West Fork Man Booked In Drug Case, Had Toy Gun During Arrest

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A West Fork man has been booked in a drug case, according to court documents.

On Sunday (June 1) at 10:15 p.m., a police officer stopped Joseph Gilliam in a silver Cadillac passenger car, according to the documents.

The vehicle earlier rolled through a stop sign and was later pulled over the officer.

Gilliam was observed to be breathing very heavily, and his chest was “heaving.” His hands were shaking visibly, and the officer received consent to search the vehicle.

The officer found a soda can in the center console with “many” pills dissolving in the liquid at the bottom of the can.

The officer identified Oxycodone, along with other small green pills that couldn’t be identified due to the markings being dissolved, according to the documents.

Also found were a “snort straw” with white residue located on the center console and a toy handgun, the documents state.

Gilliam was arrested and faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and tampering with physical evidence, according to court documents.

The West Fork Police Department confirmed that Gilliam is the son of Officer Kathy Gilliam.


  • FedUp

    The jerk is a hazard to the community. Thanks goes to whoever the police officer is who arrested the druggie.

  • OlGregg

    Way to judge a book by it’s cover. He isn’t a danger to any community and everyone makes mistakes so stop acting as if you haven’t ever done anything wrong. Let the one without sin cast the first stone.

  • Boxoffunk

    Wow this really made the news. Must be a slow day in the news room. The “Had toy gun” part cracks me up.

  • Noexcuses

    OlGregg, NOT a danger to the community. Have you lost your mind? How would you feel if he hit one of your kids comming home from school high on OXY? Bet you would not be so liberal thinking then. Please….I have NEVER driven high or drunk so give me a pile of stones.

  • OlGregg

    Ok so you are just perfect without any sin? I think not… I didn’t specify drugs or alcohol so as far as I know you’re a pedophile or beat your wife. All I was getting at was that no one here commenting/accusing him of being a horrible individual and not suitable for the community probably do not know the situation at all. But have a good life all mighty “NoExcuses”

  • Lawyerjoe

    Have to agree with olgreg. You are assuming many things. He was not charged with dwi or dui. You don’t know if he’s ever drove high or drunk either.

  • Noexcuses

    Driving around with a large amount of highly narcotic pills and a ‘snort straw’ is a pretty good indicator. Also rolling thru stops and his physical description by the law officer screams volumes. I hope he was tested but if not he should have been. The only reason for him to be carrying around so many unlabeled narcotics in his car then trying to hide them from the cop is either using behind the wheel or selling them. They only label on them was a soda can he tried to hide them in. A vehicle is NO place to be practicing illegal activity. Sorry but thats law. If the young man has a problem I hope his family is able to get him help. This is a lesson that has to be learned so many times.

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