Former County Employee May Get Job Back After Rape Charge Dropped

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Rape charges have been dropped against a former Benton County assistant systems administrator, who lost his job in March after police said he raped a teenage girl.

Shawn Allen Scott, 32, had charges dropped against him by prosecutors. His arraignment was scheduled for Tuesday, according to court records.

Benton County Judge Bob Clinard had said when Scott was arrested that the information technology employee could seek to reinstate his employment if not found guilty in the case. Clinard said Tuesday that Scott so far has not asked for his job back. If he does, though, “we’ll talk about it,” Clinard said.

“He’s a good man, I think. He’s a great employee,” he said.

Scott was arrested March 25 on suspicion of felony rape and booked into the Benton County Jail. He was later released on $30,000 bond, according to the Bentonville Police Department. Following his arrest, Scott was forced to resign.

Police said Scott raped a girl three years ago when she was 13 years old. Scott was arrested following an investigation that included a taped phone call and an interview with the suspect and the alleged victim’s mother, according to the probable cause report.

Scott was an information technology employee with the county, meaning he helped county employees with technical issues that include computer work and security technology, Clinard said at the time.

Clinard said Scott was asked to resign following his arrest and threatened with termination if he did not quit. Scott’s termination would have come because of his inability to do his job with the county during the investigation, rather than directly because of the charges he was facing, Clinard said at the time.

The alleged victim told her mother Scott gave her wine and raped her on at least one occasion. The alleged victim said Scott also sexually assaulted her on at least one other occasion, although it is unclear how many alleged occurrences of sexual assault there may have been.

One of the instances occurred after the victim was upset in seventh grade over her relationship with a boy, police said. The girl noticed wine in Scott’s refrigerator and was given some by the suspect. He later touched her inappropriately, according to Bentonville police.


  • Sarah 1

    What? A great employee but a perverted one? Maybe run the resumes and find ANYONE else.
    Has common sense left the planet?

  • the truth hurts

    And why was she at scotts residents why was she let to drink and then touched inappropriately only in Arkansas can someone get by with these things great county officials schools that dont watch kids im glad I dont live in Benton county I hate even going into that county..

  • Shawna Klema

    Unless you know the man personally and the situation intimately, save your opinion. Harsh judgment by those unaware of the details only reveals ignorance. This case is a prime example of how a single false allegation with no evidence can alter a good mans life. No formal charges were ever filed. The local PA did not want the case because they believed the defendant was wrongly accused. The special prosecutors had no case, period. These are the things that happen to “other people.” It should be a cautionary tale for all, because if it could happen to this particular young man, it could happen to YOU OR YOURS!

  • Mark Smith

    All comments except last are examples of Arkansas being the second stupidest state of the union. Crack a book.

  • carrie defoor

    I have known Shawn for many years. If you think he actually did this, he didn’t. You do not know the whole story and the girl was lying. When he first told me what was going on, I knew he was innocent. Shawn is a good person and would never hurt anyone this way.

  • Proud Okie

    If innocent give his job back. It is true that one false statement can ruin a man for life.

  • someone

    Sounds like the mother jumped to a big conclusion when her daughter lied to her. If you can’t tell when your kids lie to you then there’s some thing wrong in your head! The daughter should have charges pressed against her for making up a story that almost destroyed someones life, if this is the case?

    It can happen to anyone of us.

  • Tammy Robinson

    What have we become as a socity , that we believe the lies of a vandictive mother and daughter. That can ruin the life of a law bidding citizen. I am talking about the thousands of dollars for lawyer,having to resign a good job after 7 years of dedicated employment ,losing a good apartment because he no longer has income, losing the respect of others to name a few. And the mother and daughter has no consqueces for their actions. As a mother I understand the evils in the world, but their also needs to be protection for those who are falsely accused.

  • Trish B.

    Charges were made after a TAPED phone call and interviews. Police do not make felony charges without evidence. There was a reason for the charges.

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