Fort Smith Police Officer That Had Guns Confiscated Resigns

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A Fort Smith Police Officer that was arrested and had his weapons confiscated has resigned, according to a news release from Sgt. Daniel Grubbs.

Naaman Adcock resigned from the Fort Smith Police Department during the morning hours of Wednesday (May 28), according to the release. He had been an employee with the department since May 23, 2011.

A criminal investigation into Adcock was started after the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office responded to his residence in response to reports of a domestic disturbance and shots being fired.

Adcock was arrested and placed on administrative leave Tuesday (May 27) after Sequoyah County deputies said he fired a gun inside his home and held a gun to a five-year-old child’s head.



    • Bonner Sawyer

      I only want to point out 2 things. Thing 1. Putting any person in a group using a slur (as in “White Trash) just shows that the person making the judgment is filled with fear, normally displayed as hate. The only group that it is OK to put anyone in is “Human ” , you can tell if someone is in that group by checking if they have “Thumbs ” & speak a language (verbally or in sign). After that it’s all just paint jobs & plumbing, so the Action the human performed can be judged by what the prevalent society thinks is good or bad. I want to be clear that I judge this man’s action to be “bad” but as he at one time was smart enough & had a good enough record to get hired as a Police Officer, something must have caused him to become “mentally unstable “. NOW Thing 2. Why is it harder to get Mental Health Care, than to buy a gun? Why didn’t one of his fellow Officers see that he was having troubles and get some help? We are only as sick as the things we are hiding, we hide things because of the way we fear our friends will “Shame ” and judge us. The thin blue line kills more than it saves. Be brave, speak up, talk to your troubled friend, brother / sister officer, if they will not get help, report what your worried about. No matter how bad it may feel, keeping your mouth shut can allways lead to worse things than you’ve ever feared…

  • God Forgives

    Hopefully he will get help for whatever caused him to do the terrible things he did.He did put is life on the line everyday for 3-years to protect the public. I respect him for that. God forgives and in the end that’s all that matters.

    • HL

      As far as I’m concerned, any instance of him “putting his life on the line” goes out the window, once he puts a gun to a childs head. Just because someonepins on a badge, doesn’t mean they aren’t trash. And he’s trash. Period.

  • yeahhh

    Why does god have to be brought into everything.. What does that have to do with anything said here.. Clearly the guy was high on his FSPD power, which most of them are..

  • No excuses

    He doesn’t look quite as cocky in this picture as he did in the picture with his great big giant gun.

    • Johnny Sixpack

      You idiot, that’s not a mugshot! Clearly he’s in his uniform as can be seen by the coiled radio mic wire around the back of his neck.

  • Steve

    I know the man personally. He was a good cop and a good man. I don’t know how much of his business should be made public, but he recently went through some serious stuff that would mess with anyone. Unfortunately, he looked for answers in a bottle. I’m not excusing what happened. He has to be held accountable for his actions. I just hope he can find some peace somewhere.

    • american girl

      Steve,I also know Mr. Adcock, he was a good cop, I have never seen him cocky or use is FSPD status to be a badass, I agree with you his personal business, his his, not for the public, if everyone did something bad, they wouldnt want it public, ive seen the nasty comments people have made,what if the shoe was on the other foot, these people dont think of that, I am also like you not excusing what happened, I also hope he finds peace…. Good luck Mr. Adcock.

    • HL

      You can sugar coat this all you want. But, when a city police officer, who is hired to protect the public, goes off his nut and puts a gun to a childs head, it is the public’s business.

  • Bob Gnarly

    Do you have these deep introspective thoughts about all who threaten the lives of their families or do you reserve them for the ones who were “a good cop”?
    Given the circumstances that we know (that he put a gun to the head of a child and pulled a gun on a deputy) do you think he’d have received the same treatment had he not been a cop?
    You say that he “has to be held accountable for his actions”. It’s a little late for that considering that his actions would have probably gotten him killed if he had not been a member of the brotherhood.

    • Christie

      Very well said Bob. Also I haven’t even heard of the DHS being involved, but then I could have missed it. And yes if he was a civilian he would have been shot no doubt in my mind. It just sickens me how the laws are different according to who you are & not the crime committed.

      • No excuses

        I did either hear or read something about DHS being involved because the mother was also arrested. Hopefully the kids are with other family and are not put back in that house since she is obviously as bad as he is.

  • Stew

    Looks like he spent more on his guns than trying to provide a nice place for his family to live. As long as I got my guns I’m alright! Lol

  • oldyellar

    And by the way that is a really nice home. Why would u ever imagine shooting holes in there?

  • soonerfan

    Don’t know aboit personal issues don’t wanna know. What he did was wrong now it is time to pay. Mom also

    • stormy

      Why do you people make nasty comments on how he lives, as long as their is a roof over the family’s head, and food on the table, who cares, the point, right now is what he did was wrong, he and his wife deserve to be in jail for a long time, and the biological father has the kids soon. the kids are scared, but they are safe. I agree with soonerfan, i dont care about personal issues. I care about safety of a person. for the family, my family will pray for you.

  • bob

    Hell if this was a avarge joe he would been shot dead pointing a gun at another pig! The legal mafia protects there own like a pack of wolfs and since his in the mafia hes amune to laws that the rest of the heard has to follow.

  • Bill

    There should have been in place a program in place for this officer within the fspd to offer help to this officer if he was know to have personal issues that needed to be dealt with either job related or personal. Maybe this is a case of neglect on the department to offer this help. Police officers are human also and make mistakes. I’m not making excuses for this officer but, surely someone in a supervisory position should have recognized this officer had problems that was brewing!
    Background checks can only reveal so much on an individual. A person can pass a background check with flying colors but you pin a badge on them no matter what entity of public service it is and the badge can turn a good guy in the other direction. Bad people in Society can turn a good public servant to a cold hearted person. I have witnessed this many times. It is sad but true! Doesn’t give them the excuse to abuse children. This man and his wife need help not only for themselves but, for the children involved before it becomes worse. FSPD ought to stand up and attempt to offer and get one of their brothers help

    • Bob Gnarly

      If he wasn’t a police officer he’d already be dead or severely wounded from when he pulled the gun on the deputies.

      If your theory is true, that “surely someone in a supervisory position should have recognized this officer had problems”, then could you not say the same for anyone who commits such an offense?

      So do we have supervisors all over the country in all sorts of workplaces who are failing in their duties by foreseeing their employees committing crimes?

      “Bad people in Society can turn a good public servant to a cold hearted person.” If this is true, do you suppose that Adcock may have just pushed another public servant over the line and turned them into a “cold hearted person”?

      If the “perp” here had not been a cop, would you have written such a long and touching defense for him?

    • Cops suck

      A program in place for him???? LOL Are you kidding me? How about a program in place for all the people that cops harass everyday.. .and kill?????

  • blue duck

    What a joke. These police officers have about as much character as the general population of prison.

    Stiffer penalties for those that have power over the people should be demanded. This guy is an absolute lunatic.

    And these are the same guys chewing me out for driving 60 in a 55. What is wrong with this picture???

  • Sarah 1

    My comment is only an opinion but I believe law enforcement in the big four in NWA is excellent. They truly do their best and I believe the same for ASP. The satellite communities are the problem. They harass the citizens, follow closely running your tags, pull you over just for something to do, set up radar to give out tickets to pay their salaries, and in all actuality, they need to be abolished. It is an embarrassment to NWA when visitors rent a car at XNA and are pulled over within ten to forty miles of leaving the airport. Welcome to NWA.

    And the smaller communties seem to make the news quite often.

    Case in point, if you are ‘convenience store buddies’ with said police officers, they forego any ticketing, wife and teenagers included, but if you refuse to buddy up, they pull you over just because they can.

    Now, I believe Arkansas State Law says all police officers are required to have their head lights ON when parked beside the road using radar or for whatever reason. If I am wrong, please correct me but only once have I witnessed a police officer using radar with his lights on.

  • someone

    Half the commenters on here are cop haters. That is until they need a cop to come to their rescue, then they’re picking up the phone!

    It’s not a perfect system but imagine what it would be like if there was no police force in this country, those neighbors down the street you don’t like might just kick in your front door one night and do whatever they wanted to your family….who’s going to stop them…You? That’s why we have laws and police.

    Looks like when the bad apples are found they are removed, so stop your whining.

    • noone

      Whaaa lol your a idiot noone if some one kicks in my door they be dead before any one could even call the cops. Think i would set around and get murdered waiting for the cops to show up. And hell how many times have u been arrested harassed and bullied by punk a$$ cops compared to needing help from a cop. I have never once need a cops protection and only time i ever remember having to call one was during a fender bender.

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