BLOG: Juice Cleanse To Blame For Anchor Being Late

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Mornings can be rough. Period. How about when it’s 4:30 a.m. and you have to be showered, make-up on, hair styled, and on live TV? That can be really rough. An anchor from our sister station KTLA recently missed the start of the morning show in Los Angeles, and it’s all because of a juice cleanse.


  • Tom

    This is not news. This is nothing more than a distraction. The goal of this liberal propaganda organization is to distract you, to deflect attention away from the communist occupant in the White House. They will “dumb down” the news because they think you are not smart enough or that you really don’t care that your country is being systematically destroyed. They hope you don’t find out that Obama negotiated with terrorists in order to free a deserter. They’ll hide the fact that Obama’s VA is failing America’s veterans intentionally and covering up their misdeeds in the process. They also believe that you don’t need to know hundreds of thousands of uneducated, unskilled, and welfare-dependent people are flooding into this country every year to drain the taxpayer, overwhelm government programs and hospitals, and take jobs away from citizens. No, they won’t tell you a lot. They won’t tell you how liberalism is a failed ideology and is dooming this nation. And you know what, they are partially right about you. They are counting on you not to care or pay attention. The only way this country can be saved is that you start caring and paying attention and end the smoke and mirrors of “hope and change” in November and again in 2016. Don’t ever be fooled again.

    • No excuses

      It’s crazy people like you that give us conservatives a bad name. Your paranoid ranting makes everyone look crazy

  • Mike

    Tom; I think it might be time to up your meds. You’re going to have a stroke if you don’t calm down.

    While not news, I don’t think this is the story to make people forget about what’s happening in the world. Generally, those involve some type of conflict or Kanye West.

  • tabsmagic

    Anyone who has an ounce of understanding about the functions of the liver and how exactly the organ works will understand that food restriction, especially that of fats and proteins will not only NOT help the body cleanse, but it can effectively deplete the enzymes that are required by the liver as it tried to do its job.

    Further explanation here:

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