Celebration For Broyles’ Legacy Begins

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The Super Bowl was still nine years away from being born in 1958 but that's when Frank Broyles took over as head football coach at Arkansas.

Now nearly six decades later, Broyles is saying goodbye to the university that he dedicated 56 years to and there were plenty of players, coaches and colleagues to say thanks to the man who laid the foundation for the current Razorbacks.

"When you talk about a guy that epitomizes what an Arkansas Razorback is all about, it`s coach Broyles," current men's basketball coach Mike Anderson said.

"He established a basis for what Razorbacks athletics is and he took that across the entire state," current Arkansas director of athletics Jeff Long said. "Our job is just to do that and continue to build on the program."

It's been more than two decades since Arkansas left the Southwest Conference for the Southeastern Conference but it's that move that stuck out to Marvin Caston.

"It`s really incredible to think about the size of our state," the former Arkansas fullback and current member of the Razorback Foundation said. "You think about where we were coming out of the Southwest Conference in '92 and where he brought us in the SEC and the facilities we have, it`s pretty incredible."

Even though everything from the buildings to the roads to the people have changed at Arkansas, Broyles said he's going to miss his daily routine.

" I've got to change my whole philosophy of life because I've gone to the Razorback office for so many years," Broyles said. "My secretary has been with me I think 35, 36 years. All this is going to be a change. I've got to learn to adjust to and I'm not sure I can do it but I'm going to try."

One of Broyles' most recognizable former players, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, was on hand and it's obvious the impact that Broyles had on the success of the now NFL owner.

"The facts are that I`ve spent a lifetime," Jones said. "I was 17 when I first met, maybe 16 when I first met coach Broyles. He's been a part of my life and the things that ended up being where I spent most of my time, he's been a real substantive part."


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