Treasurer Who Sued Rogers Says City Not Following Court’s Orders

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The Rogers treasurer says the city has failed to properly reinstate him after he won more than $400,000 and his job back in a federal lawsuit against the city.

Jerry Hudlow was set to return to work May 15 after winning his wrongful termination lawsuit against Rogers on April 29. Hudlow was fired in May 2012 and filed the lawsuit three months later, claiming Mayor Greg Hines did not have absolute authority to fire him and that his due process rights were violated.

A federal judge last month in Fayetteville ruled in favor of Hudlow and ordered the city pay him $321,020 in lost wages and benefits, along with $84,697 in court costs. He also ordered the city to restore Hudlow to his previous job as city treasurer, according to court documents.

Hudlow on Tuesday filed another motion in the case, claiming the job he returned to this month is not a proper reflection of his job as treasurer. In the motion, Hudlow asks the federal court to

“(Hudlow) has been effectively ostracized from his former role as treasurer,” the motion states.

The treasurer said he was assigned to an office in the Parks and Recreation annex upon his return and has no staff. He also said he was notified by the city that he is not authorized to transact any business on behalf of Rogers. That job remains a responsibility of the city’s finance director, despite it falling under the purview of treasurer, the court document states.

Hudlow received a memo on his first day back that stated he would be reporting to the finance committee of the Rogers city Council. The finance committee chairwoman, city councilmember Betsy Reithemeyer, told Hudlow the next day that Hudlow’s new role as treasurer would be “oversight,” but did not further explain his job responsibilities, the motion states.

The alleged changes to Hudlow’s job as treasurer and his job responsibilities show the city has purposely failed to follow the federal court’s order to reinstate Hudlow as treasurer, according to the motion.


  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    C’mon Rogers. Swallow your pitiful selfish pride. Being pouty and irritated is going to cost your citizenry some more money and you fools in city management are going to pay dearly. You don’t want to mess around with the Federal courts. Do as you were instructed and get the guy his job back. You lost. Deal with it. Pride and prejudice is costly, especially when it comes at a price of the backs of the lower poorer working class. I’m sick of the southern arrogance and haughtiness disposition. You want to be seen as an inferior government with unworkable administrative public perception? Growing up here, it never ceases to amaze me that the egotistical powers that be can use intimidation, coercion and hate to set boundaries discriminating and ostracizing against any one person or groups if the cowardly leadership so deems. Your days are numbered. Homeowners have a responsibility to check and balance their city leaders. Womack built that town up, and your selfishness has torn it down. Pay out or pay in the form of negative publicity.

    • Steve

      Rogers, the folks running your city are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, are they? You have already lost round one which will cost your city around half a million dollars. A loss in round two just because of bruised ego may cost much more. Do yourselves a favor and come up with a “golden parachute” buy out of Mr. Hudlow and get this behind you. Make him an offer that is simply too good to refuse, and be done with the situation. You may save money in the long run, and will for sure save Rogers’ leadership from looking like a playground bully who found someone they couldn’t intimidate.

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