Five Dead In Las Vegas Shootings

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CBS News – A man and a woman ambushed two police officers in a pizza parlor Sunday, killing them both, then ran to nearby Walmart where they shot dead a third victim before taking their own lives, police said.

Police said no other suspects were being sought.

“I am sad to report that two of my officers were killed in the line of duty and an an inocent civilian also lost their life,” Sheriff Doug Gillespie told reporters. “Two suspects responsible for this also lost their lives.”

The violence erupted about 11:30 a.m. at a Cici’s restaurant on Nellis Boulevard. Two officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were eating lunch when a man and woman “came in and immediately engaged the officers with gunfire,” said Officer Laura Meltzer, a spokeswoman for the department.

Witnesses in the restaurant said they heard one of the suspects yell, “This is a revolution.”

After shooting the officers, the suspects ran to a Walmart across the plaza from the restaurant. They shot and killed a woman near the entrance to the store, than ran inside the Walmart, where the female suspect shot the male suspect and then killed herself, Gillespie said.

“I say to the community and I say to my officers, it’s a tragic day,” the sheriff told reporters.

Gillespie said investigators had no motive for the attacks.

“What precipitated this event, we do not know. My officers were simply having lunch when the shooting started,” the sheriff said.

Gillespie said one of the officers managed to fire back at the suspects, but it was not immediately clear whether he hit either of them.

He identified the slain officers as Alyn Beck, 42, and Igor Soldo, 32.

“Both are family men, leaving behind loved ones,” the sheriff said.

Gillespie said the woman killed inside the Walmart had not been identified yet and he did not release any further information about that victim.

He did not release any information about the suspects.

Pauline Pacheco, who was shopping at in Wal-Mart, told CBS affiliate KLAS she saw the male suspect and grabbed her father so they could escape.

“We saw when the man was walking, he was shouting, yelling bad words, and suddenly he had a gun,” she said. “It was terrible, it was terrible. That man was crazy.”

The Wal-Mart Corp. expressed shock at the incident.

“We express our deepest condolences to everyone who have been affected by this senseless act of violence,” the company said in a statement. “Our store is currently closed. This is still an active investigation and we are working with local police.”


  • Sarah 1

    Guns kill people. 10728 people were killed in the USA by guns last year.

    In Great Britian only 8 died. Gun control does work. How long must the killing continue?

    • jake

      in great Britian many more are murdered by knives and blunt objects, not to mention they have Islam terrorist running around beheading their soldiers in the streets. also their police brutality is a lot higher than ours you know because their population has been disarmed. also guns do not kill people if they did then everyone working around or with guns would be dead right? the whole U.S. military and police force would be dead by their own guns because the guns kill right? you don’t like the U.S. get the hell out of my country then.

      • zztopperman

        You have got it exactly right Jake! People thinking gun control is the answer are bozo crazy head in the sand dreamers! Mentally deranged or just plain evil people ( we will always have both) will always find a way to kill when they decide to do so. Guns are the ONLY way for good people to have a way to defend themselves. The stats Sarah 1 quoted are not likely even true, but even if they are, they don’t mention how many of those gun deaths were by good people taking out bad, and by bad people taking out defenseless people in gun free zones! Guns truly don’t kill people…people kill people! And your other point is, it’s our God-given constitutional right to keep guns and to be able to use them for self defense and in defense of others! Even against (and this being the main reason it’s our 2nd amendment) our own government should it become tyrannical ! If we all knee-jerk our heads into the sand,the only thing that will be left is our butts sticking up in the air just waiting to be shot off!

      • Bob Gnarly

        Do you not find it ironic that in your defense of the 2nd amendment you tell someone to “get the hell out of your country” because they were exercising their 1st amendment right to express their opinion in regard to the manner in which the 2nd amendment is currently enforced?

        While many (myself included) feel that we must retain our right to protect ourselves (including the ownership and responsible use of firearms), it is no less crucial to maintain the ability to express ourselves. I would go so far as to say that the 2nd amendment actually assists in keeping the 1st amendment intact.

        With both the freedom of speech and the bearing of arms comes responsibility.

        Jake and Zztopperman: it is good to see you exercise your right to free speech, although you might consider a slightly less adolescent approach (but that is just my opinion).

        While Sarah 1 and I disagree on this issue, I respect her right to express herself and am glad to see her do so because we share the good fortune of being citizens of Our Country.

      • Sarah 1

        You are correct. 555 murdered by something other than a gun.
        Therefore 555 by blunt object, knife, rope, etc. to 8 by gun due to murder.

        Also, thank you Bob for the sane commentary. We agree to disagree politely.

        By the way Bobby, vehicles are a necessity for some, since some people do not live near a bus stop, train depot, etc.

        @Jenny: You are mistaken at the number one thing you believe the government wants. You have a right to believe it of course.

        @HL: Great talking points. Cute even. Any new rhetoric or just the same old same old?

        @zztopperman: My stats are correct. Look it up. Also God did not give you the right to bear arms. Where would you get that interesting fact from? Can’t wait for that answer?

    • HL

      Were any of those evil guns prosicuted, sarah? And how did those evil guns kill all those people? What was the guns’ motives?

  • Jenny

    you know if one was to honestly sit back and think about our government and all the hipocrocy going around one would realize that our government has the ability to cause all this trauma. the number one thing the government wants most is for the people of the united states to be disarmed that way they could take control of everybody then once the guns are “gone” boom total domination! bye bye freedom because if our guns become illegal we the people have no way to protect ourselves… so think about that next time a man takes his gun to an elementry and kills innocent babies… did the government give him those guns and “brainwash/pay” this man to do that so they can take away our rights? it’s a GREAT possibility and I would not put it across those monkies who call themselves loyal citizens of this country people die everyday to protect this country while those buffoons sit behind their desks wear 1,000$ suits to push papers all day don’t let them take away our rights as citizens

  • X

    Yea I find it hard to believe to that if these two people went in there with knives and attacked the officers there would be five people dead. What happened to the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? It’s sad to think that these officers lost their lives in a senseless act.

  • HL

    Actually, an asian guy killed 5 people with a knife in New York, recently. And the UCSB killer killed 3 with a knife.

  • ng9

    No matter if these people had bought guns legally or not, they would have found a way to get their hands on guns! Now, why didn’t the neighbor woman report them! Also, what did they accomplish by doing this?! NOTHING! these poor families! Come on people! At least our tax dollars don’t have to be used to trail them!

  • bobby

    @ Sara we know why people own cars.I think you aren’t honestly trying to get the point I’m trying to make.I own a firearm and I hope to God will never have to use it on someone.It is nothing more than a tool to use to protect my family and I from a very bad people.I hope you and your family and friends are never a victim of a violent crime because you couldn’t protect yourselves.

  • zztopperman

    Bob: you wrote “Jake and Zztopperman: it is good to see you exercise your right to free speech, although you might consider a slightly less adolescent approach (but that is just my opinion).” You know what they say about opinions……. Your’s about our’s being adolescent I figure was your way of trying to build yourself up by putting us down. How did that make you feel? All warm and smug I suppose. Funny how you are happy to see us exercising our rights to free speech but felt compelled to excercise your same right because you didn’t like our delivery! Now doesn’t that make you feel like a really big man? You are so grown up now!!!! Such a big boy ! And so so so intelligent everyone waits with baited breath for your next comments!

    • Bob Gnarly

      Excellent reply, ZZ! You are obviously a master debater :)

      P.S. I think you probably meant “bated” rather than “baited”.

      • zztopperman

        Yes ! Bob Gnarly: You are absolutely correct in pointing out my misused word “baited” where I should have used bated. As for your obvious sarcastic “compliment” of my abilities to debate….I do enjoy a good debate, but I try to never debate with people that merely do so just to stroke their own egos or that are so in love with themselves that they need to “get a room” ! A little ice on that shoulder might help take the swelling out of that muscle you pulled while patting yourself on the back. :)

  • zztopperman

    Sarah1wrote: @zztopperman: My stats are correct. Look it up. Also God did not give you the right to bear arms. Where would you get that interesting fact from? Can’t wait for that answer? It’s called free will Sarah 1.

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