Police: Man In Custody After Early Morning Standoff In Fort Smith

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The Fort Smith SWAT team and police respond to reports of a standoff in Fort Smith early Sunday (June 1) morning.

Officers were dispatched to Sparks Regional Medical Center in reference to a battery victim from an earlier call on Midland Blvd. being disorderly, according to Sgt. Gerald Schaefer, Fort Smith Police Department.

Officers transported the victim, Venus Frazier, 39, to her residence at 5100 Henderson St., Schaefer said. Once there Frazier was locked out of the house, so she began to try to remove a window AC unit that she said she had crawled through before when the suspect in the earlier battery, her live in boyfriend, Ray Hendricks, 50, had locked her out, Schaefer said.

As Frazier was removing the unit she saw Hendricks come into the room holding a gun and told the officer, Schaefer said. The officer pulled her out of the way and saw Hendricks holding a lever action rifle.

That’s when officers backed off and a perimeter was set up, Schaefer said. Fort Smith SWAT was notified and negotiators were able to get Hendricks to exit the residence.

Hendricks was placed into custody and faces charges for second-degree domestic battery, Schaefer said. He was transported to the Sebastian County Jail.


  • Sean

    If he’s the aggressor I’d hate to see what the victim looks like. What’s with all the fresh wounds all over his face?

  • sho nuff

    He doesn’t do meth. The female doesn’t even live there she was trying to break in she was drunk. As far as a rifle it was a red rider B.B. gun. As far as his face that would be the handy work of Fort Smiths Finest..

      • sho nuff

        The dudes a super nice guy. The lady was a drunken methead. She should have went to jail for pi. Not being allowed to break into someone else’s home. Attitude Adjustment? Sure buddy..

  • atc8824

    Something isn’t right here.The police let a woman take out a air con and crawl in the window?I thought police were supposed to keep people from crawling in the windows.You know women aren’t always the victim sometimes they are the aggressor and then blame the man because it is so easy for a woman to blame guys and they do nothing wrong.I know a man that is a boss of a company and when he tried to make a lazy dead beat woman do her job or get fired she started saying he was making advances.Luckly he had witnesses that stood up for him because they had him in office.

  • sho nuff

    Don’t get me wrong I have much love and respect for the officers that put their life on the line for us daily. Just think in this case it could have been handled differently..

  • steve

    This story makes no sense. Several have stated she did not live there, so the police help her to break into her someones apartment and then arrest him? If she did live there then she didn’t have a key and the police let her climb through a window into an apartment where a man than supposedly just committed battery on her resided.

  • sho nuff

    It is his house. No she DOES NOT live there. I repeat DOES NOT live there. He doesn’t even own any guns except a lil red rider lever B.B. gun. That night after he was arrested she and her guy friend stayed there. The next day neighbors asked them to leave his home. She is in drug court was drunk and high. Like I said should have been handled differently. The man stated he was in bed and heard someone trying to get in. I would have grabbed my gun as well.

  • sho nuff

    I would like to extend my apologize to the FSPD. Just talked to a bar owner most of the wounds on his face were from the females nails. He was non combatant towards officers. I am concerned for his home she and a friend are still there. His television is destroyed. The best friend of Mr.Hendricks went by today. WITH HIS KEY TO THE HOME.. Was asked to leave when officers were called out. Just Google the two names see for yourself. God bless America and its freedoms.

    • jennifer Hendricks

      I feel like I know u. U seem to know my dad’s character n know that he’s not in the wrong.. Please email me at qweenjae87@gmail.com I am Rays daughter n would like to speak to u please.. Thank u

  • concerned friend

    shes in drug court and spent all nite sat. at a bar…… i think thats a no no. she attacked him on the drive home and yet shes not in jail…. something is really wrong with how it all went down.

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