Fayetteville Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Sexual Assault

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A Fayetteville man was arrested on suspicion of touching an eight-year-old girl inappropriately, according to court documents.

On Oct. 6, 2013, authorities arrived at a residence in the 1000 block of West Holly Street for a report of a possible sexual assault.

The mother of the victim told officers that Omar Saenz, 41, took the victim for a ride on his scooter, and while riding, he touched her inappropriately, court documents state.

The victim told her mother that while they were riding, he put his hand under her shirt and asked, “Do you like that?” The victim said she did not like it, but he continued to touch her inappropriately anyway, according to court documents.

Saenz and the victim were gone for approximately six minutes, and when they returned, the victim told her mother, “I don’t like Uncle Omar.” When the mother asked why, the victim told her about the touching, court documents state.

The suspect was arrested in Texas on a National Crime Information Center hit. He signed an extradition waiver and was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Thursday (June 5), according to authorities.

Saenz faces a charge of sexual assault – 2nd degree, and his bond has been set at $25,000, according to the Washington County Detention Center intake report.


  • Trish B.

    Why set bond so low? These predators could be doing things to other children and if guilty, should be behind bars for a very long time.

    • judge reynolds sets their bond

      J.u.d.g.e. R.e.y.n.o.l.d.s. In washington county is the one responsible for setting low bonds for these n.a.s.t.y. C.h.i.l.d. M.o.l.e.s.t.e.r.s. I had to comment with periods between letters because 5 n.e.w.s. Moderates anything talking about b.a.b.y. R.a.p.e.r.s

  • Arnold Fudpucker

    I agree. There should be no bond in a case like this. Need to hold him, convict him then send his worthless butt back to mexico. Let them deal with their criminals.

  • objectivefodder

    I am ashamed to live here in this region of the country. I’ve never ever understood why the males here are sexually assaulting women and children. Is there a shortage of women (eligible marriageable) here in this part of the Midwest? Is there something in the water? Is there wide spread social dysfunctional upbringing with these men? I want statistics and facts. We need to know why this is ongoing and continuing. It’s like a contagion. I honestly don’t get it? Is the media promoting sexual deviant behavior? Are women sending the wrong messages? Is pornography to blame? Alternative sexual acceptance to blame? Has equality backfired with more women abstaining from making themselves available to men, perhaps career, education-thus creating a gap with mating and courtship imbalance? Where are the sociologists and why aren’t they commenting here? What gives with the continuing child absconding’s and sexual improprieties by men? Why are the men turning into predators? Why aren’t the women commenting here? Do they know something? I’m ready to move to safer lands. I don’t understand why single women don’t investigate these men prior to introducing them to their own children. Our jails are full of rapist, child molesters and perverts. Religious bantering and commentary isn’t necessary. Bring us real social scientific facts.

    • FedUp

      Wait a minute? Am I to understand that you believe this stuff is happening only in ‘the region of the country’??

      • objectivefodder

        I live here. It’s my community as well as yours. Can you and I have a safe and sound environment safe for our children, mothers and sisters? Yes, I am concerned. Are you? Let’s start asking questions and demanding answers, shall we?

      • Sean

        Some o your questions are valid, some are asinine to the point where I question if you’ve got an education past the fifth grade.

        Do you honestly think it’s possible a) that this only happens in the Midwest (further this guy doesn’t appear to have been born here, but I could be wrong) and b) that these pedophiles are turning to children after being turned down by women (or men) of age? Lol

    • DL

      I do share many of the same questions you have. But I’m curious….how does one “investigate” a person before they date them? Let’s be realistic.

      • objectivefodder

        Plenty of resources online my friend, and there’s always your local PI firm. What is the cost of safety and peace of mind? How valuable is your life or a loved ones?

      • Trish B.

        Meet their family, and especailly if they say they have no family. Everybody has family somewhere. After six months if the party is still going on, get a police report and credit report. Those three informative pieces of information can say a lot about a person or the lack thereof.

      • objectivefodder

        Trish B, I’m not sure that your conception of “meeting the family” is always a formidable option. Not everyone has close family nearby or accessible. Why should they have to? They’re adults. Often, middle-aged men and women have no family, (especially if they’ve relocated here to this region), because they’ve come here by themselves on transferred here for work without marriage or family tagging along. Some people have deceased parents or estranged siblings, or they’re simply adults without baggage or burdening relatives. Believe it or not, some folks from other parts of the country don’t have big families with lots of relatives, so checking with family might not be a viable option. Might I consider recommending using an online investigative data base, or hiring a Private Investigator to conduct a simple affordable background search (check)? Also, if that person is retired, find out their social and business practices and follow up. Some people don’t have immediate family and sadly, even more, it’s not uncommon for immediate family to hide or divulge such private inquiries and personal information anyway, if but for respect of privacy. People aren’t that simple. Check online for the best background checking resources.

  • paulina

    Heeeeereeee we go again !!!! The only bad thing about Arkansas.. racism …what Mexico has to do with it ? Do they even mention he is Mexican? And if he were Mexican. .. why should be Mexico’s fault …. Is America guilty for American predators ?? Culture/Race doesn’t have nothing to do with it.. education please…people read

    And yes I agree, if he’s guilty he shouldn’t be out…not even deported free to Mexico to attack Mexican *or any other country kids.

    My respects for the mother who was brave enough to call the police and not let it go, even if he is or was like an “uncle”

    Most of the abuses occurs by people close to the family.

    Senora mis respetos !!!

      • paulina

        Hahahaha sooo? Since when your last name is a factor for your nationality? ? Do you know how many LATINOS are American citizens ???

        And in the case that he weren’t American citizen he could be from el salvador, guatemala, Nicaragua, puerto rico and more and more…. or he could be a permanent resident. .

        For real people get educated about you own country and laws !!


    • Leten Uno

      Paulina, because the Mexican invasion has brought a net negative impact to our community and country. If you were here before the mass influx and here now its’ more than clear, it’s stunning, the negative effect this segment of the population have dropped on us.
      And the line ‘ a immigrant will do a job white people wont’ is total BS. They will do it for less money. We white people had one of the finest economies, near crime less paradises in the world. When the Hispanic flooded from California, mexico, Dallas and other south american countries the decline was evident. This segment has brought nothing but cheap labor and misery to those of us who built this place into the greatest country on earth, before the plague torn it down.

      • paulina

        Did you take any economics classes ?? Immigration does not affect the economy totally opposite it. Your statements are a myth. And if I have a good job is because I earned it cause I worked hard for it.. cause I decide to work and get educated while studying. .. didn’t decide to be lazy and only work at McDonald’s for a minimal wage and sit down and complained about other races taking my job….

        If you want to get more money earn it… The Mexican/Latinos who work in those industries are willing to do it for necessity and because the lack of papers… give them your social security number and they will double your income … which is a benefit…

        Truly see which races are abusing of government programs and we talk later…

        I am Mexican and I contribute to this country way more that some white/black people I have seen asking for food stamps. I prefer to wash cars on street that being asking others to support me..

        Educaaaaation people…I am done

        And I re explain it .. how do you know he’s Mexican ?

      • DL

        I’m from Texas and over the years have watched the older neighborhoods I grew up in change from white to hispanic, and the crime rate is much higher now than it was back then. The yards are unkempt, there are broken cars and trash where clean, nicely kept homes used to be. You can say that’s a racist remark, but it is the truth and it cannot be denied.

      • x

        I am a Mexican American. I was born here and my parents were born and so were their parents. I work, own a house and take care of it. I made sure my kids were read to every night and now they are smarted and read better than most of the kids in their class. My yard is better taken care of than my white neighbors. I also have hard working El Salvadorian nieghbors that are quieter and more peaceful than my white neighbors. A lot of people forget that when the Southwest was added to the U.S. their was a lot of Mexicans already on that land. Don’t blame Hispanics for taking lower paying jobs. Blame the business owners who are willing to pay them. Don’t blame the Mexicans for our jobs going down south. Blame the world economy that we now live in. A concept that most of you can’t grasp. When you own a business and get cheaper labor chances are you are going to take advantage of that. You don’t start a business to be nice to people you start it to make money and make a profit. We are a hard working, loving, loyal people who love this country and strive for the American dream like the rest of you. We are a blessed nation.

    • Trish B.

      Paulina I respect your opinion. Fantastic that you are educating yourself. I did the same. It changes lives and gives you self esteem. Please do not be be defensive, there are certain individual’s who will never agree with you. Just continue on your journey and be happy. I applaud you.

      DL whatever made you leave your beloved Texas and move to Arkansas? Just curious?

  • Sarah 1

    All great questions. I wish I had answers for you. As a woman I am almost alone on these comment pages and I am attacked daily by ‘misogynist’ males trying to make me believe they know more than me.

    Sometimes I am rude right back since I don’t know what to do?

    This is what I think, thisnis what I believe: Mothers are raising men, not little boys. Mothers need to know this from day one. Fathers need to respect the Mother in the home. Mothers should demand respect from their husbands. No cross words are to be spoken in front of innocent children because if they do, children learn the pattern of behavior is acceptable. Yelling should be forbidden except at sporting events or appropriate venues, or playing outside.

    No little boy, teenager or man should ever be allowed to touch a woman without permission and at any time she can say NO. No means NO. No doesn’t mean ‘Oh we are this far, please let me continue’. No means NO. Mothers and Fathers need to be Mothers and Fathers. Check out books from the library, study how to be a good parent. Read with your children and by all means turn off the television. Encourage school activities.

    In all the mass killings, the only thread that ties these killers together is ADHD medication. Be absolutely one hundred per cent sure your child requires it, don’t dose them up to keep them quiet. Kids make noise. They run and jump and play ball and pinch each other. This is normal behavior. Also do not allow a teacher to tell you your son or daughter is ADHD. They are qualified to be teachers NOT psychologists.

    No woman should date a man and allow him to meet her children for six months. Generally men don’t stick around that long if they do not plan on staying. If you allow children to meet the people you are dating (and for goodness sake – do not allow them to move in) then their perception is ‘oh its okay to have multiple partners, mommy did it’.

    Mothers and Fathers ARE the role models. That is a first step to repairing our society and making people responsible.

    You are right objective fodder, sexual abuse is out if control but we can turn it around. I know we can. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      O boy here we go with the victim tactic.” ‘misogynist’ males trying to make me believe they know more than me.” Right out of the ol DNC playbook.

    • x

      Sarah you have a voice and opinion so voice it. I guarantee they are going to voice theirs. Besides discussion and conflict can be a good thing. Your opinions, like mine, are in the minority in this region but as society grows and hopefully more people get educated I’m that will change. There is still a generation of people that grew up when minorities didn’t have the right to vote, eat and live in the same places as they did. I just hope they don’t pass on more hate to their children and instead teach their children that you can love and accept a person no matter what color their skin is. Keep voicing your opinion and don’t take it personal because I’m sure you’r a wonderful person.

  • objectivefodder

    I can’t say anything in disagreement with you Miss Sarah 1. You’re right on! Very well stated and well said indeed, no doubt. Women socialize men in almost all western cultures. There’s a reason why. We’ve moved from a predominantly patriarchal culture to a Matriarchal societal system. Women have a personal and public responsibility to screen and qualify their potential dating partners and new found friends. In time, they have to ultimately make a decision to allow someone unknown into their lives and introduce them to her children. Your time concept makes perfect sense. I’d say that is a safe time frame. By then, you should know the person well enough to move forward or cut the relationship off. Likewise, single dads have the same responsibility. Patterned single moms that are promiscuous and are seemingly relationship revolving doors are NOT an ideal mate to have as a step-mom for your children. When dating, with, our without children, everyone has a responsibility to investigate your new intimate dating partner. As a parent, you’re even more accountable. I still want more answers. Something’s wrong.

  • Sarah 1

    Good for you Objective Fodder. Questions always bring answers. We can never learn enough. I quite agree with you on the female not meeting the guy’s children for six months.

    Also if someone has anything to hide, if they hesitate to allow you to do a police report or credit report, don’t let them in the door.

  • DL

    Ok let’s all give Paulina the attention and recognition she wants. Yes, Paulina you have done well for yourself. As far as we can believe on the internet. Yes there are many people of ALL races that get off their butts and get an education and make a good honest living. But you cannot deny the MASSES of illegals that have entered this country getting free medical, free college, etc, when the average middle class hardworking American has to work for the same things. That, my friend, is where the resentment comes in. So while you are studying your economics, take a look up from the books and look at the real world in front of your face and see what is going on and make a small attempt to walk in another’s shoes. I too have resentment and I won’t feel different until the laws have changed. No amount of arguing from you will make me feel any differently.

    • Sarah 1

      Not so bobby. If it were so I would have told you so.

      I was quite pleased that someone realized the degree of sexual and violent acts perpetrated against females and not only that, the guy was honestly seeking answers to what was happening in our community.

      I greatly admired him as a man. He cares about NWA.

  • objectivefodder

    Bobby, your mindset and mentality is slowly being eradicated, and it’s a nice feeling. All you’ve been taught and conditioned is a lie. Love is the answer, not hatred. Don’t buy the division and deception. You know as well as I we have a problem with sexual crimes, predominantly men being the absconders. I’m sure you’re not approving, are you? Your argumentative comments are invalid. We know how to correct it, but it requires being enlightened. Open your eyes and your mind and make a change. Destruction, hurtfulness, fear and oppression must end. Propel your consciousness to a higher level.

  • LT

    I don’t think that there are more sexual deviants committing crimes in this area than anywhere else per se. It just seems like it because there are less incidents in NWA of murders and gang related crime. Those crimes were the big news stories when I lived in Little Rock and sexual assault crimes were rarely big news, but they were still happening.

  • Soonerfan

    Race has nothing to do with this. White man bus driver earlier this week. It is wrong no matter the race. If guilty make him pay.

  • HarderThanItLooks...just sayin

    My in-laws are mexican, and they are not illegal. They came here the “right” way, and struggled through the years to get where they are today. Do you know how much my father-in-law paid in total? From Mexican citizen to American citizen, it cost him in the ballpark of $15,000, and took YEARS to pull off. He’s 45 and makes $17.00 an hour after working at the same place for 8 years. And thats not even talking about what it took to make his wife and 3 children citizens. So YES it is possible to come to this country the “right” way…Is it easy/cheap? No. My big point being…It’s not easy for anyone. Taking advantage of the “system” is wrong for any person of any race or age, but the system sure does take advantage of hard working people trying to make a better life for themselves.

    • Sarah 1

      Congratulations on your father in law’s path to citizenship as well as his families. We welcome them to Arkansas and wish them well.

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