Southern Baptist Convention Names Ronnie Floyd President

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The Southern Baptist Convention names a new president Tuesday (May 10) at its annual meeting in Baltimore.

Cross Church Senior Pastor Ronnie Floyd was elected as the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Floyd won the election, receiving 52-percent of the convention vote.

"I'm humbled and so blessed with this extraordinary entrustment given to me by the Southern Baptist Convention," Floyd said.

Dr. Floyd will be taking the place of New Orleans pastor Fred Luter, who became the first African American to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

"His words for me is that he's glad I'm coming to be President," Floyd said. "I just saw him on the stage a moment ago, he's tired! He's promised me that he's going to pray for me everyday, because he knows where I am walking."

Floyd was nominated by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr.

"He is a unifier and a denominational statesman. He knows the Southern Baptist Convention at every level, and he has served and led at every level," Mohler said.

As the pastor of Cross Church, Floyd leads five congregations in Springdale, Rogers, Fayetteville and most recently in Neosho, Missouri.

Floyd's son, Nick, is the pastor at the Cross Church Fayetteville location. He said he's proud of his father.

"It's a great thing for our community to be represented in this way," he said. "It's also going to bring more recognition to this great place we all know as Northwest Arkansas. He's been a great dad. He's been a great pastor. I think this is just the icing on the cake for how God has already used him."

Matthew Harn said he watches Cross Church from home on Sunday mornings and enjoys the praise and worship. He said he's happy to see Floyd get honored in such a big way.

"He's been around here for over twenty years and I really think he deserves this," he said.

Even though his new role will require a lot of traveling, Floyd said he wants the people of Cross Church to know he's not going anywhere.

"Obviously I'll be traveling some throughout the week and every now and then across the world, but nothing will really change from the Sunday format," he said.

Floyd said his role as President will be effective when the Southern Baptist Convention closes out on Wednesday.


  • Hayden Hodges

    Good for him as he seems like a GREAT guy. Maybe he can get the Southern Baptists back on track of focusing on the Gospel instead of spending too much time bashing other denominations.

      • Jay

        You and anyone bashing this godly man because of his wealth are evil. Take a good look at yourselves be chase you’re acting like scum that is hurting the kingdom of God. Shame on you!

  • Ladonna Elliott

    Wait a minute… the Crosschurch doesn’t even claim SOUTHERN Baptist affiliation… does it?????????????????

    • Jennifer WM

      It’s apparent you do not know this family. She is a cancer surviver who does not deserve such rudeness

  • Trish B.

    Oh my. Do they know about the bodyguard? I guess he still employs one although I don’t know why?

    I think the church is Southern Baptist, they just don’t talk about it.

    • Trish S

      A lot of vicious words from people who obviously haven’t been to Cross Church. Please come for a visit and see an imperfect body of believers who are striving to serve a risen Lord. At least take a look at the website You may just become informed rather than assuming the negative. Ronnie Floyd is a godly man who has serves The Lord. Let’s pray for this family as they continue to seek Gods will and serve Him with their lives. God does call godly people to positions of leadership. That’s a great thing! As far as I am aware, the Bible doesn’t condemn or call “unworthy” anyone who drives a motorcycle or anyone who is protective of their family from death threats. Wondering how many miles you would be willing to walk in a pastor’s shoes?

    • joesumone

      They’re doing “God’s” work and “God” requires them to have an Escalade and Harley to go forth and spread the gospel.

  • Wayne

    As a Southern Baptist, i have a major issue here. Last time Mr Floyd ran for the presidency of the SBC, it was disclosed that his church did not even give their tithing to the convention yet i also know that tithing is a constant message there. I truly believe in the SBC doctrine, but at this point i can not and will not support Mr Floyd in this position. I do not believe in the church that he created with imported Italian Marble in the foyer, mood lighting. I do not believe God ordained churches to be wealthy establishments.

    • Jennifer WM

      Not only does Cross Church give to the SBC, they gave above & beyond what was asked. You can contact the SBC for correct information

      • Wayne

        I just know its what happened last time he tried to be elected the president of the SBC, several years ago. In fact it was far less than the 10% traditional tithes. This was on the news and not gossip. My own personal choice will be moving to non SBC affiliated church until such time there is a new president, provided i find a church that’s doctrine resembles the SBC.

    • Lindsey Franklin

      The wealthy and the poor need to be reached..God uses people in different ways and whether you like what he drives, or the beautiful church grounds that were donated by JB Hunt or not, he is relatable to all different kinds/ colors/economic classes, and ages.. I dislike that there are so many hateful words.. No one… NO ONE is perfect. Ronnie isn’t either, but I know he does the best he can with what he has.

      God didn’t call people to be poor either. Ronnie had sewn many good seeds and the kingdom principles have provided him with many blessings.

      • Hayden Hodges

        Okay, your comment kind of turns my way of thinking. It seems as if you’re saying (and I am paraphrasing) “He uses his luxurious belongings to reach the wealthy and the poor. He does the best that he can with those fancy possessions. And Heavenly Father blesses those that preach with nicer materials than the common person who shares the gift of The Gospel with his/her neighbor for free.”

        So does he struggle daily with the fancy cars, nice home, and business-atmosphere Church? I’m confused.

        Does he need a luxury class vehicle to spread the message? I mean, did Jesus himself not drive a Honda? It says in the Scriptures that Jesus never spoke of his own Accord.

  • Nancy Ho

    Wow… I am shocked at the negative comments about a man trying to serve the Lord. I agree… walk in his shoes for one week. Betting you would find the shoes pretty tough to fill.

    • Kevin

      Shoot yeah. 1 week I could have it all !!!!!! Cars, houses, clothes…. Do you actually believe this guy is living his life as God wants us to live?

    • X

      I imagine those would be some pretty expensive shoes with an expensive lifestyle to go along with it. When did it become acceptable to become rich from preaching the word of god?

  • Soonerfan

    I know nothing about this man. But if he can lead 5 Churches He must be good man. That is alot for one man to do. Alot of responsibility.

    • X

      More churches equals more income for him. How many times did Jesus or one of his disciples get paid in the bible? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question but Im willing to bet it wasn’t very many and I know they didn’t get rich from it.

  • Jessica

    CrossChurch has an amazing ministry outreach and a great fellowship of believers … I went to this church many years before moving out of state… Miss it! Congrats Dr. Floyd to God be the Glory!

  • bobby

    Been to cross church I really liked listening to Dr. Ronnie Floyd.I’ve had conversations with him before services began.I attend a smaller church now only because it’s smaller. I just like smaller churches for some reason.This man is the reason why I decided to change my life and got saved and baptised at the church I attend now.I guess you can say he turned me on to Jesus.I’m glad he got this position.

  • Velinda Wi

    After reading these comment I can see there are a lot of jealous and envious people in this world. I visited many churches and even different denominations to just feel the spirit of God and after visiting Cross Church I felt His presence in the people and especially Pastor Ronnie. I didn’t even want to visit this church thinking and hearing only rich people go here…..but those were all lies.
    Pastor Floyd is a Bible preaching, God fearing, and follower of doing God’s will. He is a writer, a leader and teacher. I have been in church since I have been born and I have learned more about the Bible and about God than I have in 55 yrs and I am 65 now so never too old to learn. Most of the material things Pastor
    Floyd has gained has been given to him or to the church. He probably works 80 plus a week instead of 40 or what most of us complain about. He does not or ever has owned a helicopter or million dollar home. he lives on a cul-de-sac. God gives him many blessings and he deserves them. He does have a body guard because he has been threatened and oh so does most of our ministers within the church, so it is not only Pastor Floyd. if any other preacher visits to preach to us they would get the same treatment. Cross Church
    is southern Baptist affiliated but we welcome any person and any denomination. We are spirit lead and a Bible believing walking talking church.

  • Amanda C.

    No, he doesn’t “need” those things, but God has blessed him. The Bible has a lot to say about both poverty and riches. There are rich men in material goods who are also rich in faith. There are poor men who lack faith. There are poor men who are rich in faith. There are rich men who lack faith. Riches are here today and gone tomorrow that is why we do not put our trust in them. It is not wrong for those who preach the gospel to earn their living from the gospel. That is what the apostle Paul taught. I am reminded of a statement made by Judas. A woman anointed the feet of Jesus with some costly perfume. Judas was angry and said, why wasn’t this sold and the money given to the poor. The Bible said he really wasn’t concerned about the poor, but that he was a thief and held the money bag. A lot of times people make comments not because they are really concerned about the gospel or the poor, but because they have a wrong heart. There are men and women who use material possessions wrongly in all walks of life. It is not up to any of us to decide that about Ronnie Floyd. God knows how he has used his resources and will hold him to account just as He will hold each of us to account.


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