City Approves $397,000 Fix For Hole Under Rogers Road Caused By Water

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Crews will soon begin a $397,000 project to repair a hole that has formed under a road in Rogers constantly under attack from water.

The Rogers City Council on Tuesday night approved the almost-$400,000 contract with Johnson Construction, Inc., of Rogers, to fix a hole under Pleasant Ridge Road caused by water, according to the city’s planning division.

The emergency funding request was made after recent storms created a hole under the road west of Breckinridge Road, on Rogers’ southeast side. The affected area is not visible to drivers, although part of it is marked with orange flags and paint.

City Project Engineer Lance Jobe said that portion of the road is constantly bombarded by water from the nearby creek, especially after it rains or storms. Recent damage, though, prompted city officials to seek a long-term fix in the form of the $397,000 project, Jobe said.

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