Group Petitions For Medical Marijuana At Oklahoma State Capitol

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A non-profit group from Tulsa is launching a petition drive to allow the legal use of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, according to a report from affiliate station KFOR.

The group is called “Oklahomans for Health.” They said they want to give voters the chance to weigh in on if medical marijuana should be allowed in the state, according to KFOR.

The group needs to collect 160,000 signatures, and they’ll start Wednesday (May 28) at 12 p.m. at the state capitol, KFOR reported.


  • Dee

    I’m sure they would be able to get that many signatures from Oklahomans….oh wait probably not because it’s not meth.

    • mark

      been on this computer trying to print petitions,for people too sign but want them only have 90 days and need 150,00 signitures in 90 days for okla, medical marijuana!!

    • bean

      meth really!! i guess that statement dosent surprise me from a inbreed i mean its legal there so makes since plus inbreeding cause retardation! hints why your post is so shallow!!!

  • Larry

    Someone please make an intelligent and rational case for medical MJ. Not just a few potheads saying “duuuuude”. Can the same benefit be had by extracting THC from the plant and putting it in pill form?

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