page 3 as a sidenote.

  • Shawn

    Deputies continued to Mr. Adcock’s residence, and when they knocked on the door, he answered with a gun drawn and pointed at a deputy
    ???????????? Had this been any average citizen, He/she would be full of holes from the responding officers. Law Enforcement has proved this on many occasions. This is misconduct of the highest degree by all officers involved, and multiple felonies by the drunken ft smith officer

  • Chippy

    Why does a Fort Smith police officer live in Sequoyah County? Shouldn’t he live in……………Fort Smith????

  • Happy

    Another alarming factor that no one has mentioned is the fact that children model the behavior of adults (parents) that they are in contact with the most. Please stop the cycle now before it can continue

  • Johnny Sixpack

    He doesn’t live in Fort smith probably because Fort Smith is such a bad place to live… As far as this all goes? INNOCENT until proven guilty!!!

  • RC

    A lot of law enforcement both PD and Sheriff department live in sequoyah county. Why judge a person where they live and or the type of house they live in, maybe his trailer is paid for and he is saving for a better home, don’t judge how he lives, judge your self on making comments, at least he has a home.his home is not on do you live,do you drink,do you do drugs, are you a home wrecker …….everyone makes mistakes,the ones you make are in the public eye.we as law enforcement are, because people like you want to judge us, but when you make a bad mistake,it isn’t on the news or in the paper,mr.adcock is a good guy, he just made a bad call.the father of the kids involved, he must trust mr.adcock, if he didn’t he would of been here in a heartbeat, he is being updated on their welfare, if he thought they were in further danger, he would be here.leave the family alone, take care of your own family,watch your kids, watch yourself.

    • Jarrett Kaufman

      Please don’t make assumptions on my behalf about where I am or what I’m doing or who I trust. Right now I have roughly as much information as is in this article. Where I have placed my trust is with the Sequoyah County Sheriff Department and their efforts to protect my kids. I have every reason to believe they’re safe right now, regardless of how I may or may not feel about Mr. Adcock and how he treated my children, and am working diligently with family to preserve their safety as I handle everything I need to to make sure they’re taken care of properly.

      I agree with you about not judging people about where or how they live, and not casting the first stone. But please don’t put words in my mouth about how I feel about their stepfather and the allegations against him. If I want those thoughts broadcast publicly, I’ll do so myself.

      • RC

        First of all I was not speaking for you or anyone else,…..I can say on behalf of mr.adcock,I know him, he is a wonderful person,maybe I am wrong about you, maybe the kids are better off with the mother,no one is casting stones,look at the other 45 comments, why don’t comment on theirs wow,talk about throwing stones….nice guy

    • Jarrett Kaufman

      You did speak on my behalf. You specifically made statements about what the father of the kids would be doing if he didn’t trust Mr. Adcock. I AM the father of the kids. I’m simply asking you to not speak on my behalf when I’m right here, in the comment thread, able to do so myself.

      • Dale Pondysh

        This is actually for Mr. RC
        If this article is even half true, I would never call this man a ‘wonderful person’. The guy should not have weapons available ever again, should be in JAIL or PRISON for terrorizing his family and neighbors. If he was my neighbor, acting like this, and the police wouldn’t put him in JAIL, I would drop him or move the hell out of Arkansas. I guess I wouldn’t be there in the first place, particularly after reading this!

    • Jarrett Kaufman

      Nobody is infringing upon your free speech. Also, nobody else has tried to speak on my behalf, so I have no one else to “pick on.” I made a polite request. You have rebuked it. You have the right to do so, just as I had the right to point out that you don’t speak for me. But one of us is arguing with the father of two children who were terrorized at gunpoint, while the other is politely begging said person to stop making statements on behalf of said bereaved father. I suggest you quit while you’re behind.

      • Ange

        sorry, you need to not be so touchy about your own feeling considering the situation your children are/were in.

    • Bob Gnarly

      “…….everyone makes mistakes,the ones you make are in the public eye.we as law enforcement are, because people like you want to judge us”

      Wrong, RC. The public wants to judge you because it is rare that we see the judicial system treat you with a fraction of the severity which would befall the rest of us for similar crimes. The initial confiscation of the guns, failure to arrest, and being placed on paid administrative leave are prime examples.

      Your defense of the “perp” (that is what you call them when it is a civilian, right?) brings into question your fitness to serve. There is no defense for anyone holding a gun, loaded or not, to the head of a child. For you to label that “a bad call” says more about you than it does about him.

      If Mr. Adcock is the “wonderful person” you portray him to be perhaps you should send your kids to his house for a sleepover when he gets out of jail……..

      Why don’t you ask the families of Joseph Erin Hamely and James Ahern how they feel about the justice system?

    • Rochelle Ortega

      RC: Yes EXACTLY “people make bad mistakes”!! You yourself knows that if we are not police officers we get FULL PUNISHMENT!! We dont get the privilege of being arrested a day later!! (exaggeration)

    • DonFromFairfax

      You are deluded if you think that only a cop engaging in this kind of behavior would have his actions made public. ANYONE who gets arrested for drunkenly firing a gun in his home in the presence of chilfdren, AND drunkenly pointing a gun at a 5 year old child’s head, AND drunkenly pointing a firearm at the responding police officers will get a front page story in the newspaper AND get the lead in the nightly news.

      I dare you to deny that.

  • Proud Okie

    Rc Iagree about the home he has. It has nothing to do with this. He can shot his home up if he wants,. But hold a gun to a childs head and the house up wiyh kids in it ain’t right. The kids had to be there whrn he shot it up or they would not of run yo neighbors house for help. Mom is guilty also. I agree Dad should be here wiyh yhe kids now. But what he done was wrong b with the kids being there. And hold a gun to one of them head. That aint right. Jail time for that reason

    • RC

      Sorry I had to re read the story,it was wrong for him to hold a weapon to the child’s head, shame on the mother for lying to the police and not protecting her kids, why wasn’t Dhs involved,they need the kids removed from the home.shame on the mother,she should go to jail as well.

    • RC

      Sorry I had to re read the story,it was wrong for him to hold a weapon to the child’s head, shame on the mother for lying to the police and not protecting her kids, why wasn’t Dhs involved,they need the kids removed from the home.shame on the mother,she should go to jail as well. Update both have been arrested……thank god

      • Bob Gnarly

        So you re-read the story and now, after you exerted so much of your free speech rights to defend this “wonderful” man who “made a bad call” you changed your mind and are thankful he was arrested?

        That is some fine attention to detail you have there. I’ll bet you’re a top notch investigator…..

    • God loves you

      Im glad the mother was arrested also, she was shooting the gun in the house as well as he was, both are guilty, i hope the kids are taken away permanently, that mother has no reason to have children in her care. they will be better off either with the dad, or the dad’s family… the mother deserved to go to jail, and the step father needs to be in jail, lose his job, and work at mcdonalds and serve his old co workers their lunch, or better yet maybe in prison whites.

  • nolarazorback

    My point is simply that a Fort Smith PD officer doesn’t live in Fort Smith. Nothing more than that. Mayors live in the city they govern. City Directors live in the city they “direct.” City police officers should live in the city they are sworn to protect. Maybe they don’t in reality, but that should be a matter of policy reviewed and changed by our City’s leaders.

  • John Doe

    In case anyone is wondering. Sheriff Lockhart is a former member of the fort smith police dept.
    You wanna really see something scary. Look up some of these Fort Smith Police officer’s Facebook pages. Most of them are set on public, and the stuff they post is definitely unbecoming of a police officer.

  • Andrew

    Do you know what would have happened to a regular citizen who did this? I mean after the tazing, that is if they didn’t just shoot him outright for pointing a gun at them? He would have had numerous felony charges filed immediately, not a day later and definitely not PAID LEAVE! Always has been one set of rules for the cops and a totally different set for the rest of us-the thin blue line is alive and well in Sequoya County. I figure the only reason there is any punishment is because this became public knowledge quicker than they could cover it up.

  • Brando

    Made a bad call??? Really?! Looking at the FB of these two I wonder if there’s more to this than we even know. They have only been together a few months and married 2 or 3 months it looks like. He was stepdad to both of the kids. She was pregnant when she met this creep and mysteriously the baby is no longer alive. Obviously I don’t have facts on all of that, but this guy has creep written all over him. What a piece of work.

  • Bill

    RC, I agree with you to a degree. But, we in public service has taken an oath and have certain policies that holds us to a higher degree of behavior than the general public. That is what is expected when you take that oath and sign off on these policies. Yes, every human will make a mistake in life. It’s a fact that a public servant gets more attention than the general public but, the public servant is being paid by taxpayers money so they expect us public servants to conduct ourselves to a higher standard. Right or wrong that is the way it is. I hope this man is innocent, not just for him but all public servants because of the oath we have taken. If he guilty or not I pray for this family. If it is swept under the rug then shame on our justice system, not a way to gain the trust of the public. It makes it hard for those in public service trying to uphold their oath to do their job.

    • Brando

      You hope he’s innocent?? You think the kid is lying about having a gun put to his head, the walls are lying about being shot to hell? The deputy is lying about having a gun pointed at him? Ok. This guy is a dirtbag. Pure and simple. Impressionable young lady with two kids and should have been third, thought she had met her knight in shining armour, when in reality she met the Devil. Read between the lines on their FB posts. This relationship was a disaster from the get go.

  • Oklahoma fan

    Sounds like the kids real dad don’t have courage enough to get his kids or travel here to fight for them if my wife wouldn’t protect my kids.i would travel any where they were to protect them. He must not care enough to come here and get them
    Probably better off in the care of dhs.

    • Jarrett Kaufman

      I’ll forgive you for being ignorant of the details. I’ve been working very hard from 1500 miles away to arrange every detail I can of my kids’ safety. There is much you can’t know, for the sake of exactly that. But I assure you, I’m anything but absent in this equation. Short of teleporting there in the middle of the fight, there was nothing I could have done to protect them at the time, and I’ve done everything I can to take care of them since. But your concern for their well-being is greatly appreciated.

      • midwest fan

        If you cant get your kids, because of money, then i will pay for you to come here to get them. some of us care if you see it or not mr. kaufman.I have older adult children, and if they behaved like this, i would fight for my grand kids. to the life of my last breath.
        No matter if mr. adcock is law enforcement or not, he should be held accountable. like any other citizen.

      • God loves you

        I would pitch in funds for him to get here and get his children. and dhs i know would assist you. these are reason i want to be a foster parent….my heart hurts when kids hurt, and the other parents are hurting, i feel your pain and how your heart aches. Know that God is watching for you too

      • TurboFool

        Thank you to both comments and offers above me. You’re both kind and generous people, and the outpourings of support are deeply appreciated.

        We have family members closer by who are assisting in the most immediate care and safety of the children, though, and we’ll be arranging the rest of the details soon for me to be with them. I am in constant contact with the kids, who are doing amazingly well considering their situation, and their whole family is working together to give them a better life in this tough time.

        The saddest part is my son’s birthday is on the 3rd. What a crappy birthday. But I’ll be damned if we let it be anything but special anyway.

      • Prayingforthekids

        Dear Father of these children, don’t waste your time or energy on responding to these fools. You don’t need to explain yourself. Save your energy for making things happen for the kids. Nothing can be arranged overnight, and you can’t just take the kids and run. I am sure you will do what you need to do for them. If I were you I would not respond further to these idiots. God Bless you and your babies.

  • Brad

    Ok yes he should have been arrested for pointing the gun at the Sheriff and the child, and for just scaring his wife and children.But there is no law about firing a gun in our house if its in the county. I do think they should have put him on unpaid leave until everything is sorted out.

  • tossin midgets

    Cops around here are corrupt piles of garbage!!! Fort Smith…Van Buren..and it’s cops need to be in prison. They like to tailgate you in the middle of the night hoping you will do something wrong so they can harrass you…then stick guns to children’s heads!!!

  • tornado fighter

    Bill.your comments are very true. I will say a prayer also. If these kids need protection they need it more than ever.from the attitudes of the public.i hope they won’t have to be haunted by this for long. May God be the judge in this. The natural dad needs to get here and take his children.maybe they are better off in DHS.who knows.

  • jamie martine

    There are still a few true blue police out there . they do their job with character and discernment . however , for the most part they are corrupted , no good piece of shit. they toy with peoples lives like it’s a game. when someone takes the life of one of these no account ,law breaking punks they want to put you on deah row. people need to open their eyes and realize that for uthe m!ost part

  • Cops suck

    The police run around here like they own the place. They shoot folks with mental disabilities claiming they looked like a prison escapee. They shoot innocent bystanders and then say…. “Oh Well”. There’s not a such thing as a good cop. They are all part of a corrupt organization that makes money by dragging the public through court and the prison system over a bunch of BS laws. Cops need to be locked up, not the public!!!!!! Dirt Bags!

  • garris

    úr right bout the police departnent i called them an requested a welfare cheakup they called back said everything was jus fine after
    talking with my son they laid to me they never even went to the home oür systems r truley messed up

  • Kristy Chambers

    If any one of us would have done something like that we would have been shot or put in jail!!! But since it was a cop well lets give him a paid vacation with the taxpayers money!!! This is an outrage!!!

  • Dunkin' Douchebags

    Psycho cop scum catches a break from another brother in arms. Anybody else, especially anybody black, would have been blown away for pointing a gun at a cop. Now the whole world will be watching to see if the system protects these children and lets the birth father get them out of there. Oh, Adcock was drinking, oh he got a little out of hand, oh he’s allowed to shoot up his own house, oh the gun he put to a 5 year old’s head wasn’t loaded, oh he’s allowed to be a downhome version of the bullying, entitled misogynistic Santa Barbara killer — because he hasn’t gone all the way yet. And you have an 11 year old girl running to get help for her 5 year old brother because her drunken mother is shooting up the house too. If only the 5 year old would have had his own gun to protect himself! NRA, what about a “Derringers for Tots” program?

  • Proud Okie

    About time Both get arrested. Now throw the book at them for any thing they did wrong. Protect the Children.

  • atc8824

    DHS should breathe down these people’s neck like they did mine for trying to keep my out of control home with force.What ever you do do not tell your teen they can’t leave or run away DHS will haunt you.

    • Mark Smith

      Umm. You didn’t know that before? No wonder they’re all over hoy. They should be. I think it’s funny you stated what you did. You are a prime example of why Arkansas is the second stupidist state in the country. Here’s your sign.. Crack a boom.

      • atc8824

        Well Yankee Doodle Dandy if her father wouldn’t have let her date a 21 year old man and buy her a car even though she had a bad drugs problem (drugs given by step-mother) then maybe I wouldn’t have had that problem.I do not pay attention to you anyway you talk mean to everybody and people like you make me laugh hahaha

  • Sean

    Funny, all these charges existed when the officers originally arrived. Someone made a “business decision” after the public scrutiny and decided the offenders weren’t worth the trouble.

    This “business decision” started off with attempting to sweep it under the rug, so the decider(s) also need to be dealt with (voted out).

  • Linda Stanger

    I think he should have been arrested immediately and kicked off the police force . Anyone who will attempt to harm a child or will not protect a child is lower than dirt in my book. And we have someone like this supposed to be protecting us? Wrong!!! I’ll keep my gun close to me. Not all cops are bad but lately there is alot more corrupt officers in the news. I think they need to start doing alot more screening and background checks. Thank God the children are OK. And I am glad that the Birth father is trying to get his children. Everything takes time.

  • someone

    That trailer shack they live in tells a lot about the people that live there. And yes I’m judging the book by it’s cover, It’s a lot better and faster to get to the truth then blind denial.The authorities will probably discover they were on meth as well. They live right in the middle of meth county in Oklahoma.

    DHS needs to break this family up for the sake of the children, before it’s too late.

  • Cops Blow

    This is bull shit if any normal person would have done that they would be sitting in jail and looking at all sorts of charges. He should be charged with the same thing i would have been charged with

  • Susie V Kaufman

    I am the MOTHER of Jarrett Lennon Kaufman, and Jarrett is the biological father of these two sweet, innocent children.

    Both his and my hands are tied, not only by distance, but other circumstances that are, at the very least, extremely frustrating.

    My son is a very good, decent, kind-hearted human being, and he’s been torn apart by that very first phone call he got yesterday morning. The two of us are sickened by every aspect of this.

    I can only say how thoroughly grateful I am that neither my five-year-old grandson nor my 11-year-old granddaughter were physically harmed, but the trauma they both experience is horrible… and unforgivable.

    They are very much safe right this minute, and Jarrett is in close phone contact with them. They SHALL be taken care of and yes, I do believe that Jarrett, almost “automatically,” if you will, will now be “awarded” FULL custody of our little ones.

    There are frightening things that cannot be shared about this new man in the mother’s life, and all those “good ol’ boys” with whom he worked may be facing a new future, because there are many anti-gun advocates out there who are going to do their very best to help make changes.

    Please go gently with my son, as HE is not in any way the cause of this near-atrocity, and I can barely breathe, worrying about him, as well as my adorable, intelligent, good grandchildren.

    I remain shaken to the core, but must also say I — and my two best friends — all feared something like this would happen, but ALL of our hands were (and still are) tied.

    Just care about this little girl and this little boy, and do what YOU can to help bring justice, and to change, change, change the system that allows bad cops to get away with what could have even been murder. And let us hope that the children’s mother can get extensive, professional help before it’s too late.

    I love my son with all my heart, and he loves his children with all HIS heart, and will do everything that he can to keep them safe and to KNOW they are loved, loved, loved.

    Thank you for your kind words and I hugely appreciate your emotions.


    • Lucy

      My prayers are with you and your grandchildren Mrs. Kaufman. I hope this all works out for your family.

    • Lorraine Messineo

      As I understand the article, your son does not have custody of the children and they were not his physical responsibility at the time of the incident. However, it might be advisable for your son to seek custody of his children inasmuch as the mother does not seem to be a very good one and guns or not, her current mate doesn’t seem to have the brains of a rock.

      • Susie V Kaufman

        Oh, my , where did you gather such “information?” I haven’t seen ANY of that in any of the few articles that have been publicized.

        I’m beside myself, still in shock, but I finally got to talk to my darling little grandchildren (thanks to DHS), and it was so WONDERFUL hearing their voices. And they’ve also been regularly (even MORE so) been talking with their daddy, I’m happy to say.

        We’re both doing what we can, and under the guidance of a developing team of people whose single mission is, at all costs, to protect Kai and Connor (who are in their protective custody, thankfully), and in whom we must put our trust.

  • Wayne Klien

    I love all you jail house LAWYERS you make me laugh, judging watch out you will be judge also, the Officers will be kick off the Forces, there life ruin but life goes on as for the wife well come clean now you might keep the Children But I also been in the place as the Real Father meany miles away from my children but I found ways in emergency to get to them and the court battles but was finally given my children, yes it will be up to the Judges and District Attorney and Child Protection Agency but justices will prevail in the End

  • John Doe

    This doesn’t surprise me coming from a Fort Smith cop. It’s an increasingly corrupt dept. I recently reported Officer Jeff Burnett for his public drunk pics on Facebook and the peverted postings from his wife absolutely nothing was done. I’ve got the email to prove that they actually responded by mouthing off at me! It’s like these guys are above the constitution and they don’t have to set any type of decent example anymore. Makes me sick.

  • Boulder

    PAID LEAVE!!?? What happened to shooting the guy who points a gun!? The “investigation” is going to conclude that he was in the right…then he will be back on the force in NO TIME. Either that or he will get HIRED on another county. Seen it happen. There is NO RESPECT by these thugs in BLACK SHIRTS. When a regular person woulda done that they would have been SHOT TO DEATH! Shame on you people for covering for him and SHAME on the police for covering for him! Sheriffs always spout about how they hold their officers to a higher standard…Well I DONT SEE IT!! Even IF an LEO gets convicted they get a slap on the wrist…say in the case about a cop FRAMING his wife with Meth to get his kids from her…she would have gone to jail for YEARS yet what does he get? 30 days…yeah…chew on THAT!

    • Bob Gnarly

      James Ahern’s murderer, Bela Vista officer Coleman “Duke” Brackney served 30 days for negligent homicide, paid a small fine and a small civil suit and is now Chief of Police in Sulphur Springs, AR.

      Joseph Erin Hamely’s murderer, Arkansas State Police Trooper Larry P. Norman served part of a 30 day sentence on the same charge (the judge let him out early), then was released and subsequently awarded early full retirement by the Arkansas State Police.

      It would seem that there is little deterrent, other than conscience, for officers not to be trigger happy. I haven’t seen or heard anything from Mr. Norman but the last interview I saw with Mr. Brackney (on KFSM Channel 5) showed him grinning from ear to ear and stating that he was proud to be back in service. It was certainly not the expression of someone with a troubled mind. Perhaps Sulphur Springs has some “undesirables” they want to weed out.

  • John Doe

    Correction to my previous posts. The cop with the drunk Facebook pics and the perv wife was Wayne Barnett, not Jeff Burnett. I’ll never forget how offensive Mr Wayne Barnetts Facebook profile was to me. If Fort Smith has lowered it’s standards to the point of hiring people like this them it’s no wonder we’re seeing incidents like this from FSPD personnel. I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  • Steve

    I know the man personally. He was a good cop and a good man. I don’t know how much of his business should be made public, so I’ll just say that he recently went through some serious stuff that would mess with anyone. Unfortunately, he looked for his answers in a bottle. I’m not excusing what happened. He has to be held accountable for his actions. I just hope he can find some peace somewhere.

    • Bob Gnarly

      Do you have these deep introspective thoughts about all who threaten the lives of their families or do you reserve them for the ones who were “a good cop”?

      Given the circumstances that we know (that he put a gun to the head of a child and pulled a gun on a deputy) do you think he’d have received the same treatment had he not been a cop?

      You say that he “has to be held accountable for his actions”. It’s a little late for that considering that his actions would have probably gotten him killed if he had not been a member of the brotherhood.

      • Steve

        It’s not really not a “deep introspective thought” as much as just an observation. And yeah, he’s lucky he wasn’t shot…most definitely would’ve been justified…but there is a slight possibility that the deputies used their big boy words to de-escalate the situation. Maybe it’s the case that not all cops shoot first and apologize later. Are there bad cops? Absolutely. That’s not what I was saying. All I said was that something happened to a good man and a good cop, and it went downhill from there, and that I hope he can find a way to master whatever demons he’s fighting.

  • ignatzz

    [“Naaman Adcock’s guns were seized until he sobered up.”]

    I would say that they should be seized for a good deal longer than that, wouldn’t you?

  • Aghast

    I am SO ashamed of those who think that this cop is “okay,” “a wonderful man,” or slight the seriousness of what he did to two young children.

    THIS story should be going nationwide, but I don’t know how to do that. But the whole country should be in an uproar about what he did to those children, and what or how his “brother cops” handled what most definitely could have become a deadly situation.

    I read on her Facebook page that she was pregnant with a baby, but miscarried. Nature oftentimes causes miscarriages because of how “sick” the future baby already is. Not for one minute do I believe they were arguing because of a death some months back, because she seems to be lying every minute on-camera or in the police report.

    Help share this news nationwide, because this is not the first time this has happened, and it undoubtedly won’t be the LAST time, either. So make people and officials aware of this “little” story.

    • Steve

      If it’s me you’re referring to, I said he WAS a good man and a good cop. Some things that I won’t pretend to understand obviously changed that, and that’s a shame, because like I said, I know what he used to be. I also said that I was not excusing what he did and that he has to be held accountable for what he did.

      Sometimes junk happens and people snap…people that were otherwise perfectly sane hit their breaking point. Does that make it ok? No. But it doesn’t mean they were always terrible people.

      • Aghast

        No, Steve, I was addressing everyone, not singling out one individual.

        I never said he was “always” a “terrible” person — same for the children’s mother — but bad is bad, and this is BAD.

  • slamdunk

    It is difficult to defend the responding agency’s actions based on the presented information. With what is given, Adcock should have been immediately in handcuffs. Any other citizen would have. Even an ardent law enforcement supporter has to question why not.

    If the deputies were trying to give him some slack (Thin Blue Line), the result was only to pour gasoline on an already volatile situation–making the job that all other officers do even more difficult as the public, rightfully so, asks questions and expresses doubt.

    It will be interesting to hear administrators at the Sequoyah Sheriff’s Office respond and attempt to clarify what the facts are.

  • Russell Christopher Ade

    He opened up a can of stupid. I am from Arkansas and we don’t get drunk and shoot our guns in the house! You get drunk with your friends and shoot them in the country! Shit happens folks and this was handled well.

  • John Hilfirty

    Shocking and sad case, whatever the accurate details turn out to be in the end.

    I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of something helpful in a case of this type:

    A FEDERAL law, “The Lautenberg Act” as it is referred to, makes it unlawful for ANY person who has been convicted of ANY MISDEMEANOR or FELONY which involves domestic violence, to POSSESS, OWN, or even TRANSPORT ANY FIREARM !!!

    This includes for example, keeping a firearm in their home, or carrying a rifle in the woods during hunting season, or CARRYING A FIREARM AS PART OF THEIR OFFICIAL JOB DUTIES, such as being a police officer!

    This means that once convicted of any domestic violence misdemeanor, a person is legally blocked from EVER being a Police Officer, Police Chief, State Trooper, Detective, armed Security Officer, Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff, FBI Agent, Secret Service Agent, etc. !!!

    This law has been tested in the U.S. Supreme Court and UPHELD on three separate occasions! NO State Law can change this, and licenses to carry have no effect!

    If you know of a law enforcement officer in violation of this law, you should call your local FBI office or U.S. Attorney’s office and report it!

  • 50bmg boi

    Well thank god they weren’t bustin shots wit that 50ddy cal!!! Those bullets would have been flying into the neighbors house…..I wonder what gun they were lighting off like the 4th of July.

  • C. Schumann

    This guy should be fired from the Police Force and not allowed to purchase guns of any kind. If he can point a gun at his children what would he do on duty to a suspect (not necessarily guilty). Here’s dangerous and out of control until he permanently sober ups and get help for his drinking problem.

  • Annie Newbury

    I would be concerned that the children’s trauma in what is a deplorable foster care system in the U.S. could be as significant as what they experienced in the home if the reported facts of this incident are true. Jarrett Kaufman tells us he was awarded joint-custody of his son and daughter at the time of his divorce or sometime thereafter. He places his trust now, he tells us, on the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department to protect his children. It has been a day or two since Jarrett learned of the events reported. Yet he remains 1500 away – absent in his children’s lives when they need him most. Unless Jarrett has some conviction for a crime since the time he was awarded joint-custody, I can think of no reason why DHS wouldn’t immediately release the children to his custody, with few or no formalities required. Children across this nation suffer from absentee fathers. Are you an absentee father, Jarrett? Did you voluntarily move 1500 miles away? It is your job – and not the sheriff department’s – to protect the children you brought into this world.

  • Happy

    An angry cop who stops a citizen is one of the scariest people to ever have to deal with. This comes from a law abiding senior citizen woman who was doing nothing other than not dimming headlights quickly enough for the state trooper who sat along side the county road. Ladies, if you can travel the main highways instead of a county road please do so. Do not be on these county roads by yourself, if you can at all travel a different route.

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