Suspect In 1997 Sequoyah County Murder Back In Court

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Rex Robbins

The accused killer in a 1997 Sequoyah County cold case was back in court Thursday morning (June 12).

Rex Robbins is accused of beating Mitchell Nixon to death in Sallisaw 17 years ago. He was arrested in March of 2013 after authorities cracked the cold case back open.

Robbins was in court for his jury trial sound docket, which is preparation for his jury trial. His jury trial has been scheduled for June 30 at 1:30 p.m., according to a court official.


Nixon died of “blunt trauma” to the head, according to a probable cause affidavit.

After his arrest, Robbins told investigators a friend picked him up in October 1997 and that he and the friend did drugs together, according to the affidavit. The suspect told authorities they went to a tower on Tower Estates Road and that two other people showed up, one of them was Nixon.

According to the court document, Robbins claims one of the other men hit Nixon with a rock. Robbins admitted to hitting Nixon as well, according to the affidavit.

Robbins told investigators one of the other people involved wanted to “bully” Nixon and get his truck. Robbins says Nixon told them to stop as they allegedly hit him, according to the court document.

The suspect told authorities one of the other people took the rear view mirror from Nixon’s truck and used it to do drugs. The affidavit says Robbins claims he washed the outside of Nixon’s truck and changed his bloody clothes.

Robbins told investigators he took the truck to the Walmart parking lot in Sallisaw and left it with the truck with the keys in it, according to a court document.

His trial has been pushed back several times, for various reasons, since his arrest.

Robbins is set to appear before Judge Jeff Peyton at 9 a.m. The judge is expected to set a date for Robbin’s jury trial there, according to the court clerk.

5NEWS will have a crew in the courtroom, and will bring you that story on your 5NEWS at 12.



    • Victoria

      Excuse me but what the news is failing to report there were 2 more involved and they can not prove that he was the one who actually killed the guy!! Regardless of what people might think there is more to Rex as a human,,he is a son a brother and has been a very good uncle to his nieces and nephews. Before you judge him remember what the bible says “judge not lest ye be judged” the news needs to include all of the facts. Do you think they have one of the other 2 men on trial? One is dead and the other hasnt even been arrested or charged yet!! What the hell is up with that!!

      • Jcar

        The problem is… Fatman never came clean with the MURDER and nor did he do the right thing before he was caught! Which… makes him Guilty of a whole lot!!

    • patricia

      Screw you raghead. Andjcar aka God. No sin there. How many drugs do you take or sell are your hands clean….. No I think not. Fatmans mom

      • Jcar

        Mom, I certainly don’t do drugs or drink! I am sorry for your situation but.. my point was that regardless of what you think of him now, your son was involved in a MURDER then and Is basically guilty by association. I feel much more sorry for the VICTIM that was MURDERED. That is the Bottom Line!

  • Victoria

    Ya know he has a name,,are you people so called adult that childish to call names as if your 5 years old!!!! Another thing the news forgets to report is Rex realized what was going on and tried to stop it but he couldnt and what if the other 2 men threatened him or his family if he said anything,,maybe he was trying to protect his nieces and nephews or other members of his family by keeping silent,,the news has him convicted already and he hasnt even been tried yet,,they know where one of the other guys is and has known for over a year dont you think he should be charged and tried?

  • Steven

    Let me just say that Rex is a very good man, and he loves his family. Oh and another thing, he’s not only my cousin but a brother to me as well. I love Rex, and I know a higher power than any judge or jury and his name is GOD. And I promise you that God has already forgiven Rex and the news media needs to back off, everyone that knows Rex, knows that he is innocent. I’m PRAYING that he goes free

  • Jessie

    Just want to say that I met Rex about 4 years ago. He is my husbands best friend and he even considered him a brother. I didn’t know Rex’s past when I met him and I didn’t need to. The man I met and got to know is loyal, humble, honest, friendly, and dependable. He is a good man and I will support him no matter what.

  • justin opinion

    Just a thought for all of what appears to be family and friends of the accused….. Just for a moment, just a single moment, put yourself in the position of the family of the man that was killed.
    Do you honestly believe that if it were the other way around and your son, cousin, spouse… whatever, was the man that was killed; would how good of a man he’s become, or what he is like in any way, change the fact that this man openly admits to going out and getting dopped up with a friend, being at the scene knowing that another person there had intentions of “bullying” the deceased in order to steal his truck, stood by and/or possibly helped in the beating as the man begged them to stop, then they took a mirror off the truck to do more drugs, (hmmm, a mirror…. I wonder what drug they were doing…..) washed off the bloody truck and changed out of his clothes that were covered in the victims blood to hide the fact he was involved, and then drove the truck to a Walmart parking lot in Sallisaw and abandoned it.

    I understand the family bond and standing behind your family members when they need your support, but your attempts at any form of justification or claims that his actions were due to him being forced to partake in this crime, or a fear of safety for his family from the other persons involved…… I’m sorry, but again, he was involved in a murder, concealed evidence, and didn’t come forward to inform authorities.
    Any one of those actions alone is bad enough. With the combination of all of them, he will be lucky if they only ask for life in prison.
    But that seems pale in comparison to the loss the other family has faced, without closure, for 17 years.
    The mental gymnastics that people will attempt in order to rationalize irrational actions, is mind boggling……. that, and tossing around derogatory terms such as “raghead”, based on a screen name and then the subsequent personal attack and accusations of drug use and dealing, by an individual that seems to have signed the message as the defendants mother, Fatmans mom, doesn’t do a bit of good for the man, that’s for sure. But then again, if it is his mother, I can understand her frustration and the motherly instinct to protect her child.

    Then we have the person saying that they know that a higher judge has already forgiven him of his transgressions and that all who know him, know he is innocent and that the media “needs to back off”.

    He stopped being innocent the very second that he became involved and didn’t come forward to the proper authorities.
    In this day and age, since one of the other men involved is now deceased and the other can’t be found or hasn’t been charged for whatever reason, the only man left that was there that day has openly admitted to his role in this crime and actually killing the man himself or not, is no longer the issue.
    The issue now is that he is going on trial for murder and by definition of the law, due to his rather massive involvement, direct or otherwise, he meets the full criteria for conviction.

  • Victoria

    The problem is they know where the other man is and yes Rex may have been involved and did admit to hitting the deceased but that does not mean he was the one who actually killed the guy. From what I know after Rex hit the man he was still breathing,,and yes Rex should have said something back then. But the problem is the media and everyone else has him convicted and really, is there any need for name calling from anybody,,arent we supposed to be adults? As for the victims family YES there is grief from us for them and believe it or not Rex does wish he could undo it all for them,,if I could I would…and so would our Mother…

  • Victoria

    I love my baby brother regardless of the circumstances and regardless of what others opinion of him is,,I know the real Rex and I know his remorse and no the remorse he has is not because he is in jail,,he has lived a guilt ridden life for 16 years Rex truely feels bad for the families loss..No that wont bring the victim back and with that being said if Rex was a cold blooded person then he wouldn’t feel any remorse at all.

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