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Rogers Police Seek Public Assistance In Theft Case

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The Rogers Police Department is currently seeking the public’s help in identifying suspects in a theft case, according to the department’s Facebook page.

On May 20, at 12:50 p.m., the suspects pictured at right entered Walmart located at 2110 W. Walnut St. in Rogers and left the store without paying for their merchandise. The merchandise was valued at more than $150, according to authorities.

If anyone can identify the pictured suspects, they are encouraged to call the Rogers Police Department at 479-636-4141 or the Crimestoppers Tip Line at 790-TIPS.

Walmart Suspects 2


  • Carmon

    Happens all the time since they got rid of the greeters. I witness it mainly on Sat mornings when they are so busy. People push their carts out with just items / no sacks. Rolls on out the door like they owned the place. I reported once to a checker supervisor/ she just shrugged her shoulders as if to say “what can I do?”

  • Arkajun

    Employees do nothing if you see something and report it. (I guess they can’t without getting fired)If an employee has an altercation in the parking lot…they get fired.Wal-Marts policies of not getting involved is the problem. I notice it’s the Rogers Police Dept asking for help, not Wal-Mart.

  • Ron Snider

    This is horrible for the Wal Mart share holders week.

    Wal Mart’s shrink would add up to billions of dollars per year.

    I think the average “good” customer winds up paying like $500 extra a year to off set the shrink.

    This is really a bigger deal than what pwole think it is.

  • Life!

    Since they are having their share holders meeting why cant they talk about putting seniors back to work greeting, or even the veterans that they promised to help get work. We as customers pay for that extra price increase that the shop lifters do. It goes right back to the customer. Thats not right….As a past share holder thats money not in my pocket. NOT GOOD…

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