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Police: Two 12-Year-Old Girls Accused Of Plotting To Kill Friend

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Photo courtesy of WITI.

Police in Waukesha, Wis. say two 12-year-old girls are being held on suspicion of attempted first-degree intentional homicide for their role in stabbing another 12-year-old girl, according to affiliate station WITI.

The two suspects had an interest in a website which contains a collection of small stories about death and horror, and both were friends with the victim, according to WITI.

Both girls had planned to kill the victim for several months prior to the incident, WITI reported.

Suspects lured the victim into a wooded area, where one suspect held the victim down while the other stabbed her 19 times. The victim was able to crawl out of the woods and make it to the road where she was spotted by a bicyclist, according to WITI.

To read the rest of the story on our affiliate station’s website WITI – Channel 6, click here. 


  • bobreal

    What type of Home Life did they Have??
    Hope they get some JAIL TIME and ORDERED to stay away from each other the rest of their life… If they Violate any Court Orders; They along with their Parents needs to be locked away for a long time.

  • HL

    Holy smokes. Why are so man kids such evil little maniacs? I hope the 2 deranged culprits never leave jail. I hope the victim makes a full recovery.

  • Sarah 1

    Sadly young children have stages wherein major psychological and sociological factors are a factor. This is not caused by poverty or race and all children face differences as they grow, whether in the home or at school. As we are tasked with raising children, there always lurks bad influences. Children must be given love, affection, and dedication by a loving parent(s). If not given true love and dedication, the child is frustrated and is stunted in his ability to belong.

    There are people reading this that have a dog in the backyard or tied to a chain and to that owner it is acceptable. To me it would be a horrible way to treat a pet. If you have a pet, he or she should be part of the family and not merely something to feed and water. Fido doesn’t need to freeze in the winter and bake in the summer. Bring him or her inside. How you treat animals with empathy shows children kindness and tenderness.

    Some people have children and give them everything WalMart has in the toy department, other kids have nothing. Those two types of children can turn out the same. Yet parents watch violent televison, allowing their children to view the same, and then wonder why little kids are doing horrific crimes. It is said children see five thousand murders on television by the time they are ten.

    Maybe Mom and Dad need to disconnect the cable and iPhone as well as the childs devices, play games, take walks with the children, and give them lots of love and security. Think of the money you can save for college? Badminton anyone?

    When was the last time you told your child how proud you were of them and how much you loved them? You brought your children into this world now take the time to sacrifice your time for them.

    The other night at Olive Garden an entire family of six never exchanged conversation. Each one stared at their ‘screens’. Is this the breakdown of the American family?

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