Warrant: Murder Accomplice Encouraged Murderer, Called Victim “Snitch”

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New information from an arrest warrant for a suspected murderer’s accomplice shows that the accomplice encouraged the alleged murderer to kill their victim, calling her a “snitch.”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man authorities say was an accomplice in the fatal stabbing of a Tontitown woman last week.

Authorities are looking for Lewis Anthony Hedges, 34, in connection with last Wednesday’s (May 21) stabbing death of LeAnn Frazier, 32, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office announced Friday (May 23) it was seeking Hedges as a “material witness” in the case for questioning, but deputies did not, at the time, name him as a potential suspect.

Hedges is believed to be armed with a semi-automatic pistol and might be driving a blue Dodge Neon, according to a post on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Hedges is 5-foot-11 and weighs 225 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair, according to the Facebook post.

A suspect in the killing, 19-year-old Brock Atkins of Tontitown, was arrested May 21 and booked into the Washington County Detention Center on suspicion of capital murder. He appeared before a judge at the detention center on Friday and was given a June 23 arraignment.

Atkins is accused of stabbing Frazier in the throat on May 21 until she was dead during an altercation that centered on drugs, according to court documents.

An arrest warrant for Hedges states that he encouraged Atkins to kill Frazier by telling Atkins Frazier was a “snitch.” Hedges said that Frazier could not be trusted.

The warrant also states that Hedges said Frazier had stolen drugs from him. He then held a semi-automatic handgun and told Atkins that he needed to kill Frazier.

Atkins later chased Frazier outside and began stabbing her. Hedges blocked the patio door of the residence to prevent others from helping Frazier in any way, according to the warrant.

Records obtained by authorities show those involved in the murder of Frazier were sending text messages, exchanging phone calls and Facebook messages to third parties discussing the events that had occurred.

To view the entire arrest warrant, click here. 

Fraizer’s family told 5NEWS they have no idea who Hedges is or what involvement he may have had with her death.

Family members said police told them that 13 people were at Brock Atkins’ home at the time of her killing.

Frazier’s father, Marvin Stout, said he appreciates how quickly the police are moving to solve the case.

“I’m real pleased with how fast they are moving with it,” Stout said, “And as many people as they have talked to already, I just hope anybody that has any information on it would come forward.”

Stout and other family members attended Atkin’s initial court appearance Friday at the Washington County Detention Center. The family is seeking the death penalty in the case.


  • the truth hurts

    I guess he needs the death penaly too since they family wants atkins to have the death penaly and what about the other guy that came with the victim what was his involvement in this incident ..?????

  • FedUp

    13 people were at the house before and during the attack and none of them were willing to intervene??

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