Slain Tontitown Woman’s Family Prepares For Closed-Casket Funeral

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The family of a slain Tontitown woman wants the death penalty for the accused killer, as they prepare to put LeAnn Frazier to rest in a closed-casket funeral.

A post on one of the family member’s Facebook page states LeAnn Frazier was so badly beaten at the time of her death that her injuries must be hidden by a closed casket at the funeral, set for later this week.

Frazier’s accused killer, Brock Atkins, remains in the Washington County Detention Center without bond. His arraignment is scheduled for June 23, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Photographs from one of Atkins’ Facebook friends appeared on the social media network this week apparently showing the capital murder suspect smiling and sticking his tongue out during a video call from the Washington County Detention Center. The images were met with outrage from Frazier’s family on Facebook.

Atkins was arrested May 21 on suspicion of capital murder after deputies said he repeatedly stabbed Frazier in the throat until she was dead in a dispute near Tontitown. He then tried to hide the body, but was arrested by authorities the same day, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

While Atkins waits in jail for his court dates, county deputies are searching for a suspected accomplice in the case. A warrant was issued this week for the arrest of Lewis Anthony Hedges, 34. Hedges is being sought as a suspected accomplice to capital murder, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The warrant states Hedges pulled a semi-automatic handgun and ordered Atkins to kill Frazier because Hedges believed Frazier had stolen drugs from him. The arrest warrant goes on to state Hedges encouraged Atkins to kill Frazier by telling Atkins that Frazier was a “snitch”. Hedges said that Frazier could not be trusted, the warrant states.

Authorities said Atkins later chased Frazier outside and began stabbing her. Hedges blocked the patio door of the residence to prevent others from helping Frazier in any way, according to the warrant.

The Sheriff’s Office announced Friday (May 23) it was seeking Hedges as a “material witness” in the case for questioning, but deputies did not, at the time, name him as a potential suspect. Deputies released a statement Tuesday, though, naming Hedges as a murder accomplice suspect in Frazier’s death.

Hedges is believed to be armed with a semi-automatic pistol and might be driving a blue Dodge Neon, according to a post on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Hedges is 5-foot-11 and weighs 225 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair, according to the Facebook post.

Records obtained by authorities show those suspected of being involved in Frazier’s slaying were sending text messages and exchanging phone calls and Facebook messages to third parties discussing the events that had occurred.

To view the entire arrest warrant, click here. 

Frazier’s family told 5NEWS they have no idea who Hedges is or what involvement he may have had with her death.

Family members said police told them that 13 people were at Brock Atkins’ home at the time of her killing.

Frazier’s father, Marvin Stout, said he appreciates how quickly the police are moving to solve the case.

“I’m real pleased with how fast they are moving with it,” Stout said, “And as many people as they have talked to already, I just hope anybody that has any information on it would come forward.”

Stout and other family members attended Atkin’s initial court appearance Friday at the Washington County Detention Center. The family is seeking the death penalty in the case.


  • objectivefodder

    He’s clearly mentally ill. A good lawyer will get him off and he’ll be committed and serve life without parole. He’s nuts, no doubt about it.

    • objectivefodder

      So which of you wants to pull the “drip” trigger for the lethal act? Want the job do you? Wanna play executioners assistant? Ready to participate in the gladiator convicted criminal lion battles do you? Think your creator would concur do you? Feel good about the lives of those whom you control to live or die do you? Let the family of her have first choice then, and if they won’t pull the lever, upon your own reflection of solace, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “am I worthy of pious exaltation”? Feel Godly now?

      • Gene Obenshain

        I’ll step right up and volunteer no problem…. I see no conflict with my faith…We all must pay the penalty for our deeds…and I could sleep just fine!!!

  • FedUp

    I don’t understand how a group of people can stand by and do nothing while a fellow human being is being stabbed to death by a derranged meth head.

  • Reese Dumas

    Sorry, but one man couldn’t block 13 people from helping this poor woman. They chose to do nothing. They should be facing charges of failing to report a felony at the least. My prayers go out to the family. This is just insane.

  • soonerfan

    I think this guy deserves the Death Penalty. I am sure there are plenty of people that would do the honors. I am sure you would have to get in line behind victims Family first.

    • Terry

      I am a family member of Brock Atkins. I am sorely disappointed by what occurred. Brock has had an extremely difficult youth. Dysfunctional parenting, lack of a mother to guide him properly, he was largely left to his own devices. His family tried desperately to give him proper guidance and controls. However, Brock found himself in the midst of gangs and gang like activities, unbeknownst to his family. Brock has made terrible choices these last few years. WE all tried to warn him of what was coming. We never imagined it would come to this. I know I speak for many members of his family when I say we deeply regret the events and pray for the soul of the poor girl lost to her family. A tragedy indeed. May God also have mercy on Brock. Bring him to understand what pain he has inflicted.

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