Shiloh Christian Coach Josh Floyd Takes Job in Alabama

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Shiloh Christian football coach Josh Floyd has resigned to take the job at Hewitt-Trussville High School in the Birmingham, Ala. area, the school announced on Thursday.

During Coach Floyd’s 10-year career at Shiloh, he has compiled a 99-29-1 record, including four state championships (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010) and one runner-up finish. During a run from 2006-2010, Shiloh was the state’s winningest program.

Shiloh has made the state playoffs nine of the past 10 years while also sending 24 players on to play college football, including the 2010 USA Today National Offensive Player of the Year, Kiehl Frazier.

Hewitt-Trussville is a member of the newly formed 7A classification in Alabama made up of 32 teams.  The Huskies will be in a region with Alabama powers such as Hoover, Spain Park, and Vestavia Hills.  This Birmingham suburb school is opening up a new $16 million, 8,000 seat stadium this fall.

Shiloh Christian released this statement:

"We believe this opportunity allows Coach Floyd to continue to fulfill our mission as a school and church of “Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world for Jesus Christ” in a great way.  Shiloh loves Coach Josh Floyd and his family.  We wish them the best in their new pursuit, and we will pray for them as they go."



  • Ted

    Lol, did no one tell Hewitt-Trussville the ONLY reason Shiloh was successful under Floyd was because it was able to recruit high school players in Arkansas’ 3rd smallest football conference? It’s not hard to be the state’s winningest football program when you CHEAT to play teams like Pea Ridge and Berryville.

    Congratulations to Coach Floyd. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you back within 2 years and dad will give you your old job back.

  • RegulationNation

    There’s always someone close by to hate winners. Dislike his winning record all you want but to say he cheated to win is a stretch. Ok, it’s more than a stretch it’s a downright jealous-ridden lie.

    His team beat your sons team. Get over it. It’s just high school.

    • Ted

      If “it’s just high school” then you should watch the PBS Frontline documentary “Football High” which focuses on Shiloh and includes the 1 time Shiloh played a half good team and got the snot knocked out of them. OK, actually it was a lot more than just snot.

      Recruiting in high school athletics IS cheating. Shiloh and the others that engage in it are only allowed to do so because they are private religious schools. In Texas and other states those private schools have their own conferences.

      But to be fair, if Josh Floyd is still at Hewitt-Trussville after 2 years I’ll buy you a bus ticket so you can go bask in the aura of your hero.

  • Chuck

    Not sure if the cheating is true but I have heard private schools do recruit but I do know down here in Alabama the public schools with rich boosters do the same. As far as his actual coaching ability goes it seems he has it, and we welcome the system he is bringing here to Trussville. First off Gus coached there and when he was got a coaching gig in the SEC almost everyone said similar things about him and look what he has done. People said he was just a HS coach and his system he ran at what would be the about the same as a 3A school in Bama would not work in college much less the SEC west. We are very excited to have him here in Trussville and hope Shilo finds them selves another great coach.

    • Ted

      Chuck, Malzahn’s greatest success did not come at Shiloh but at neighboring Springdale. If you really want to rankle the ire of people here you should look into how Malzahn used Mitch Mustain and Damien Williams to get the OC job at Arkansas.

      That said, Floyd is in no way comparable to Malzahn in terms of coaching ability. Floyd was coach at a private Christian school where his dad is the head preacher. For most of Floyd’s coaching career he was coaching against public high schools with enrollments of less than 500 students. The Floyd “system” is to have the biggest kid on the field and play small schools (which I guess is pretty close to the Gus system). When Shiloh couldn’t do that they failed. Shiloh’s record the last 3 seasons under Floyd was 15-16-1 with 2 losing seasons. I would not expect Trussville’s recent trend of losing seasons to change under Floyd.

      I really think this is an attempt by Floyd to remind Malzahn that he’s still alive. If Floyd were really that great of a coach we have plenty of bigger schools here that are sick of Bentonville and Fayetteville that would have given him a shot. He’s your problem now…no give-backs.

      • Chuck

        You know the background better than I do so I can not debate you. But with HT stepping up an letting him hire assistants which we have never had, I know it sounds crazy but we had one full time assistant. With his scheme and our talent we will see shortly, not to mention he only has a one year contract. From what I have read here our AD called down to Auburn to ask Gus about him and he recommended him.
        Like I sai we will soon see, can’t be worse than our old staff and the way we ran the program.

  • Chuck

    Sorry for the grammar in last post, I’m trying to type on the phone and between the autocorrect and big fingers it does not come out correct.

  • soonerfan

    Any time you can recruit in high school it gives you huge advantage. Oklahoma has private Christian schools that can recruit. I think of it as cheating also. They should be in their own leauge with others that are allowed to do this. Just my opinion.

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