Police: Fayetteville Man Enters Woman’s House, Threatens To Kill Her

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A Fayetteville man has been arrested after entering a woman’s house and threatening to, “turn on the gas in the [building], drive the car into the house and blow up the house,” according to court documents.

The man was identified as Jerry Webb, 40, the documents state.

Officers responded to the 1600 block of S. Brooke Ave. and found the victim who had been knocking on a resident’s window. The resident had called for police to come and handle the situation, according to court documents.

When asked what happened, the victim, shaking and crying, stated that Webb had threatened her, stolen the keys to her car and cell phone. She also said she climbed out the back window of her house and fled, court documents state.

Police took her back to her residence at the 1700 block of S. Garland Ave., and found Webb was not in her home.

She told police that she fell asleep and woke up with Webb in her home. She said this wasn’t abnormal because she knew Webb, and he sometimes spent time there. She also stated she kept her door open to allow air circulation in her home, according to court documents.

When she spoke with Webb, she noticed his behavior was, “odd.” He was “in one of his moods.” She said Webb is a schizophrenic and has been to a mental institution in the past, court documents state.

She said she felt uncomfortable and told Webb to leave several times, and when he finally did walk over to the door, he slammed it and locked it. Then he told the victim to give her all of her money. She said she didn’t have any, so Webb grabbed her purse and began to go through it. He removed her cell phone and kept it, according to court documents.

She walked into her bedroom and sat on her bed, and he followed, still searching through her purse. He opened her wallet and said, “You really don’t have any money.”

The victim offered to go get him money if she could have her keys and cell phone back. That was when Webb threatened to kill her. He said he was dead inside and had been for ten years, court documents state.

He blocked her doorway and wouldn’t let her pass. She managed to get by him and ran out of the house and to a neighbor, pleading with the neighbor to let her in. The neighbor refused to let her in, and Webb walked up behind her and told her to, “get her [expletive] back to the house,” according to court documents.

She ran back into another bedroom and barricaded the door with a TV and two mattresses. She stayed in that room holding a Bible and praying. She waited a few minutes and was checking outside to see if Webb was going to come back into the home.

The victim said she didn’t feel safe because he had her keys. She climbed out of her back window and ran away.

When police arrived, they found her home matched the story she told.

Webb was later found, arrested and booked into the Washington County Detention Center. He faces charges of residential burglary, terrorist threatening – 1st degree, false imprisonment – 2nd degree, theft of property and assault – 3rd degree, according to court documents.



  • FedUp

    “She said Webb is a schizophrenic and has been to a mental institution in the past, court documents state”. So you let him come and go into your home?? This is asking for trouble doncha think?

  • the truth hurts

    I agree she let him in but now hes breaking in and who goes to sleep these days with your door left open I hopes she learns something from all of this

  • candy azz

    sounds like there’s more to that story. she’s probably lying that’s probably a boyfriend. modern day chicken heads. after they find out they can’t get you for child support then they don’t want nothing from you

  • someone

    An African American threatening to kill and steal from you, blow up your home and running from the scene?…SHOCKING!

    There must be some kind of mistake?? Be cause we’re all politically correct these days, so this can’t be true?

  • Me

    I find it very funny that you never see any racist comments when it’s a story about a white man or woman breaking the law. Only when it’s a race other than “white”

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      That’s because of your limited reading. I see comments about “whites” all the time. It’s just that you don’t see people like yourself running around crying and whining racist all the time.

      • Me

        Ok, let me rephrase that. You don’t see it NEARLY as often. Like you….I bet you’re white, so you’re “right”. Right?

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    @me so you are apologizing for being a wrong again, right? Why do you continue to whine about racists? Sorta convinces me that you are one.
    @octonaut I believe that is more like 12%. But 40%+ of the prison population.

  • Me

    The fact is, your all ready to attack and belittle anyone who has an opinion that is different than your own. I’m not “wrong” for saying that this crime has nothing to do with the color of this guy’s skin. Apparently I’m only “wrong” for pointing it out? I’m wrong because my comment made you mad, or because you don’t agree with it? lol

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