Driver Hospitalized, Children Injured in Rollover Accident

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A woman is in the hospital, and several children are recovering from minor injuries, after being involved in a rollover accident on Albert Pike in Fort Smith on Tuesday (June 3), authorities said.

Cpl. Allen O’Mara of the Fort Smith Police Department said the accident happened at 8 a.m. when a red Toyota SUV collided with a maroon minivan at Albert Pike and North O Street. The accident caused the Toyota sport utility vehicle to flip over, according to police.

When officers arrived at the site, they said they found several small children cut and bleeding from the accident. The driver of the SUV was also injured, O’Mara said.

The minivan ran a red light and struck the SUV the side near Sunnymede Elementary School, police said.

“The lady that caused the accident said the light was green at first, and then turned red really fast,” O’Mara said. “She said she just didn’t have time to do anything.”

There were seven small children inside the minivan at the time of the accident, according to the family. They were on their way to Sunnymede when the accident happened, the family said.

Several of the children were treated at the site for minor cuts and bruises.

The driver of the SUV was taken to Mercy Hospital to be treated for an injury to her left arm, O’Mara said.

The names of those involved in the accident have been released. Ana Martinez, 26, was the driver of the van. Ariana Bowd , 21, was driving the SUV.



  • Sami

    I lived a long time in this area and there were several times this happened to me and my boyfriend at this particular light….the light was green and then no yellow just right to red… it was strange and thank god we never got hit

  • Renee Jaggers

    She was going too fast because she was running late to take her kids to school. She hit hard enough to flip the SUV that she hit.

  • Renee Jaggers

    This report is inaccurate. The driver of the SUV was not cited or at fault. It was the driver of the minivan that was cited with no insurance, no license, and running a red light.

  • Autumn

    The van with the children ran the red light had no insurance and the kids had no seat belts on and hit the SUV with the young lady flipping the INNICENT LADY! there are witnesses to attest to this along with the woman with the children was ticketed with no insurance running a res light and no seat belts on the children she was also speeding and is very lucky that she was not charged with that as well and it is slander to make the innocent guilty is it not? Where is dhs in all of this? To bad it was not in can burden those kids would be safe!

  • Beth Holmes

    From what I am hearing from several people this story is wrong and mixed up, it was the minivans fault……you should get your story straight before reporting something this serious!!!

  • concerned citizen

    This was just on the 5:00 news. The minivan ran the red light, and caused the accident like everyone says.

    The reason I was yelling is to get the people at the station to wake up.

    And to Autumn, slander is spoken, libel is written.

  • Just Me

    If you will re-read it the article does state it is the mini vans fault
    “The minivan ran a red light and struck the SUV the side near Sunnymede Elementary School, police said.”

    • crystal

      Just me… if you would have read this report earlier you would have seen what the gripe was. It said it was the suv’s fault and she was the one cited and not the minivan. They have corrected the story since it was first husband was driving behind the suv saw the whole thing and helped get her out of the upside down vehicle. He is in the picture shown wearing a blue meadors lumber shirt.

  • concerned citizen

    The second paragraph has still not been changed. It makes it seem that the SUV was at fault.

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