Shareholders Meeting Has Humble Beginnings

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The Walmart Shareholders Meeting has brought out big names in past years, but the evolution of the event started with humble beginnings.

According to Walmart, The first shareholders meeting took place in 1970 inside a coffee shop near Walmart's warehouse. Late founder Sam Walton was there along with six shareholders.

After that, meetings have been held in various places including the Benton County Fairgrounds, Bentonville High School, and the Walmart home office.

This year, there are 14,000 associates and shareholders in attendance, some of them traveling thousands of miles.

"I think it’s an honor first of all. I think when you have the perception about how important this company is in the world today, we have to be very proud and having the opportunity to be here is really an honor," said Brazilian associate Alex Esper, "I think for all of us international people and to see in reality where everything began so it’s really interesting and really fun.”

Gui Loureiro, CEO of Walmart Brazil, said there are so many stories about Sam Walton and his teachings.

"I think it's a big legacy," Loureiro said. "It tells us about the work we do to make people's lives better, the work we do of saving money every day so we can make our job even better, respecting others, there are so many things."

"You need a whole day to talk about all of the legacies," Loureiro said.

The meeting on Friday (June 6) will take place in Bud Walton Arena where a special celebrity guest will make an appearance as well as several artists will perform.