Police: Springdale Man Buys Fake Resident Card, Sleeps With Young Teenager

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A Springdale man has been arrested on suspicion of sexual indecency with a child and forgery, according to court documents.

Pedro Rosales, 30, was arrested Monday morning (June 2) after police spoke with a 14-year-old girl that said he kissed her, touched her under her shirt and had sex with her, according to the documents.

The girl also said Rosales was her boyfriend, and she didn’t want him to get in trouble, the documents state.

Rosales did admit to everything the 14-year-old said he did and presented officers with a permanent resident card that was later determined to be fake.

When questioned about the card, Rosales said he “bought [it] from some guy,” according to court documents.


  • Diane

    Sure would like to know how this 14yo girl has been ‘dating’ a 30yo man and her parents either approved of it or didn’t know…

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      So we want these illegals to be deported. What is racist about that? You’re old tactic of screaming racism at every turn does not work any longer. If the fact I want illegals deported particularly those who commit other crimes along with illegally entering our country, makes me racist then so be it but we need to redefine the term racism. As a side note, you must be a racist since you don’t complain about any other folks being targeted for deportation other than these south of the border illegals.

  • Elaphas

    I’m sure your employer would like to know you are making comments for a non work-related reason with your company email. For the record, what does uncontrolled immigration of unskilled, uneducated, welfare-seeking drains on society ILLEGAL aliens who are wreaking havoc on America have to do with racism (not rasism by the way)? The race card doesn’t work any more or haven’t you heard, Ms. Tyson?

  • Marie Smith

    Only he a One Million Nine hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand more can buy ID cards here. Thanks Obama and Eric Holder.
    Springdale needs to be careful Eric Holder will have them investigated for ‘abuse’ of an Illegal.

      • HL

        s.b. Most white people in the U.S. aren’t from Europe. They were born right here, in the U.S. rosales wasn’t born here, apparently. Do you see the differance? Or do you need someone to explain it further?

  • Sarah 1

    HL, Tom, Uncle Tom, Sambo, Taz, Elephas, Arnold Fudpucker.

    When some people can’t get their point across they make many aliases therefore the reading public will assume incorrectly a majority that is commenting will believe like these people.

    This is YOUR Republican Party. Honesty out the window.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      Well, I wasn’t going to enter the fray but since you falsely accuse me…DEPORT the SCUM! We need to shut off the gubbamint benefits these illegal aliens are stealing so their incentive to illegally enter this country is diminished.

    • HL

      Huh? Wow. sarah, you need to get back on your meds. You’re losing touch with reality again. I guess that is YOUR democratic party. Right?

  • porky pig

    They should round these Mexicans up and have a public hanging. However, let some of the pretty females stay here…but not the fat ugly ones with 4 or 5 kids…

  • Soonerfan

    Send him back where he came from with the girls parents. 14 year old and parents don’t know about a boyfriend they don’t deserve a child.

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