Overturned Semi Blocks Barling Roadway

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A FedEx semi-truck overturned on Church St. in Barling, blocking traffic Tuesday (May 27).

Barling Police said the trailer left the road, hit a driveway, causing the truck to spin and roll over.

No one was injured.

As of 6:00 p.m. Tuesday the 1500 block of Church St. was still blocked by the overturned truck.


  • Seriously

    Were you in that semi with the driver? Do you know for a fact driver was texting if not your gossiping so unless you have facts move on.

  • kickrocks

    Yeah to the tool who is starting rumors…kick rocks! Nothing better to do than spread rumors like an asshat??

  • chaos

    I am the one that was driving the truck and i was NOT texting. Accidents happen. I just want to put a stop to all the rumors.

  • Jeremy

    Hey chaos, I’m the guy that unbuckled you lifted you out of the truck. How are you feeling? Did they ever get you to the hospital after I left?

  • concerned

    THat road is narrow enough as it is. If you get too close with a trailer, it has the potential to slip off the side of the road.

  • Seriously

    Thank you Jeremy for being a very kind person.There are not alot of people left in this world that would help.Even more thank you for being concerned for my Aunt.I truly appreciate all that helped her.I am Thanking God that she is fine and still with us..

  • kickrocks

    Yes that road is narrow and wet roaadways make conditions all too favorable for accidents. Jeremy, like my sister, i too thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping!

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